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Weekend Wanderings – Dusk Around the Docklands

This last week I went into the city to try and get some sunset photos around the end of the Docklands or near the end of Southbank, not sure really what it is.  The Webbed Bridge is there and I had a feeling that the sun would set behind it and that is what I wanted to photograph.  Joining me was John Holding and my friend who often comes with me.  It was the first time I had met John, and it was great having someone else along.

LeanneCole_scdocklands-3hpm5641I had the right place and it was perfect for the sunset, well at this time of the year, but there were no clouds, so it really didn’t make a good sunset.  I might have to go back and try it again.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-5656The colours and the structure of the bridge made for some interesting images.  I will definitely like to do this one again.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm5713Lights come on on the bridge, I really wanted to get some of these, though, next time, I think I will stay here a little longer to get more of the lights as it goes dark.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm5774We walked back towards the city along the river and took more photos of the city lit up.  I liked the way this bridge was reflected in the river.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-5847We went to a spot to get the gas being lit up out the front of the Casino.  It went off at 6pm, and went for about 10 minutes doing a show, so we waited and waited for it to happen again, which it did at 7, but it only lasted for about a minute.  If you weren’t ready for it you would have missed it.  There was no messing around.

We had to wait for about half an hour for this, and while we were waiting I played with the camera on the tripod.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-5835I was really enjoying these effects.  I set the camera up on manual, set it for a 15 second exposure, then I put the camera on one spot, counted to 5 then started turning the camera on the tripod from side to side slowly.  It was interesting to do, and while not fantastic images, they were fun.  I would try them again, but next time I would use a different lens.

I hope you all have a very happy weekend and take lots of photos.  I have another portrait session tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to that.  I won’t be doing a post tomorrow.


  1. Sonel says

    Absolutely stunning shots Leanne! I can see you truly enjoyed it hon. It’s great to get out like that and just walkabout taking photo’s of everything you see. Thanks for sharing hon. :D *hugs*

    • It is a lot of fun. We thought it was going to be really cold, but luckily for us it wasn’t really. Thanks Sonel :)

      • Sonel says

        I am glad to hear that hon and a pleasure. :D *hugs*

    • joshkellogg says

      Great camera work! It never hurts to experiment a little… Came out awesome here. The third photo from the top is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photos from a beloved place…i used to live in London and have photographed the place a few years ago

  3. Even without clouds, you got a good one – the soft color, that mirror-smooth water – very tranquil….and the come the FIRE! :)
    Looks like a lot of fun!

    • It wasn’t bad, but it could have been so much better. Next time, haha. :)
      thanks Marie it was good and not too cold.

  4. We’ve been away in the caravan for the last week Leanne, and I missed seeing all your posts. I’ve just had a lovely time reading them all. The next time I come to Melbourne I want to book a lesson with you so I can learn how to take night time photos. These photos of yours ara amazing and I would love to be able to do this too.

    • That is wonderful Carol, you seem to travel so much, I am a little envious. Yes, I can teach you how to take night shots, they are great fun, lots of things to try. Thank you.

      • The freedom to travel is the reward for bringing our daughters up to be independent! Your turn will come for sure. I’m actually on school holidays this week and next week and Glen took a week’s leave so we could go away. Our aim in life is to travel as much as we can, either in Australia or overseas. And the great thing is that we don’t have to go far to see something new in this wonderful country we live in.

      • I hope to have the same freedom one day, though I know my husband is not as keen. We won’t do the caravan thing, he doesn’t drive and I don’t want to pull a caravan. I do hope we will take trips though. He can ride his bike and I can take photos. One day.

      • It will all work out. I don’t tow the van either. There are plenty of ways to see the world and I am looking forward to seeing it all through your lens!

  5. While nature may not have cooperated with the vision of what you intended – but as someone who had no preconception of the shot – I think the sunset pictures are just fine. I like the blank sky mirroring the water.

    • Thank you Robert, hopefully I can get that amazing sunset and you will see what I mean, I want to keep going back now. The water was lovely, there was no wind, which was unusual.

  6. Wow, these are stunning. I like the soft golden light in the bridge. And the one that has the bridge reflected in the water. We are planning our Australia visit and thinking of tacking on the Melbourne part.

    • Thanks Nia, it is a great place to photograph the sunset in Melbourne. Oh, I am excited now, I can’t wait to meet you and take you out to take photos and show off my city.

  7. Brilliant, brilliant images, Leanne! The light trail one really works – I am going to have to nick that one for myself! :)

    • Thank you Richard, and go ahead, nick it. I have a very old sort of tripod, one of the ones with 3 adjustments, so loosened off the bottom way so it would swing around in a flat circle. My friend has a new one with a ball, and she was finding it hard to do.

  8. Wow, these are amazingly stunning photos. So beautiful. I’m a bit reticent about docklands, but your photos make it mesmerising.

    • Thank you, I have to admit, I have been the same, but I have been spending more time down there lately, and there are some great things to photograph.

  9. Beautiful! I made some images of Rockefeller Center using the same light trail technique you show here. I was nowhere nearly as successful as you.

    • Thanks Lorrin, how amazing, I knew I couldn’t be the only one doing these. My tripod is an old one, you know with the 3 handles, so I could make the base level that swivels around, on the flat, and the all I had to do was turn it around. I think if you have a ball head tripod it would be a lot harder. My friend didn’t have as much luck as me with it.

    • Thank you Anne, it is a great bridge, well maybe one day you will be here and I can show you around.

  10. Whenever I see photos like these, I think I should shoot more at night . . .

    . . . I’m not out much at night. But, someday.

    Nice collection.

    • Yes, you could try and get out more, I am the same, it is hard to get out, in winter it is too cold and in summer it is too late. Thanks Disperser.

  11. this series is exceptional, love them all, the reflections add so much to the photos, and the light trail technique is fabulous!

    • Night shots are wonderful to do as they hide the yuckiness of the city. At night you only see the lights and the dark. Can be really beautiful. Thank you.

  12. India ideally these are fantastic, S a set this is a stunning accomplishment.

  13. These are just pristine, Leanne. I especially love the lines and texture of the bridge shots. I am fascinated by the lines and patterns of architecture.

  14. I’ve lived here most of my life but your photos have shown me a Melbourne I never knew before. :) Lovely

  15. Living on the East Coast, it’s hard to find a place to get a good sunset over ocean shot. But if you can handle getting up really early, we get wonderful sunrises! You need at least a few clouds to get the best color, though I think less for a sunrise than a sunset. I’m sure there’s some meterological explanation why, but I don’t know what it might be. Ypur pictures are gorgeous anyhow … with or without more clouds.

    • I have got a few times to see the sunrise, very early mornings indeed. There are quite a few places along the coast of Victoria where you can see the sun setting over water, or the ocean, it is just a matter of working out where they are. Summer is better for it though, I think.
      I think clouds for both are good, I got up and travelled down to Lorne to do some and there were no clouds and it was quite boring. I think more clouds the better for sunsets though, the more clouds the sun has to bounce around on. Thank you.

  16. Truly amazing and beautiful. I love how you capture the structures of the city at dusk. There is just something magical about them.

  17. Looks like a lot of fun. It must be good to get out with other photographers? It doesn’t happen enough here in Tassie.

    • It is nice, nice to have company and nice to be with people who understand why you want to stand in one place for a while. Maybe one day you can take a trip over and come on one of them.

  18. There isn’t one I can pick out as they are all magnificent. The bridge that’s reflected in the river showcases the magic of lights. A super wonderul post.

  19. Love the bridge structure there Leanne , makes me think of an arc of metal stick people holding hands together … and the one that made you think of a wagon the water reflections are quite something :-)
    This Docklands area looks very promising for more and more shoots ;-)

    • Thanks, I love those bridges and would love to do more with them, plans are already under way to go back, so look out for more images.

    • Thank you, the cloudless sunset was weird, but fun, I like the light trails, they were a lot of fun to play with.

  20. Superb series, Leanne!!! Really love the reflections in those calm waters, and the colors are just fantastic! Great job with ‘moving’ the camera, that shot is excellent!!!

    Very exciting work here…and the Webbed Bridge is truly a spectacular structure, really enhanced by your angles!

    • Thanks 1000, I have to admit the water was perfect for these images. There was no wind, which also was good because it wasn’t too cold. It was a bit of fun moving the camera around. Something different. I love that bridge, and you will see more images of it.

      • It’s a fascinating structure, Leanne…have seen a lot of bridges here in the States, but never anything so ‘whimsical’, yet so well-built as the Webbed Bridge. Must be a lot of fun shooting it?

      • Yes it is fun, but I really want to find a day to shoot it when the sun will be out, I think you would get some great shadows, it always seems to be overcast when I go.

    • Thank you, it was a great evening for reflections, the water was really still and there was almost not wind, so it was perfect for those photos, not perfect for sunset, but can’t have everything, well we could, but it never happens that way.

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