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Weekends Wanderings – The Sun Sets on the Mallee

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while would know that I love going up to the Mallee to take photos.  I have also just come back from there, and how many photos did I take, almost none.  It was a different trip, and we were really only there for a couple of days.  I did go out once.

LeanneCole-scmallee-3hpm6226-1Last year when I went at the same time I got a fantastic sunset with my phone camera, and thought I would try with my good camera this time.

The above image was taken opposite to the sunset.  I don’t know what I did to it while I was processing it, but it is an interesting effect.  There was more colour on this side than where the sunset was.

LeanneCole-scmallee-5hpm6253I thought the clouds would be great and create a great sunset.  They didn’t.

LeanneCole-scmallee-5hpm6263This is probably as colourful as it got.

LeanneCole-scmallee-5hpm6273Then it all started fading.  It was done.

We were there for about 30 minutes, and we didn’t get anything really.  It was very disappointing, but I suppose that is how it is sometimes.

Not a bad thing to do on the weekend, go out and see if you can catch a sunset.  Hopefully you will have better luck than me.

All images are HDR images processed with Photomatix Pro.



  1. stevehi says

    Your cloud/sunset photos are lovely. I’ve gotten similar color effects without any altering or color adjustment. They don’t look like the colors I’ve seen with my eye. Beautiful but strange.

    • It was a lot more colourful, but I couldn’t get it in the images. Which is the way sometimes.

  2. I think the sunset looks great Leanne, looks like a nice quiet place to relax too.

  3. Isn’t that the way with sunsets. Sometimes you think it will be wonderful and it’s a total flop and other times you get caught out by how beautiful it is. I took some lovely sunset photos at Agnes Water last week with the sky reflected on the wet sand. I should send you one to see.

    • It always seems to be beautiful when I don’t have my camera, so annoying. Yes, you should send me one, it sounds wonderful.

      • Sounds great on both counts. I just did a search on google maps for Agnes Lake, it is in the middle of nowhere.

      • Agnes Water, not lake. It’s on the QLD coast just south of Gladstone, about 6 km from the town of Seventeen Seventy. Captain Cook stopped there on his way up the coast in 1770, hence the name.

      • I looked that up too, well after I read this, looks fantastic. I loved the photos as well, they were so much better than mine. I have read the statement, and it looks good, but I might have to shorten it a little. I have had three people, including you, look at it, so I have to get something pretty amazing out of them. Thanks for that. I will email you.

  4. Lovely… I like the subtlety of the light. I’m never a fan of the extravagant sunset pics. Silly, I know, but I think they look too perfect – almost fake

  5. I know what you mean with catching the colors. My last post I had to do some heavy post processing to get the feel of things. I felt I cheated, but like you said, some times that is what you have to do. You still did a good job and they look nice. For me I try to minimize processing time. Hard to do with a pocket camera, even the Canon S100. I find it to be a fun basic camera.

    • I didn’t really do any heavy processing, beyond the HDR, but the first one did go a bit funny while doing that. I mean, that is all I did to them, nothing else really. Everytime I tried to do something else they went really weird, so I pretty much left them. I don’t know that camera, but many people have similar fun with similar ones.

  6. I’d be very happy to catch a sunset like this Leanne but then I’m just starting out Lol! I guess that’s what’s so challenging and frustrating at times the unpredictability of the natural conditions . I do love that scene and the way the light is picked up on the tracks taking me off to inifinity …
    ps happy half birthday ;-)

    • The conditions can be really annoying, you think it is going to be good, and then, no you just don’t get what you want. I liked the light on the tracks as well, I think that was my main attraction for that scene.
      Thank you, LOL. :)

  7. Ah…those sweet nothings! I wish I could catch a real sunset, but I would have to go out of region or up in the mountains…living in a valley is the pits for sunrises and sunsets … sigh. I think these look lovely!

    • That is pretty much how it is for where I live too, I have to get out and go somewhere else to photograph one. Thanks Georgia.

  8. I love the last one …. the fading photo – but the colors are fantastic in all of them – amazing what colors sun .. and moon can create for us. Was it because of the weather you didn’t go out this time????

    • It is amazing, I loved the clouds in them, but we didn’t get much colour, I have seen a lot better there. No it wasn’t the weather, I don’t know, I just didn’t want to go out, it was one of those times where I just wanted to sit around and talk to my mum. I haven’t seen her since September last year, so it was good to just chat.

      • I think there is plenty intense colors in your shots … maybe not so many, but very intense and bold.
        I know .. this about visiting mom .. I was indoors too.
        Wow, nearly a year … I can understand that time was precious.

      • I think the main problem for me was that I have seen so much better there and I was hoping to get a really spectacular one, but there will be other times, so I am not too worried.
        I was being very lazy, but it was nice. thanks Viveka.

      • It’s great to be lazy … I like that too .. somebody has said that doing nothing is also to do something. – love that quote.
        Have internet problems today .. in the whole county. No emails.. yet.

      • I love that quote too, I must write that down.
        I hope the internet gets fixed up, can’t imagine a whole country having trouble, I wonder what has happened.

      • Leanne, I guess it’s the UFO’s taking over all the masts. *laughing

  9. Even though they didn’t turn out like you would have liked! It was a fun adventure and fun doing your photography! I love your pics!!

    • Thank you Lisa, it was great being up there, and it is always relaxing when I go up there.

  10. Isabella Rose says

    These are stunning sunsets, Leanne. And one of my most favourite subjects. Blessings.

    • Thank you, that is great to hear, I think a lot of people like sunsets, there is something very calming about them.

  11. Love the second picture down, Leanne, the one entitled “I thought the clouds would be great and create a great sunset. They didn’t.”. The railway tracks bring a lot to it. Adrian

    • I think you are right about the tracks, they really do add to the picture, I love the way they shine. Thanks Adrian.

  12. Sometimes, the magic works. Sometimes, not so much. But it’s still beautiful, more subtle.

    • Very, very, very true. The magic didn’t happen that night, unfortunately, but I know I will be back and maybe it will then. Thank you.

  13. You are a great photographer. It’s your profession,I think, and I think it’s great how you caught the depth of the clouds. I hope you are as successful ($) at it as you deserve. Always top rate!

    • Thank you, I hope so as well, it would be nice to be successful doing something you love. That would be the ultimate.

  14. these are awesome shots Leanne…you are too hard on yourself sometimes! having said that I know what you mean…you go there anticipating a fabulous shot and you don’t feel as though you captured it…well, I do and I’m sure many others will/do as well! :)

    • I don’t think it is so much the shots, or how good the photos are, it is more the disappointment in the sky and what didn’t happen. It seems to always happen to me, I see these great, fantastic sunsets, but don’t have a camera, or only my phone, then when I go out on purpose to get that sunset. or sunrise, nothing much happens. I suppose I just need to keep going, and maybe one day, I will get the best one. LOL Thanks Heather.

  15. Sonel says

    Yep! I’ve had those moments too. Why it happens I don’t’s so disappointing for sure but oh well, at least we got out. LOL! Great shots! :D

    • I wish I knew why Sonel, it seems to happen with a lot of regulatory to me, LOL, yes, I got out, but I know one day, one day I will get it. Please. LOL. Thanks.

      • Sonel says

        LOL! Yes, please! Maybe we’re missing something. I wish I knew what? :lol:

      • I think it is timing, I should study the weather and see if I can get a better idea of when the sunsets will be best. I know it has a lot to do with the weather of the next day. :)

      • Sonel says

        It must be. I am not good with timing as I like to do things on spur of the moment…no planning. Maybe it was because I planned on going there. Next time I shouldn’t. LOL!

  16. Sometimes, I feel, the brain gets overloaded/tired, and perhaps just doesn’t see the possibilities, Leanne…I think we’ve all experienced that. But…you got a great image of a glorious sunset, so that’s worth it, yes?

    • I think in this case, it was a great sunset, that happens, I have seen much much better there, I just didn’t get the reds I was hoping for, which often happens there. It is a nice sunset, but it isn’t a great one. I have one on my phone that I took same time last year, and it was a great sunset, but taken with the phone, so not great quality. I will get one of those, one day. I might go back up and do it every night, see what happens.

      • Probably as you get closer to Spring, and the days become longer, you’ll find more opportunities?

        I can only get the sunsets during the Summer, and I practically have to lean out my window! Too many buildings and way too far away from any real open spaces!

      • When I up there July last year, I got that great one with my phone, I saw a couple, but who know what the difference was. I do know the weather has a lot to do with it, and maybe I didn’t get a good one this time because rain was expected in a couple of days, whereas the time before, there hadn’t been any rain for awhile, and rain wasn’t expected.
        They get fantastic sunsets up there in the summer, really amazing, but they also get the very high temperatures that go with those days.

      • The weather patterns certainly do affect how the sunsets look. We had such cold rainy days toward the end of June, there were great clouds almost every evening. Weather is funny here in Chicago, because of Lake Michigan…many beautiful days, but when you get close to downtown, all the skyscrapers are wrapped in thick fog…must be all the politicians’ ;hot air’ hitting cooler air 800+ feet up (Haha!).

      • LOL I like that, yes, it must be the politicians, haha. It can be strange here too, not in the same way, but you just never know what the weather is going to be like here, and it can be very unpredictable.

      • “Weather is as weather does”, it seems. For all the computers and tracking software, the weather people still are correct only about half the time!

      • Yes, so true, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when it was going to rain, I suspect one eventually they will be able to tell us that.

  17. Beautiful photography Leanne and I like how you put your website w/n the image in the hopes of preventing people from copyrighting your work.

      • I’m getting caught up on your posts after being away for three weeks. Where and how did you do that amazing banner photo? (Is there a post in which you write about it?)

      • I never talk about that photo on the blog, but it is part of new work that I am doing. I am moving away from architectural stuff and doing more portraits, which I am loving. I am doing more fine art stuff now and the banner image is one of them. If you go back you should be able to see more.

      • Marvelous. I do love your architectural images, but I know I’ll enjoy this new direction in your work.

      • Thank you Jennifer, there will still be some of the other work, but not as much. I love the new direction and I hope you will too.

    • I like that word, serenity, it was a very gentle end, it was also getting cold. :) thanks Marie

  18. A very nice set. It’s hard to predict an interesting sunset (or sunrise). Sometimes it works out very well, other times not so well.

    • Yes, it is hard to predict, I am thinking that you need to study the weather and learn what types of conditions will give you a good one. I also think the weather bureau must know so they should do things on the weather that says tonight will be a sunset. LOL wouldn’t that be great? Thanks David.

  19. That first shot’s really nice. It’s got a fine balance to it and the colour is subtle enough that it breathes life into the shot. I really like the first of the second batch too – is that yellow for real?

    • I quite like that first one too, the behind was much better, but much harder to get. The yellow, I did try turning up the saturation, but it quickly went to hell, so I think it is emphasised, but not a lot.

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