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This post is going to be all over the place today.  I thought I would show you some of the new photos I have been doing and include a gallery so I, and you, can see all the images I have done so far, the good and the bad.  I also want to talk about some of the things that are important to me.

First let’s look at some of the photos.

Leanne Cole - Remembering the MomentI photographed Emelia last week.  She was so different to others that I have photographed.  I think because she was older, but she is more experienced at modelling and I think she could act as well, so when I asked to do something she pretty much knew what I wanted, it was really nice.

I like the above image, it has a very different feel to the other images, and is quite romantic.

Leanne Cole - Saying No to the AppleI was attempting to do another version of the apple being refused here, and I think she is very clear about not wanting to eat the apple.

I am not sure if it works as an image, the sun was a bit annoying and I have spoken about this before, I need to work out how to work with the sun in these situations.

Klara also posed for me.

Leanne Cole - IntensityI like the intensity in Klara’s face, but the sun was again a pain.  I really want to try this one again.  I think she loves the image, well she loves her hair in it.

Leanne Cole - The Offering, 1st VersionThis image was more Klara’s idea and I helped her work out how to execute it.  She wanted to be a witch with a bleeding heart in her hand.  We decided to use the red fabric balled up to be the heart and the draping down to represent the bleeding heart.

It was interesting working to someone else’s brief, though she was very happy to do it my way, and I think she even enjoyed it in the end.


I have to make a decision between the two organisations.  I am a member of both, but one is more for professional photographers and the other for artists.

I joined Australian Institute for Professional Photographers (AIPP)  because they ran courses and workshops, they had competitions.  It costs $300 a year to be an emerging member, to be the top level member, Accredited, you have to pay $400 a year.  I have been a member for over a year and a half and have never been to any of their courses or workshops, none of them have seemed relevant to me.  They are also quite expensive.

Then, I thought, I would wait for the competition, then I took a look at it and to enter it is so expensive, as far as competitions go.  I can’t afford to pay $160 to enter 6 images in my category.  There is another competition, I can enter 5 images for around $60, so I am finding the $160 just a bit much.  To me the AIPP seems to be all about getting more and more money from its members.  I just can’t see any benefits in it.

Magazine subscriptions were included, but the magazines have gone digital, and I just don’t remember to look at them anymore.  They can’t even send an email to say when it has been published.  Who can remember when they are published quarterly.

With National Association for Visual Artists (NAVA) that have resources, produce books, give legal advice, well some, and also let artists know about competitions, grants and all sorts of things that are relevant for practicing artists.  It only costs $60 a year for an individual.  There are other levels of membership, with the most expensive being $230.  Though that top level also includes a fantastic insurance package for artists as well.

Really, is there a contest between them?

I also saw a great article today by Peter Eastway and what is real photography, so if you are interested in seeing what he had to say then click on this.

Now for my gallery of my work so far, it is going to be interesting seeing it all together like this.  Most you have seen, but couple you may not have.

Enough for today.

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