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Making More Images

I have been a tad busy the last couple of days.  I decided to try the Creative Cloud and do photoshop, and as there are with any new things, there are problems.  I decided that since the only program I wanted was Photoshop, it seemed like a pretty fair deal.  You never own it, but you always get updates, that can’t be too bad.

So I have installed it, then looked for plugins that used to be there, and now they aren’t.  Though I wasn’t the only one with that.  It has been another huge learning curve.

Leanne Cole - Alice Looking

Here is one of the first images I processed with Photoshop CC.  It is another one of Alice, processed differently to the other one.

Today I was given an opportunity to photograph Emelia.  She was great to photograph again.  I have quite a few images to process, but I did do one.

Leanne Cole - Waiting for the Prince

This was one of the last ones we shot.  It was so cold this morning and everything was so wet from all the rain and the frost we had this morning.  She was fantastic and didn’t let it bother her.  Posing was great, all I had to do was tell her a story and she was there and she was that person.  Thank you Emelia.

We did many things, though the sun was out which made it hard.  I do love doing these images, but I need to find ways to do them when the sun is out.  Another thing I am finding is that I might have to start earning some money so I can get an assistant.  It would be great to have an extra person to help with fabric, or to hold something up to keep the sun off them.

I am feeling a lot more confident though doing the shots and I seem to know more of what I want.  It is getting easier and we did quite a few different set ups, which was really good.

It is getting better, anyway back to the images.


  1. EvaUhu says

    really love the second one, it looks like part of an intriguing story :-)

  2. Very striking Alice tea party! Not too sure about the sky-streaks, though.
    Awesome russet autumn.

    • I was trying something different, and put a heap of pages of romantic stories together, so the streaks are the pages and the writing.
      Thank you Colonialist.

  3. spaghettisquiggles says

    These are so beautiful! I love the colours :)

  4. these are lovely…i am zilch in ps:(i guess when i need it,i will learn it :)good luck with the experiments..

    • Thank you, and I agree, when you feel you need it, you will learn it, that is what happened to me. :)

  5. Breathtaking…the red grass in Alice is the perfect shade to set it off!
    Couldn’t you make one of your girls come with you to tote and carry? Isn’t that why we had slav…er, kids? ;)

    • I like the grass too, I think it gives it a different reality.
      It would be good to do that, but alas today they were at school. I wish that was so with kids, but they seem reluctant sometimes. :)
      Thanks Marie.

      • I expected to see people next to windows, you know, the usual stuff, not completely new worlds. You have done a great job so far. It is not easy to have models gain your trust. It’s like a relationship of sorts.

        As for me, I am working hard to get “models” and decided to try photographing skateboarders for now. It seems natural to me. But I need models, then sales, and of course learning how to take these photos. It is all a learning process. When I am ready, if I do not decide to post them here, perhaps I can send them directly to you instead and you can give me your brutally honest opinions. But I believe I am a couple months away from finished products at this point.

      • Oh I get what you mean now. I have been finding it easy with the models as they start to get excited about what I want almost as soon as I tell them. Then when we are shooting that just go with it, that has been the case so far. The worse people to photograph are my daughters, I think. They aren’t afraid they don’t like it.

        I think I have said how I found it easy for models because of my daughters, I have been using their friends, and some of my friends daughters have also put their hands up. It is hard though. People told me to look at places like model mayhem, or other places where models may be looking for free images. The sales bit is the part I still have to work out.
        I don’t know about the last part, it isn’t something I normally do, maybe ask at the time.

    • Thank you, my models so far have been so good and so wonderful to shoot. I have enjoyed it so much, and I think they have as well.

  6. Adobe’s move to subscription only, caused a lot of controversy. You may want to look at the work of Canadian photographer, Nina Pak. Her shoots involve a lot of art direction and fanciful costumes.

    • It certainly did, though, it may be better in the long run, you always have the most up to date, and with what I am paying now, it would take me fours year or more to pay for it, and I assume in that four years there will be quite a few updates, the only concern is what happens when I don’t want to pay for it anymore.
      Thanks for the name, I will definitely check her out.

  7. Thank you for visiting and liking my post!
    Beautiful shots! I love looking at beautiful things! I also take photography (just started) — I shoot plants and animals. I used to live in Sydney. I miss Australia.

    • You’re welcome Chelsea, thanks for checking mine out as well.
      Thank you, new work I am starting to do. Many people photograph those, they can make great subject matters, I like doing flowers. You will have to come back, :) I love it here, I’m in Melbourne, best city in the world, well if you ask me.

    • Thank you Richard, I am getting into it, I really love doing these. It appeals to my sense of drama.

  8. Great compositions Leanne, I really like these, cant decide which one stands out more for me, They remind me of something from Alice in Wonderland :-) Not sold on the Creative Cloud though. I think that i shall stick with my CS6 for the moment.

    • Thank you, that is fantastic. Oh that is great, I am going for the faerie tale type of image, so that is perfect. :)
      I thought I would try it, and if it doesn’t work, I still have CS6, but so far, it has been interesting, but I do like the support and the way you get updates. So I figure I can afford $20 a month, as long as they don’t keep upping the price, so time will tell.

  9. I am absolutely loving PS CC
    Had trouble with my plugins also (Nik and Topaz), but finally got them figured out.
    If you’re still having trouble, zip me an email. There is a contact link on my site.

    Really, really beautiful image!

  10. Ooooh! These are amazing! I think the “Alice” one is my favorite yet. I just love the contrast of that gorgeous, gorgeous field of red around her. The pose in the second one is beautiful and so dynamic. It tells a story with just a single glance. Beautiful!!

    • Thank you, that is fantastic, I tried some new things with the Alice one, and it is great to see that they worked. I love the second one too, she was so great to work with, I can’t wait to start working on the rest of the images.

  11. Hi Leanne, I’m really liking the diversity of your work lately. The Alice photo has such vivid colors and I can feel the ominous mood. I also put a link to your site on my latest post, “sharp”. Just an FYI! Keep up the fantastic work.

    • That is fantastic PK, I have to say, I am really enjoying it as well. Thank you for the link, I took a look, I love the peanuts.

  12. It’s nice to read something positive about CC.
    I’ve been thinking about it, it would be an easy way to get the software I want for video, if I had a video capable camera that is….
    Love your surrealistic colours, yet great textures!

    • It has been interesting, but hopefully it will all be sorted out.
      Haha, yes a good way, if only.
      Thank you.

  13. Wow great experiment! I really like the effects – wonderful photographs. Your idea is coming alive right in front of our eyes. Love the direction you are going.

    • I am starting to develop my own stuff and am coming up with my own ideas more and more, I do like that, they don’t all work, but it is fun trying. Thank you Mary, that is fantastic.

  14. Oh I’d be there like a shot ! draping fabrics .. I can do Lol
    Loving these intense colours really draws me into the scene like a film .
    I keep looking at your Blue Spotted Cup and Saucer and wish I could pass my oversized one to you through the screen to use !! … * idea hey Leanne maybe I should it send down under and you could use it in your shoots … wow wouldn’t that be cool maybe … Lol
    Do let me know .. really !

    • Wouldn’t that be great to have someone on hand to help me. I love the colours as well, I can’t stop playing with them, and the more I do the more I change. Yes, that is a good idea, and if I do this again, well I might just photograph it large and put it in. Or you could send me yours, LOL
      How big is yours?

  15. WordPress acted up on the Kirsty Mitchell post, Leanne, and wouldn’t let me comment, so I’ll kind of bring those thoughts here.

    Yes, if you are going to do ‘bigger and better’, you definitely need a like-minded crew, and probably some sort of stipend for them, be it $$ or catered lunch (or both!).

    These are fine shots…yet, if you want to control the light, you need another body and a transportable ‘silk’ frame–they can be made of PVC piping and put together very quickly. Then you need sandbags to hold them fast if there’s a wind…and then…well, the list grows as the shoot becomes more complex.

    Mitchell’s images required a huge crew, beginning with a ‘location scout’ to shoot images of a bunch of places…I guess that would be YOU for now, and then do the shoot on another day. I could go on, but time is short, and I know you get the drift!

    • I do get the drift 1000, and I totally agree. It would be nice to be able to get that bigger and better crew and maybe one day it will happen, thought I don’t know when, I need to be making a lot of money first.
      Controlling the light is going to be the hardest thing, I need a better camera too, I need one that doesn’t get too noisy at the top end range of ISO, that will come, I am sure.
      I need to do more of the location scouting, the biggest problem is that there are many places around here to take photos, but most of them are controlled by parks Victoria and they want to charge money for doing them, a lot of money, if you ask me. It is our taxes that pay for them, so it seems pretty rich asking for that.
      I think having something that can be held up would be good, but I have to work it all out. I also need to get a little trolley or something for carrying my stuff in. It is a bit hard at the moment.
      Thanks 1000

      • Exactly so re: the silly fees!

        Back in 2001, I was directing a video. My cameraman was a Canadian who had made his own collapsible ‘silk’, which broke down into a 24″ by 4″ in diameter self-contained package..and it was very lightweight. He could also clip a blackout cloth in front, to eliminate direct light when he wanted that. It was quite a neat thing and very inexpensive, though there are items like that available at photo supply shops.

        I also used to do location scouting for film, and it’s a job and a half in itself–but once you’ve got shots and notes, it will prove invaluable. In the meantime, just keep going at it as you are…good things will happen, they just sometimes take their time in coming around!

      • I hate the fees. I might use the side of the road, that would work for me. I might have to take a look at that, see if I can find something that I can use.

        I like the idea of location scouting, with my daughter wanting to learn to drive, it could be good, I need to write down some places as she drives.

      • Wow, that’s right, you have your very own driver!!! Lucky duck!

        Yes, do make notes, and even a quci shot or sketch of possibilities…you never know what will become that ‘perfect’ location!

      • Yes, I will have to go out driving with her and check out some places. I have a few in mind, but they will be more for special occasions. For my work. That is true you never know. Thanks 1000.

  16. I didn’t know what they were at first, but as soon as I saw the first image, I loved the pages in the sky. It adds an air of mystery, almost as if there were more than one sky. Does that make sense?

    For your helper, you might want to try to find someone who is a budding photographer, and they could be like your apprentice. I would love to do it, but that would be a very long commute to work, as I live in Oklahoma. :)

    • Yes, it does, I liked the idea of the pages, though I tend to use just one page, that seems to work better. I like the idea of the story being there.
      Maybe, though sometimes the problem with a budding photographer can be they want to take over. I think I have found someone, and she is perfect, and just seems to know what I want. I am looking forward to working with her in the future. Thanks Joseph.

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