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There are more film clips today, however, I have chosen ones that don’t have much talking and they run for a very short time.  It seems there was something I forgot about when I put the clips up, how will deaf people hear them.  Such a silly mistake and I would like to apologise to the deaf community for that.  At this stage, I can’t get captions or subtitles for them, but we are working into it.  So, as I said, the clips for today are very short and don’t have a lot to say.

Leanne Cole - The BluestoneI took the above image a few weeks ago.  It is easier to take photos of the building for Deaf Children Australia now that it is winter here.  The trees have lost their leaves, and through the bare branches you can see the building.

Here are a couple of clips that were done the same time as the one from last week.  They talk in the clips how the building was about to celebrate 100 years of helping the deaf, so that would mean it was taken around 1960.

That is all they talk about really, how the building was about to celebrate that.  The clips are so short so you don’t really get much.

I have also mentioned how I want to change my blog around, and I am thinking of changing the day that I post about Deaf Children Australia, and I am going to start doing it on a Friday instead, starting next week.  Which also means there will be no more Friday reworks, though, I may do one on another day from time to time.

Leanne Cole - Bluestone with Color EfexI have upgraded to the Creative Cloud for Photoshop and it seems there are problems with Nik Software and Topaz.  You have to go through a bit to get it, but then I had Nik Software, I could open it, but then it would save it, so I had to go back to CS6, hopefully it will all get sorted soon.  The above image is done with Monday Morning.

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