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I have just got home, and found an email to say that some of my work has been accepted into a show and I have until next week to come up with an artist statement, I knew it was coming, and have been working on it slowly.  I really need to refine it now and work out exactly what my work is about.

I have not been responding the comments from yesterday.  I agree with some, and disagree with others.  Some make me angry, and some are lovely.  I decided that the best thing to do was just to approve them, and you can all make of them what you want.

I am not doing anymore today, sorry, I haven’t even had time to unpack my laptop yet, not that I really took any photos while I was away.  It was lovely just catching up with my mum and taking it easy.  I did make some costumes, so it was productive.  It was a great trip on another level, but more about that another day.

Leanne Cole - Princess taking a Break.

Leanne Cole – Princess taking a Break.

Just quickly, I had this image printed on the fine art paper, and it is so beautiful.  Getting images printed is always fantastic,  I hope Alannah loves it too.

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