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During the week I went for a trip into the Docklands to take some photos. I have only ever been there on the weekends before, it is usually busy, but during the week, well when we went, it was dead, so quiet.  We didn’t hang around for long.  If you want photos with almost no people, it really is the best time to go.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm4845I love this shot, I don’t know why, I think it is the red against everything else and I really like the light.

I think this sums up the Docklands, it was a great idea but it needs a lifeline.  Apparently not enough people are going there to visit it and the restaurants aren’t doing well.  The main problem with it seems to be that there is nothing there that is so special that you can’t find anywhere else.  There is the ferris wheel, which seems to be taking longer to fix than it did to build it in the first place.  It hasn’t been working for 4 years, you can’t tell me it took that long to build.  Maybe once it is going then maybe the area will pick up.  It is a lovely spot, but, but!

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm4914After a coffee we headed over to the Webbed Bridge and towards Southbank.  I have photographed this bridge before, and every time I do it, it seems to look the same, the same sort of light.  We are planning on going back and doing some shots at sunset and then at night.  I think that might be better as well.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm4989This is another bridge crossing the Yarra, and not that far from the previous one.  I like the work on this one, it reminds me of a wagon.

Not long after this we went and had Yum Cha for lunch before walking back to Flinders Street Station.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm5001We were watching some guy taking some footage, and decided to try a photo ourselves.  As I was standing there this couple sitting down looked at me, and asked if I had been in a camera club once, I said yes and the guy said I thought I recognised you, and I said, I recognise you too.  We had both been in the same club about 15 years ago.  Though neither in it now.  He went to another club and I choose to stay away from them all.  It was lovely catching up with him.

I have to say, Camera Clubs were not for me, too much emphasis on competitions and then they keep information to themselves and aren’t willing to share because they don’t want you doing what they do.  Of course, they think they don’t have that emphasis, but then you start talking to them and that is all they talk about, what competitions they have entered and what they have won.  Surely there is more to photography than that.

I have a load more photos for you, here they are in a gallery.

It was a great day for photos in some ways.  I always have fun.  For those interested the cow in the tree is by an artist called John Kelly.

It was strange not posting yesterday.  Though, I wouldn’t have had much time to do one anyway.  I had to teach a class yesterday at Eltham.  I was sharing my knowledge on how to photograph sport.  Interesting class.

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