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The Bluestone Building

There are more film clips today, however, I have chosen ones that don’t have much talking and they run for a very short time.  It seems there was something I forgot about when I put the clips up, how will deaf people hear them.  Such a silly mistake and I would like to apologise to the deaf community for that.  At this stage, I can’t get captions or subtitles for them, but we are working into it.  So, as I said, the clips for today are very short and don’t have a lot to say.

Leanne Cole - The BluestoneI took the above image a few weeks ago.  It is easier to take photos of the building for Deaf Children Australia now that it is winter here.  The trees have lost their leaves, and through the bare branches you can see the building.

Here are a couple of clips that were done the same time as the one from last week.  They talk in the clips how the building was about to celebrate 100 years of helping the deaf, so that would mean it was taken around 1960.

That is all they talk about really, how the building was about to celebrate that.  The clips are so short so you don’t really get much.

I have also mentioned how I want to change my blog around, and I am thinking of changing the day that I post about Deaf Children Australia, and I am going to start doing it on a Friday instead, starting next week.  Which also means there will be no more Friday reworks, though, I may do one on another day from time to time.

Leanne Cole - Bluestone with Color EfexI have upgraded to the Creative Cloud for Photoshop and it seems there are problems with Nik Software and Topaz.  You have to go through a bit to get it, but then I had Nik Software, I could open it, but then it would save it, so I had to go back to CS6, hopefully it will all get sorted soon.  The above image is done with Monday Morning.


  1. That’s a grand old stately pile. Why does the narrator have an english accent, though? Couldn’t they find any local voice overs?

    • It is, looks great in that image. LOL, it was very typical to use people who sounded English back then, didn’t want us sounding like we really were. Australian’s in the past tried very hard to be very English, it is only in the 30 or 40 years that that has stopped and we have started embracing our Aussieness. :)

  2. Nice piece…will be looking forward to your Friday schedules and I’m sure you’ll find a way to caption soon!

    • Yes, someone at the organisation is working on that I hope. I have no idea. I think Fridays will be better for these posts, that way I get the whole week to go and do photos if I have to. Thanks Bastet.

  3. artscottnet says

    Beautiful architecture and excellent capture

  4. Too bad the videos are so short, and the photos are excellent Leanne. The building has such unique character and shapes. I am sorry your having issues with rotten comments. People forget that this is YOUR domain, not theirs and being rude on any blog is not tolerated. I had a rude comment yesterday which is why I keep Moderation active. The comment never went up to the site. Be well!

    • Yes, it is a bit, there are some longer ones, but most are very short. You just get into it and then it stops. I have to agree with that, the building is quite unique. I have got a few lately John, I don’t know why all of a sudden, but I have had three in that last few weeks. I usually get one every few months, but there seems to have been a run of them lately. I do the same now, I moderate my comments and just delete the horrible ones. That is the best way. It is hard though when it comes from someone who has been nice in the past then suddenly does something like that. Where in the world have manners gone, I really miss manners.

    • Thank you Richard, I really do have to agree, the craftmanship of yesteryear, where has it gone.

  5. Like the Monday Morning treatment. It really has the vintage quality to it.

  6. marcusbphoto says

    I like the image, Leanne! Excellent subject matter. The question that’s getting me, however, is why did you go so dark on the exposure side? I didn’t get to read the entire post, so if you already addressed it I apologize in advance!

    • It was a bracketed shot, and many of the others blew out the sky, so I went with this one for the sky. I was going to do a HDR but I ran out of time. So I tried some other stuff instead. I spent most of the time playing and trying to get the new Photoshop Creative Cloud to work, then it froze my computer twice, I didn’t think I was going to get anything to post. So there is your explanation, I don’t mind the dark, but that is me.

      • marcusbphoto says

        Don’t get me wrong. Cool place/image, I was just curious!

  7. What a beautiful building. There are no buildings of this age or magnitude in my state. We’ve only been around for a little over a 100 years and it was very desolate for many of those years. For years prior to statehood, it was where they kept the Five Civilized Indian Tribes. Our Oldest cities only have two-and three-story buildings in them and nothing of this scale. I think I like the first image the best, the color adds so much to its richness.

    • The building in that image would have been considered rather modest for the times, built, as inexpensively as possible, which is amazing really, that we look at it now and think what a marvelous building it really is.
      That is really interesting what you say about where you are, I hope you weren’t anywhere near the tornadoes that hit. They sounded scary, is that also why the city seems fair new, it keeps getting wiped out. We think Australia is fairly new too, but the thing that helped Melbourne was the gold rush, lots of money to spend on grand buildings, and we do have a few of those.

      • We were very close, but got no damage except for the flooding of our property – which we still can’t mow because of all the water and mud.
        That is so true, we do keep pretty current on our buildings because of tornadoes. But even in some of our oldest cities (like the original capital city Guthrie, the buildings don’t go over 2-3 stories and very small – no large buildings. But Oklahoma was one of the last settled territories in the U.S. so it is only about 200 years old and was VERY poor. It is where all the people who couldn’t own land came during the landrun to get free parcels of land.

      • That is great to hear. I went back through your blog and took a good look, lots of water and mud there.
        I wonder if the reason they build them tall is because they are worried about tornadoes, I am only guessing. That is interesting about the Oklahoma, you tend to think, well we do, that everywhere in the US is older, at least a couple of hundred years older than us down here. I love history, I might have to do some research.

      • The oldest areas (east coast) I think were settled before Australia I think, but when people went west, it was very barren and as they (govt) kept pushing the native americans west, they settled them (the “five civilized tribes) in Oklahoma until they decided they were out of room and needed that land as well. Most Americans skipped over central U.S. to re-settle in California (displacing the Mexican population). I think I see a pattern here. :-P Oklahoma was one of the last states in the union – number 46 out of 50 and the last two happened the year I was born.
        Here is a wikipedia info on our state:
        enjoy! :-)

      • Similar things happened here as well, only with Aborigines. Though not much concern was given to them as the British didn’t think of them as human, so they did some horrible things to them with no thought. Though I know that happened in the US as well. Displacement has been the terrible part of new colonies and not recognising who the land really belongs too. I think in some parts of the world, we still have learned out lessons.

      • But with the US, our government is determined to pay for their crimes for ever – even if it ultimately means inequality to the rest of us who had no part in it. I guess there is no happy medium. :-(

      • that is an area I don’t know about it. It is different here, and I think the main difference is that there were no treaties or anything ever. So it is all unraveling differently. I can see how frustrating it would be there though. :(

      • There needs to be a happy medium. I feel for your natives that got no recompense but our govt. overdoes it.

      • There certainly does, handing large amounts of money over to them doesn’t help, I do think, here anyway, that treating the indigenous population as though they are children who don’t know what is best for them, is not the answer either.

      • I just learned a disturbing fact about our native americans. In the 1960s, the government wanted to “thin” out the tribes so they would come and get children to take them for “shots” and then put them up for adoption without the parents permission. Sick! We now have a bill that protects those children. Governments are evil.

      • They did that here too, but in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s I believe, we know refer to that generation as the stolen generation. Governments are, ignorance just doesn’t cut it anymore.

      • I know, I don’t even like to hear anything about government. Maybe I have my head in the sand, but it doesn’t do any good to try to do anything and it just makes me upset and then I don’t sleep for days. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

      • I am bit like you there, my husband gets frustrated because I don’t watch the news, but it makes me so angry and I get so frustrated, so I decide to live in ignorance, I know if I really need to know something he will tell me.

      • me too! I get so irritated at my hubby when he comes in and tells me some horrible news story right before bed. You would think after 35 years, he would remember that I can’t sleep when I hear something awful.

      • Haha, my husband just starts discussing stuff with me and then gets frustrated because I don’t know what he is talking about. I get a look.

      • I get the sigh, because I’m useually ignoring him! But his game is “hey come and look at this” something on the telly that he’s paused and when I get there, it is some horrible story! I get so mad at him. He knows how it affects me! I guess he just wants to share. :-P

      • It is nice he wants to share, but
        I do keep up to date with bulletins and stuff, but the thing that really drives me nuts is stuff about politicians and what our government is doing. That really gets me going. I hate what our so called leaders and protectors are doing.

      • It really is okay, I guess I don’t really want to keep my head in the sand, I just wish he would wait until the daytime to tell me hard things. Although, I get a lot of news leads for stories from him.
        Speaking of writing, I haven’t been on WP for a while, the beging in a rut thing; I don’t want to write or share or anything. Its easier to communicate one on one. :-)

      • I can understand that, and that that shouldn’t be hard to do, I suppose when you see something you just want to share, I know that feeling.
        I can understand the rut thing, though, maybe you should write something about say, the architectural stuff or real estate, you never know someone might come up with a brilliant idea for you. Why don’t you email me your prices and I will tell you what I think. Communicating one on one is great, I love Facebook and Google+ for those reasons.

      • I will try to find my prices; I just deleted them all. LOL
        yes google+ was great fun, thanks for turning me on to it! And thank you again for making that sparkler shot look awesome! I need to learn how to do it. You made it look so easy, but I’m sure its not!

      • LOL, working out prices is so hard.
        YOu are welcome, and the sparkler shot, it was easy, but only because i knew what tools to use, you will get there.

      • YOu know it is there. Someone suggested some different software the other day, so I might be able to do better ones, that would be good.

      • keep me posted. I’m having to make myself get on here. By the time I do all the marketing for my husbands business, I don’t want to do anything else!

      • I will, I have also been given a couple of other names, so hopefully I will be able to find something.

  8. Gorgeous image Leanne . It look really should grace the book cover which would be about the Bluestone Building and all of its history . A look back on the past but with ‘freshness’ not just the typical this is how it is now image at all .

    • Haha, now wouldn’t that be something. I am enjoying the film clips and I love seeing what it used to be like, then again, I love history. I am glad you are as well. Thanks Poppytump.

  9. The Bluestone looks so much better in your Winter, Leanne…much more imposing. While I really like the first image, the second got my attention, as its so much more somber and lonely-looking–befitting the building’s current position.

    • I hadn’t thought of that, I think it is also better because the light on it is not as harsh as it was. I liked that second one, bit of fun with Color Efex. I don’t seem to be able to use it now when the new Photoshop CC, I can’t get it to work. Will have to keep trying. Thank you.

      • I’m a bit afraid of CC, Leanne. I bought the entire CS4 Design Premium package in 2009…it cost over $1,900! I just can’t seem to justify paying every month for a few new ‘gimmicks’ that would screw up.

      • I am only paying for Photoshop, so $20 a month and for me that is good, I don’t want the other programs. I know there are a few problems now, but I am pretty sure they will sort things out. I didn’t have the full version before, so this is a great way to get it.

      • That’s $240/year, so I suppose it does work out well enough, Leanne…and the problems will be sorted out, eventually, though Adobe seems to take their time in doing so, in my opinion.

      • That’s what I think too, it costs over $1000 so this way it would over 4 years to pay that, but now you get all the updates, I like that. I can use it now without any worries.

      • They’re barely doing any updates/fixes to CS4 these days…most disappointing, as there are STILL some glitches in the brushes. Just wondering though, how many more version of P’shop they’ll come up with in the next few years? When I got CS4, it was only a year later they intro’d CS5, and to do the upgrade was a really ‘pretty penny’!

      • I think they come out with a new version every year. So with the creative cloud you get that new version every year. I didn’t know they did updates, maybe I don’t get them because I only had a student version before.

  10. Well done, the images look very nice. It would be interesting to see an image from the same angle, but closer to the building and with a wider lens, so that it exaggerates the hight of the building, and then use the Monday Morning filter, and darken and blur the edges. I don’t know how well that would work, but it would be interesting to see. :)

    I am way behind on your blog since I broke my computer screen, (hence me reading this post today,) but I am still reading it, and should get caught up eventually. :)

    • I did take many images of the building, from afar and back further, though I have used the filter much with them.
      Trying to say up to date with blogs is hard as it is without losing your monitor as well. Take care. :)

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