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Weekend Wanderings – Flowers on Footpaths

Last weekend I took a couple of photos of some flowers, and since I don’t have anything else to show, thought I might show them here.  I have been trying to work out some posts to drop and I think the Sunday one is one that I might stop doing.  If I do keep doing it, it won’t be much.

Leanne Cole - Orchid 1I love these flowers and as we were walking past this florist in Flinders Lane I couldn’t resist taking some photos.  I might have to buy one one day and take some extra special photos of it.  I have seen some fantastic ones.

Leanne Cole - Orchid 2A close up of one of the flowers.  They are so delicate and beautiful.  I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

I don’t know what the etiquette is when it comes to taking photos like this.  I figure, why not, until someone tells you to stop, or maybe take some and buy a bunch of flowers.  I often think if you give some service back then why not.  People usually don’t mind.

I have been spending the weekend learning more photoshop skills and working on the photos that I took yesterday of Alannah.  It was great and she really enjoyed it, which is even better.  I have posted two of the images on my facebook page and they are getting some great  reactions.  I think this shoot is probably my best so far, though with each one I continue to learn more about what I need to be doing.

I have added them to my website as well http://www.leannecole.com.au/, I have also added another link as well.  It was suggested by 87004 photography that I should push the artist aspect and the fact that I do have a Fine Arts degree, so I have now included my artist’s CV on there as well.  I think it is important to let people know that I am an artist and photography is my choice of medium.

I think it is Fathers Day in some countries, so Happy Father’s Day to those that are fathers.  Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Beautiful! Such striking flowers. And I love the background colors in the first image.

  2. Good subtle white tonality.

    Btw… it has been said, “An orchid by any other name, still isn’t a rose!”

  3. Photography is absolutely a medium for an artist, as your beautiful photographs clearly illustrate! Gorgeous!

      • Because you are. I’ll bet I can describe exactly how you feel during your creative processes. And it would be no different than how all true artists (regardless of the medium) relate to their creations!

      • Now that would be an interesting exercise, I wonder if I do think the same, obsessive, ideas, images always in my head, trying to work out how I can make the image I am working on work, or how to make an idea for an image I have in my head work. I have so many images running through my head. It never stops. At the moment I smile when I think of the new images, I just want to have a hundred of them now. haha.

  4. I have one of these Orchids in my bathroom! My daughter bought it for me as a birthday present, it’s beautiful… I did a post of it a week ago. These are lovely photos, especially the close up, gorgeous! :)

  5. Sonel says

    What a stunning orchid indeed Leanne and yes, it is a pity that they are so expensive but also hard work to grow them. I would love to have a glass house and experiment with all kinds of flowers and plants but that also a very expensive hobby. Thanks for sharing these beauties and have a great day! *big hugs*

    • It is gorgeous, I have never tried to grow them, so maybe I won’t buy one. I wouldn’t have the patience, I have two indoor plants and they hold on for dear life. Happy to share and thank you too.

      • Sonel says

        It sure is and you’ve captured it so well. I don’t have much patience as well but I think if I had a glass room and all necessary I would have enjoyed it. Where’s that lotto money when you need it? LOL!
        Oh, I am sure it’s not that bad…heheheheh. I think we can be glad they can’t talk…hahahah

      • If I were really rich, I would have one but I would pay someone to look after it, haha.
        Yes, very lucky they can’t talk, LOL

      • Sonel says

        haha, yeah and give them hell when they don’t do it properly! LOL!

  6. Beautiful shots, Leanne. I’ve sort of been reducing my posts too – there’s only so much time, and it’s tough to keep blogging all the time when there are other things to do.

    • I feel exactly the same way. Each day, I think today will be the day I don’t do it, but then I do, but I am not giving them all the best attention, so perhaps 4 or 5 top quality posts a week would be better. I just need to decide which ones to drop. Thanks Richard.

  7. Orchids are fascinating subjects. I enjoyed both photos and really like how mysterious the background is in the top photo.

  8. My favorite flower …. and I make them flower time after time .. don’t ask me how I manage – no secret behind that at all … just pure luck I suppose. Stunning flower and such fantastic object to put the camera against. Love both your photos.

    • Thank you Viveka, I suspect they wouldn’t do well in our house because of the heating we have and cooling we have, it tends to dry everything out. Someone said they like a moist environment. I am so jealous. I know if I buy one, I will just watch it die. haha.

      • You just … water them once a week … 0,5 liter of water and you let it drain through – while blooming … same amount every second week while resting. *smile
        In rest they should be totally forgotten .. really.

      • That would be the problem for me, remembering to do it once a week, I would forget, I am not very good at things like that, lol. We have a cat, because the cat will annoy us when it wants to be fed, kids are the same. I don’t do well with birds or fish.

      • You’re so funny … I’m not going to talk you into buying another orchid.

    • They are really amazing flowers, I wish I could grow them, it would be great photographing them.

  9. these are stunning and post when you like, there is something to be said for quality over quantity. we will all appreciate your posts whenever we see them, and think nothing of the days when we don’t other than we look forward to seeing more in the future from you.

    • Thank you and thank you. I am thinking of cutting it down to 4 or 5 times a week. I do think the Sunday post will go, or it might be Saturday, depending on how I am going for time. I will drop some from the week, but not sure which yet. Maybe a Thursday, again, will see how I go. I do like doing the Influencing me, so while I can find people or artists I like, I will continue doing those.

  10. Not just expensive, but hard to grow/keep alive! I’ve never seen one that blooms again unless you are a master gardener.

    • That is what I thought Darla, I don’t think I would be able to keep them alive. I wouldn’t have the patience. Maybe I can give one to a friend and then photograph it when I want and they can keep it alive, haha.

      • I went to a local green house that specializes in them, but all I had was my iPhone. I will have to go back if I ever get my camera back = it is still in Japan being fixed.

  11. Beautiful orchids – i have some i grow myself – purchased from Home Depot and have photos of them. I love your centered close-up shot – really shows off the detail of the flower

      • Actually I learned a secret about growing them. 2 – 3 ice cubes in the pot once or twice a week. Making sure to empty any water in the void at the bottom

      • I think anything that is like that, I should stay away from, I’m not good at remembering to do something once a week. I am not good at routine at all. I’m not looking forward to the day that I have to start taking tablets every day, I know I will forget. LOL

  12. I often wonder what the etiquette is when taking similar photos (not of flowers, but of store displays in general). I always thought that if you purchase something from them then you should be able to take a few photos. I recently bought a cute night light for my son, which cost quite a bit, but when I tried to take a photo of some of them lit up I was told off. I suppose it is always best to ask?

    • I don’t know what it is either, but I do usually ask, most times they don’t mind or care, but I suppose sometimes, well they do. I usually try to include a link to people I feature on my blog.

  13. They are lovely – easy to grow, I believe, so long as you give them perfect conditions… However, a stem of flowers lasts for weeks with no special care, and is cheaper than a plant. Maybe that’s the way to go? Or sweet talk a grower!

    • I am exactly the same, I don’t have the patience but I think they are really amazing flowers.

  14. I agree that you should push your degree in fine arts. Many of us are photographers whether hobby or declared professional, but like you said composition is everything, and you add training to talent, and that makes a winning combination! :)

    • You are the second person to say that. I hope so, I like the idea of pushing the portrait work as people are being photographed by an artist. I am hoping that will make the work stand out more. I have put my artist’s CV up on the website now, so will see how many people look at that. Thanks Marsha. :)

  15. simply beautiful, these would make a fabulous series of framed prints…love them!

    • I don’t know, I hadn’t thought of anything past taking them and putting them here. I would love to do a more formal type of shooting with orchids like this, but at this stage, I don’t really want to buy one. Thanks Heather.

      • lol…I know, the cost is prohibitive to purchasing orchids and they don’t last long I’m told. doesn’t matter these two are beauties…

  16. I have never doubted your artistry and choice of medium. Lovely photos!

  17. I just checked out your site Leanne and it looks fabulous! I also think that by letting others know of your degree in Fine Arts, that they might just see your work a little differently. Sorry I haven’t been able to get by as often and comment as much, but as I said. I am loving all this new work you are doing. I try to see your blog even if I don’t have time to comment. You already know that I’m a big fan.. :D

    • It is not something I had thought about, whether or not people would care that I have a fine arts degree. I suppose it does matter. It will be interesting to see if they do. You don’t need to apologise to me Keli, I know you have a lot going on, I don’t always get time to look at peoples blogs either. We do what we can and when we can, I love it when you can pop in. Take care.

  18. Leanne, these photographs are wonderful. Absolutely gorgeous! Ah, if only I could produce such images. I am constantly astounded by your work. :-)

  19. I love these images! They are beautiful. You may be able to work out something with the flower shop where you borrow a plant for a few days, and then bring it back with some 5×7 or 8×10 prints for them to hang on their wall… I don’t know if they would agree to that, or if you would be interested, but it might work, and then you won’t have to try to grow them.

  20. Lovely flowers! And the varied bachground sets off the white beautifully!

    These look like Phalaenopsis. I have several, and they’re really quite easy to handle (only rule: don’t overwater), and bloom reliably once or even twice a year (cut only the dead part of the stalk, as rest will grow another shoot).

    • Thank you, the background was great, lucky for me.
      A few people have talked about them, but I know I would still kill it, so I think I will leave them where they are.

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