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ReWorking the Cathedral Doors

Almost 12 months to the day I went into the city and took some photos with friends and put them up here.  My processing was quite heavy and I thought I might try redoing one.

This is the image from 12 months ago.

Leanne Cole - Original Cathedral DoorsI was never happy with it.  I found it too saturated and perhaps too textural. This was a 3 image HDR, but with the rework I decided to do something different.

Leanne Cole - Reworked Cathedral DoorsI put two images together, so the stained glass was from one image and the outside bit from another.  I wanted to make the most of the stained glass, it was very hard to make it stand out more.  Though I think the rework is more successful at that.

I darkened the stonework more, and I brightened the stain glass.  In Camera Raw I added more clarity to the stained glass too.  I have done some blurring with the last layer of it quite low with only the glass in the door and the handles not being blurred.

That was about it.  Didn’t take long and that is something I am starting to understand, it doesn’t have to take a long time to do.  It should always be about the image and what the image needs.

On another note, now that we are looking at an image of the St Paul’s Cathedral, I have bad news for the photographers out there.  You do need a permit to photograph the inside of it, unfortunately it isn’t free any more and will cost you $5.  I have no idea how long the permit lasts, but when we saw it last weekend, we just keep walking past.

I almost didn’t post today.  I couldn’t think of what to do so I dove back into the archives and found this one.  I do know that I will stop posting every day, I just don’t know when.

I have had my fair share of revolting comments in the last week or so, people who feel that “it is just their opinion and they are just being honest”.  Like that makes a difference, as if them saying that automatically forgives them for being nasty or really critical.  If I go to someone’s site and I see an image I don’t like, I don’t say anything. It isn’t my image and I don’t know how that person feels about their work.  I am not about to bring them down by telling them what I think is wrong with it.  I had enough of that at art school.

When you attack my work, it is personal, it is always personal because it is my work.

Please, I would prefer silence, I can tell when a image is popular or not, I can tell by the amount of likes and the lack of comments.

My Website

I’ve been changing my website, I invite you to look

It isn’t finished, and still has a long way to go, but take a look and if you can think any anything that might improve it I would love to hear about it, doesn’t mean I will do it, but I do like suggestions.  I always like suggestions.


  1. Hello Leanne,
    I like both these images, but fancy charging to take pictures of the doors now from the outside… what’s the world coming to? Do they have a bouncer waiting to catch surreptitious photographers? I suppose the money raised will help with maintenance, but even so…
    BTW, I agree with your sentiments about negative criticisms – we all know how much effort goes into doing a blog or anything creative, so positive reasoned comments are OK, but just negativity gets the thumbs down from me as well!
    Best Wishes

    • Hey Julian, I think I said that wrong, you don’t need one to photograph it from the outside, but you do if you go inside. Sorry for the confusion. I should change that on my blog.
      Thanks about the negative comments. It is a strange world we live it where it is okay to openly criticise people. I grew up believing that you should never say anything to people if it was at all nasty and if people did they were usually considered bullies. I don’t understand when that changed.
      Best wishes to you as well.

  2. Love your comment on giving helpful thoughts not negative ones. I read your blog and look at your photos everyday. Its inspiring and so helpful to someone like me just beginning. Your work I find simply incredible!! Nothing like it!! Amazing.

    • I have had a bit of a run on them lately. That is wonderful to hear, I am happy that people enjoy the blog and learn a lot from it. That makes me feel good. Thank you Wendy.

  3. I love the rework – I think you are quite right that it was too saturated the first time. The rework is beautiful with the stained glass really standing out without being too much. Well done

  4. As the old saying goes, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I just wonder why some people need to point out to others that their tastes don’t necessarily match. When anybody criticises my stuff I just say, “Thanks, but I don’t remember asking for your critique.” To which the usual reply is, “Well, if you didn’t want criticism, why did you put it up on the Internet?” My response is generally, “To annoy pointless little people like you.” It doesn’t get me many followers, but it makes me feel better.

    • I love your response Brian, just brilliant. You do have to wonder though don’t you, why they feel the need to do that. I think it is really bad manners. I got told that I ask for comments or thoughts, so now I have changed that to say only nice ones. I will delete them from now on. It really upsets me, I just don’t under it, it is nasty to the core and nasty in a really horrible way.
      Thank you Brian, that certainly made me laugh.

  5. I definitely prefer the second one as I find the first image too harsh/garish.
    Photoshop is an amazing program – but personally, the less time I have to spend with it the better! Nothing against PS, it’s just that I don’t have enough time as it is ….

    • I do really love spending time on PS, but I want to do more than one image a day. Sometimes it can take too long.
      I think the same as you about the first image. It is so nice to be able to go back and change images. Thanks Noeline.

  6. Sonel says

    Oh, they are both gorgeous and I am sure it took you a long time before you were satisfied Leanne. You have so much talent! I do love the first one most but I think it’s because of all the colours. I love colours. The second one is just as beautiful and it gives off a soft, dreamy impression.

    Please do not worry about those silly comments and yes, I know it’s easy to say because it does hurt when people are so nasty. Maybe it’s just pure jealousy. Will we ever know? I know that it’s unnecessary and unkind and I wish they would keep their negative comments and attitudes to themselves. It’s fun on the blogs and more fun if you can share what you love doing with others without having silly people like that trying to spoil it with their negativity. I prefer uplifiting criticism but only when I ask for it and I am blessed in the sense that all my followers are very kind, sweet and positive. I think these that have so much negative things to say feels threatened. Why it must always be a competition to people like that, I have no idea. But do remember this is your blog, your hard work and I know I love visiting and seeing your beautiful, creative photo’s. To hell with those that don’t!

    Thanks for sharing and love your website by the way. It’s looking more stunning every time. :D *big hugs*

    • Sounds like you like both of them Sonel?
      I think you are right, I should remember that it is my blog and I shouldn’t let people like that on my blog and just delete the comments. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to do it. I don’t like everything I see, and if I can’t find something nice to say, then I don’t say anything at all. That is best, though these days it usually has more to do with time. Not enough of it to see everyone anymore.
      I am so glad you went and took a look, it is coming along, and hopefully soon everything on it will be relevant to the portrait stuff. You are a lovely person, thank you Sonel. Many hugs back.

      • Sonel says

        I do love them both for sure. :D
        I think it’s a lesson all of us can learn hon, even those “mouthy people”. If you don’t like something, just pass on. Why even bother to comment? But yeah, unfortunately there are some people out there that MUST give their opinions. I feel sorry for their families and friends. We should rather feel sorry for them as they are clueless. :)

        Oh, I know about the ‘time’ thingy. Some days I wish I could just go through 24/7 but after a few hours of thinking and playing I get tired and then I can’t think at all, so I guess that is why Mr Time made it so that we can rest as well. :D

        Oh, I love it and it’s so stylish and professional already. May your photography business be a great success hon. Thank you for the beautiful compliment. You are too sweet and I think the same of you. :D *big hugs*

      • Someone mentioned trolls, and one of my daughters said the same thing too about trolls. Either way I think it is correct.
        Time, time time, a mystery to me, so much work to do. Haha. More photos today, I am excited about that.
        That’s great to hear, the website isn’t new, just changed now. Thanks again Sonel. :)

      • Sonel says

        Yes, that is what they call them but some are not trolls..they are just mean-spirited but just ignore them and delete messages you don’t like. We don’t need negativity on your blogs. Our world is full enough of hate and nasty people like that. :)

        So glad you are enjoying hon and I do love the changes and the photo slideshow. It surely looks great.

        Have a great weekend. I’m off to bed now. :D *hugs*

  7. How can they possibly ask for a permit to photograph a building? Inside, maybe …
    I presume you wouldn’t class it as an attack if I say that I really like what you have done to the stonework surround in the second, but find myself wondering if one could get away with keeping the more dramatic presentation of the glass?

    • I worded the post wrong, have fixed it now, it is to photograph inside, they can’t stop you from photographing the outside as it is on public property.
      No I don’t take that as an attack, I take that as you expressing what you like or don’t, it isn’t telling me “that the doors remind you of a rubbish tip and why would you have bothered to do anything to it,” I think it an attack when someone just tears the image apart and basically saying they hate it and what they think is wrong with it. YOu get it.
      Thanks Colonialist.

      • Oh, good. I thought they were really becoming ridiculous.
        I do see the distinction!
        In my case it isn’t even expressing likes but rather indulging in speculation. I presume you would have tried the brighter centre but that it didn’t give the effect you were looking for?

      • No, not quite that ridiculous.
        I think the speculation is sort of spot on, I am disappointed that the stained glass doesn’t show up as well as I would have like. The door look pretty spectacular from inside, but I’m not paying $5 to show, sorry.

  8. fujitsu1522 says

    If your technique was HDR I’m wondering
    Which Software? Photomatox if not its pretty good, I used to have other software, I’ve forgotten what they were, one was really technical , love your image very nice !

    • I used Photomatix Pro for the first one, but not the second one.
      I have also used other software. Thank you.

      • fujitsu1522 says

        I love your work, I’m mainly a portrait photographer, but swinging over to. Landscapes, Architectural, I love HDR work, I’m going to have to remember the software I had, one was really wicked! I’m off To Turkey, I’m struggling with equipment I don’t want to be bogged down, I have a small S5700 Finepix, I’m not sure if it takes multiple exposures or not? Keep up the good work, I’m just uploading some work from Cornwall

      • I am the opposite, Architectural, landscape photographer swinging over to portraits. I am not doing as much HDR now, but I love it as well. Another program that is good is Oleneo or something like that, it is no good for me because it can’t get rid of ghosting, I do too many hand held. I don’t know the camera, you should look into though. Goodluck with your trip to turkey. Thank you.

      • fujitsu1522 says

        Well if you have any spare f2.8 lenses ill have them!
        I’ve only got a D50 Lenses are kit, crap, I’ve got a wedding in July maybe ill buy a nice lense, I’m living in North Wales some amazing places for portrait, one of the best is BODNANT GARDENS check it out…

      • Haha, if only.
        Wales looks gorgeous, definitely on my list of places I want to visit one day. Good luck with the wedding.

  9. I love the shots – both versions. The first has a surreal quality, for sure, but sometimes brightness and overdone color appeals…The rework is more reverent and peaceful.
    (my silence doesn’t mean I don’t like something….it means that my life’s gone off the rails again…but you knew that… :) Mean people just suck.)

    • I think a lot of people are thinking the same Marie.
      I completely understand your silence, I hope everything is well in little corner.
      Yes mean people do suck. :)

  10. RE: your comments on your site/your images
    You are correct – unless I ASK for an opinion or post two pictures and say which is better – it is only then appropriate to comment in depth about the short comings of a shot. Even dislikes can be structured in a way that can be constructive – so there is no need to be mean or hurtful with comments about other’s artwork.

    • I agree with you Robert, there are ways of saying something without it being nasty or mean. I think you are right about the opinion, it is like if someone is standing in front of you and tries something on and asks for your opinion, that don’t want to know that it looks really bad, well they might but you wouldn’t go into why it is bad. I have found in our society these days that manners seem to becoming option, or just don’t exist anymore. Politeness is disappearing. It really depresses me.

      • Leanne,
        I got so worked up over the nasty comments that I neglected to mention that I feel you are a very talented photographer and person. I suspect the negative people are speaking from a position of ignorance – who could not hold a candle to even your most modest work. Let them try to go toe-to-toe with a real photo editor if they want to take a proper thrashing! Chin up!

      • Oh, I might lose in that challenge, though I am very happy with how my photoshop skills are coming along. Thank you so much Robert for the vote of confidence.

  11. I really like the edit. Your website is coming along nicely. Sorry to hear that you are getting negative commentary. I have seen that on other photography forums and I would not join a forum that had that behavior. Keep doing the work that you do – you have a very unique style that I have not seen with others.

    • Thank you Nora. I am happy with the website, well where it is up to now. I don’t understand it, lack of manners. What a nice thing to say, thank you.

  12. Paul says

    Although I rarely comment I always enjoy and appreciate your work. The way you get around is amazing—your energy levels must be very high!

    Keep up the good work.

    Re negative comments: unfortunately the internet is the perfect place for cowardly trolls to spout their bile. Its anonymity gives them the courage to say things they’d be reluctant to say to people’s faces. Such idiots misguidedly think that pullng down others proves that they’re better than their victims. The best thing to do is to NEVER respond to them. They love arguments.

    PS I noticed that another “Paul” had recently posted a comment here, so I guess I’d better call myself something else. How about Paul (HTC)?

    Any suggestions?

    • Thanks Paul. I am obsessed with photography, that is probably why it seems that way. Though I do try and get out as much as possible, it has been hard the last week or so with all the rain.
      I always kick myself after I get one of those comments, because I approve them, when I should just delete them. Which is what I have to get better at doing. I agree with you though, they are cowardly trolls, no guts, no manners. I miss manners.
      I always know it is you because of the lack of blog address, so you can keep posting as Paul if you like. Up to you. What about Director Paul?

  13. I do like your new website, or website portal. And thanks for the technical comments about your work. I can only dream of being as proficient in understanding and utilizing the post processing, currently only using familiar aspects of “Aperture.” The incredible advances in photographic processing over my lifetime is mind boggling. And what a wonderful media to be able to express one’s personal intrepretation of what they “see!” Thanks for sharing. M

    • That is great to hear about the website, thank you. I have to agree about the advances in photographic processing. A huge learning curve. I haven’t used Aperture, but I am sure it is the same with any of the photo editing software, it is all experience and learning. I use Photoshop, and I have been learning a lot of new stuff recently, still a long way to go I suspect, but I am noticing that I edit things a little differently. I am sure one day you will look at what I say, and totally get it. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful! I love how your photos have a lovely glow about them. As for negative comments, who does that? My mother said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” But, how can anyone find one negative word about your lovely photos? Ignore ignorance, I always say!

    • I have never noticed that, the glow I mean, nice observation, thank you. My mother used to say the same thing. I hate saying something that might upset someone. It just about kills me when I upset people. I know that there are going to be people who don’t like what I do, but I wish they would keep it to themselves. Thank you so much.

  15. Haven’t been hit by trolls yet, but I like “Your silence will let me know.” Am thinking will never ask, “What do you think?” as one of my guide lines now too!

    • Yes, What do you think, can invite that, I had someone say recently “you said you want to hear our thoughts”, well yeah, but I don’t want you to pick my work to pieces. Glad you like the silence line. Thank you.

  16. artscottnet says

    I really love the rework… well, actually, I enjoyed both of them, but the glass is even more beautiful on the second. Sorry you’ve had some trolls ruining your week; there are always those who feel deprived of attention and the need to speak their mind in a way that glorifies their own work by being critical of others. I always love ‘constructive’ feedback but some people go overboard. Keep up the great work and have an awesome day

    • Thank you, I love the second one too. What you have said about trolls is so true, they just can’t help themselves. Constructive criticism is always good, but tearing apart an image and saying everything you hate is not constructive.

  17. The re-work is so much more alluring, Leanne…I guess the ‘softening’ of everything accomplishes that…and the removal of ‘red’ in the windows above the doors makes the interior seem very inviting, rather than “the preaching of hell-fire commences within” look the heavy, saturated red gave the image.

    Personally, I’m getting weary of all the saturated color digital photography normally spits out, so that I am toning things down quite a bit, especially the reds and greens, which I feel are becoming somewhat ‘offensive’ to the eye–call me crazy, but that’s how I feel!

    • Haha, I like that, like hell is within, I think that was said, or something similar the first time I did it. I agree about the rework.
      I have to say, I am noticing the same, people don’t realise that the more they work on an image the more saturated it can become, which is something I have only recently learned. There is a lot of it out there, especially with HDR photography. I don’t call you crazy, I agree. Thanks 1000

      • Yeah, the oversaturation drives me up a wall, any wall, Leanne! I find that ‘stepping back’, or closing out the image, then bringing it back up after a few minutes, really shows a lot of ‘mistakes’ we make when we get so absorbed in a longer session. At times, I let something alone for days, then bring it back up…only to do corrections. Tedious, yes, but I’m always after that ‘beauty shot’!

      • Yes, it can do that, or closing the image and looking at it the next day can help. The thing I find is that people like those over saturated images. I’ve put up some on my blog and and reworked them and people seem to always prefer the over sat one. I need to start doing that, give images time, and then work on them again. I miss things and then later on see them.

      • I was told something similar years ago, by a company driver when I was designing holiday stuff for the downtown Chicago hotels…I thought it was great! It also makes me stop, when I get too impatient, and laugh at myself, for all I have to do is find the right corner!!!

  18. The rework is indeed better Leanne, nice! Sorry to hear you are dealing with rude comments. Some folks never learn manners or respect.

    • Thank you John. I don’t get it either, I see it all the time now, but manners seem to be a thing we are losing in our society. The “me” generation are so rude, they think that anything they say can be forgiven by saying “I’m just being honest” with their rude statement. As if, it still hurts, it just makes them feel better.

  19. your photos are always breathtaking. I can’t imagine being in front of the cathedral doors, but your photograph seems to place me right in front of them.

  20. I seem to have commented on your blog more in the last couple of days than ever before, though I have subscribed for a while. I hope…and think…that you have not taken my comments as negative. I would never tell someone HOW to shoot, but I might…and rarely, at that…offer insight that I might have gained from my years of experience…. NOT to change the way someone sees, but to possibly introduce shortcuts….hoping them to be helpful, or if not…to be discarded. You’ll notice that I said “years of experience”, NOT “expertise”…I don’t claim expertise! I learn daily, from you and from many other sources, photographic, philosophic, etc.

    I find that the people who give negative feedback either don’t understand what is being shown, or are sometimes jealous that it is not their own work, so therefore feel some ego related need to bring others down to their level. (Or, possibly they have a miserable outlook on life in general) Either way, it just seems petty and I hope, even though I realize that our work is a personal thing….almost as if someone criticizes our children…that we who place ourselves in a position to have to hear this crap, can realize that it is probably NOT personal to us and not OUR problem but a personality problem deep within the ‘critic’. (I am particularly offended by those who download someone else’s photo and ‘fix’ it and then upload it back onto their blog or forum!)

    Art is enough of an inner AND outer struggle for us to have to be slapped around by people whose opinions would probably be laughed off were they made to our faces and we knew the people who were making them.

    Someone once said to me, about a photo that was perfectly what I had wanted it to be…”If I were you, I would have….” I stopped them and said, “If you were ME…you would have done it exactly the way I did it. But, you are NOT me, are you?” I know, a bit of a smart-aleck, aren’t I?

    • Believe me, if I haven’t lost my temper with you, or deleted your comments then I find what you say good or fine. I don’t remember thinking anything other than delight that you have commented. I feel that way about most people who do. I feel the same way as you, there is a way of making a suggestion that doesn’t tell the person how they should do it, but gives them an idea for next time. I feel the same way, I am constantly learning and look forward to it. This new work is a constant learning experience.
      That is true what you say about people who give that kind of feedback, I just don’t understand how they can ever think it is okay. So weird. The work is very personal, and it does hurt when someone does that. I do try and remember that the problem is with the person, and not the work.
      Art is a struggle, always a struggle to try and stand out from everything else that is happening around us.
      I can’t believe what you said, do people really do that, download and then redo the image. I have done it, but only with permission, and I don’t post it on my blog, that has come out wrong, I have done it when someone has posted an image that they have tried to work on and didn’t know what to do with it, so I have made suggestions, asked if they wanted me to try it and then done that, and sent it back to them. I have never done it to be anything other than a learning experience for the person. It is not something I do very often and I only do it to people that I have come to know through the blogging world. To do it on someones image without their permission is breach of copyright and can be serious. I have had it done to me, a couple of times, and I simply tell the person, that I liked it the way I did it.
      I love your response, I must remember that. Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts on this.

  21. In Czech Republic, it is very common for sights to forbid picture taking unless you purchased a “photo permit” on top of your admittance ticket… Officially a way of letting non-photographers pay less for their tour…

    • Oh I don’t like that, I think if you are going to charge even more for people to take photos then they should be given access to areas with no people, that sort of thing. It seems to be something that is happening more and more, making money out of people with cameras, but we don’t need to pay it, I won’t pay to photograph this place, I have photos, and there are so many other churches and cathedrals in Melbourne that it doesn’t matter. It is the first time I have noticed that you have to pay to take photos in the city though. Thanks

  22. I like both images… The second one probably looks more like the door does in real life, it seems more “of this world,” while the first seems very fantasy, very magical. Almost as if it would take you to another world if you walked through it. (Maybe it should be on the cover of a book… “The Door To Forever” or something like that. :D )

    And, for me at least, not commenting doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, but usually that I just don’t know what to say, or that I don’t have anything that hasn’t already been said.

    • Someone thought the first image looked like there was hell in there, the red light, maybe. Haha, interesting idea. :)
      I know some people, like you don’t always comment, but I can tell when an image isn’t popular or a post by how many comments or likes it gets, that is taking into account that posts early in the week have more stats than posts at the end of the week. There is a pattern, I have noticed it over the almost 3 years I’ve been with WordPress. Thank you.

      • I think I like my idea better… Much more pleasant. ;)
        Yeah, that makes sense. That is interesting. Perhaps because people are more tired as the week progresses?

      • Yes, perhaps yours is nicer. ;)
        It is really interesting watching it all happen. There also seems to be a 3 week cycle, every third week is worse than the previous two. Very strange.

  23. I like both versions. They offer different interpretations. They’re instructive also as it show how skills progress.

    I like your work. So, there … you needn’t listen to, or read any more criticisms. :)

    • It is interesting reading what people say about both images, some interesting interpretations. I am really happy with how my skills are progressing.
      LOL, that is brilliant David, I will remember that the next time I get someone doing it. :) There seems to be a bit of influx of them since I started doing the portraits. Not sure why.
      Thanks David.

  24. I have to say I like both photos, each for a different reason…I like the mysterious, magical, darkness of the first & the way the stained glass door appears to glow, In the second the Cathedral Doors look as though I would imagine them to appear if I was standing in front of them, which is also appealing to me as well! Leanne…please don’t take the negative things people say to heart…some have a habit of speaking/writing before they think. Some people have a negative outlook, and should be keeping their opinions to themselves!!! There is a very knowledgeable photographer who visits my blog and will often give me constructive criticism…NEVER saying anything negative about my photos, but pointing out things to watch for or suggesting things to try…this is as it should be…I’m always thankful when he does this for me, as I know it takes time for him to do this! You don’t require constructive criticism…!!! Nor do you require negative comments…

    • I like what you have said about the doors Heather, that is a really good description of both.
      Thanks Heather, I don’t think anyone needs that kind of thing. I get it from time to time from different people, but lately I seem to be getting a lot of it. I think 3 people in the last couple of weeks. Seems to have been coming thick and fast since I started doing the portrait work. That is wonderful of that photographer to do that, I don’t do that, because I am uncomfortable doing it. I don’t think of myself as an expert, and feel like I am being a know it all to do it. That is me.

  25. Leanne … unfortunately it’s too easy for some to put ones tuppence or even sixpence worth in when it isn’t called for. I’ll never understand why people need to be so mean and negative on other folks blogs . Really – what are we all about if we can’t just appreciate what someone else cares to share of their work as well realising how much effort they have put in to their numerous other posts to help explain procedures and do tutorials for those of us who wouldn’t have clue where to begin with processing or editing… or finding out about kit … or being introduced to Artists we’ve not come across .. Great big GRRR
    I’m away and am looking forward to catching up with your posts on return …. just had to put in my sixpence worth Lol …
    I love the fact you can re visit something and show us what you like to do with it now . With the experience you have had over the year working in different ways . Nothing is set in stone or static .. you show that . It’s all about learning for yourself .

    • I know exactly what you mean, I can understand that not everyone likes what I do, but you don’t tear it apart saying everything little thing, that is their opinion and they are forcing that on you.
      Thank you for taking the time while away to put in your sixpence worth, I really appreciate that. I really like what you have said.
      It is pretty amazing that we can go back, I love being able to do that. I have learned some much in the last year and I really love where my work is going now. Great times ahead I think, onwards and upwards, I hope. Thanks again.

  26. johnholding says

    VEry nice rework Leanne, Re St Paul’s, yes I saw that sign to and kept on walking. Fancy a Church trying to make a profit from something as ethereal as a digital photograph.

    • Thank you John, I was a bit taken aback when I saw that, I should go in and see how long the permit lasts. Probably just the day. I think it sucks, personally. Yes, I like what you said last as well.

  27. The re-work is brilliant. I have learned so much from you! I see and understand what you did, thanks to how much I’ve learned from you.

    I love the website, the way it puts up different images. I understand not posting every day. It is a lot of work.

    As for the negative comments. I learned something that surprised me but I’m really, really glad I learned about. I will share it with you so that perhaps it will help you. My publisher had an educational chat for their authors this week about Goodreads, which is a social media site for readers and authors. It is an important place for authors to be, but you have to understand that something called “trolls” exist. These are people who delight in trashing people’s books, usually without even having read them. They said you have to understand that’s what it is and ignore them and only respond to positive and constructive feedback.

    So what you are seeing, perhaps, is that because you are pretty big (your blog following, I mean!) you are getting some trolls.

    I have decided that I can take it and that I will be on Goodreads. Of course, I also blog and not every comment seems to get moderated (have to check my settings), and I don’t want destructive comments lingering on my blog if they happen. But on a site where I can’t delete a mean comment, I decided that now that I know that’s all trolls are, I am going to ignore them and not take it personally. We’ll see how I do in real life when it actually happens to me. But I do think I can think of it as a fart in public and just plug my nose and move on to more pleasant aromas. LOL

    I support you where ever you go. You are an amazing artist. And I will chip in for your camera.

    Oh, and as for art school, I bet that was brutal. I will say that as a writer who has had a lot of criticism during my long learning process, I have been lucky that people were always nice about it. It has been hard only because it’s been a difficult craft to learn. But at least people were mostly not mean. One time a teacher at a writer’s conference was mean and I was going to quit, but my husband told me to try going to another teacher’s class, an author who had reviewed my submitted work and been encouraging. She picked me up, dusted me off, and has been a friend and mentor ever since. So there are angels as well as trolls.



    • Thanks Nia, that is great to hear. It does make me feel good when people say they learn from me.
      That is great to hear, I like all the images on the website, I may have to put up more. Yes not posting, each day I think will it be today that I don’t post, then I post something, though I am seriously considering not doing anything tomorrow and just going with the flow.
      Yes Trolls, I am sure some of them are that, and I think some are ones that want to bring me down. I don’t know, but you are right, I shouldn’t respond, and will make sure I don’t anymore, just press trash.
      Haha, thanks for the offer to chip in, I like the idea of asking people for about $150 each and then giving them a signed print that I sell for over $200. That might be asking too much, still thinking about it.
      It was brutal, but in the end that is why you go to art school. They weren’t mean at art school, but they didn’t fluff around. I was devastated in first year when I was told my drawing skills were crap so I picked myself up and decided to learn how to draw, and I did.
      Hugs back babe, thank you so much. Will respond to your email soon.

  28. I think both of these images are stunning, and I love how you’ve gotten a completely different look and feeling from the same scene / image with the adjustments you’ve made. The moment I saw each of these, they took my breath away. I had a hard time tearing my attention away from them long enough to comment.

    I’m sorry to read that you’ve had to deal with nasty comments. I know how much that must hurt, and I can understand how it would be very personal. I’m thrilled to have found your blog and your work here on WordPress. I don’t always post, because I feel shy about commenting most of the time, but it’s a wonderful treat for me each time I find something new posted by you. Your images never fail to captivate my imagination, and each one is like a special gift.

    • What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much.
      It can be very personal, I need to get tougher and just press delete. thank you for saying that, it is always lovely to hear that people enjoy my blog, I am trying some new things, so I hope you like all the new images. :)

  29. The website looks great. I loved the comment in ABOUT where you said your photos are fairy tales. Coz that’s exactly what I thought about the slideshow on the homepage. Well done :)

  30. The doors are beautiful — I tend to like big, showy things like that! You’ve never had a photograph that was even remotely bad. When asked what we think between two I will sometimes like one over the other, but really, your work is always very good. It is hard to understand why some people will be so mean. I like your work and appreciate your willingness to pass your knowledge on to others.

    • Those doors are huge, even a giant would be able to fit through. Oh, you are being too kind, I have photos that are bad, I just put them up on my blog, haha. That is wonderful to hear Becky thank you so much.

    • Thank you Andrew, I will do that, press delete, that is what I have to keep telling myself. :)

  31. I love the second photo Leanne. I can’t believe people waste their time and energy being so rude as to leave unpleasant comments. I think you should just delete them. There are plenty of others who love what you are doing.

    • Thank you Carol, I am thinking that is what I will do from now on, just press delete.
      Glad you like the photo too.

  32. Two likes if I could, for your comment on “likes and dislikes”. Totally agree.

  33. I went and looked at your website. I really like it. I did expect to see one thing. I keep thinking I must have missed it somehow, it must be there. I saw your degree information and I also know you have taught and done other projects but I didn’t see any mention of that. I guess I would love to see you “bang your own drum” a bit more, if you will. Your’e really good, you know it, we, your regular readers, know it. Your prospective clients need to know too.

    • Thanks for taking a look at it Robert, I do have it on the about page. At the moment the about page takes you to another blog, but I will put that information right there on the blog eventually. I have been thinking about adding my artist’s CV as well, which is what artists do. So you think I should let people know that I have a Fine Arts Degree? I also got it from a place in Australia that has a very good reputation. Take a look at the about page on the website and let me know what you think.

      • I hope this doesn’t show up twice, I lost my first response, somewhere. Yes, I think the more you can reassure potential clients the better, and putting your CV out there is positive.

      • I might try doing it the same as I have with the about page then, for the time being, until I can work out how to do the website pages. I like the idea that people are having an artist photographing them, that I am different to the other photographers. When you come to me, you are looking for artwork for your walls, not the usual portrait that a lot of photographers will give you.
        It hasn’t shown up twice, and if it had, I usually delete the second one. So no worried there.

  34. One of Art Wolf’s accomplishments that he states fairly often is that he is an artist and offers a different perspective than the usual photographer. He certainly has done well in nature photography. We see your talent and skill, why not let others know?

  35. People wrongly think that if it is on the internet then it is fair game for critique. I don’t see it that way. If we post an image (or any other artwork) on your respective blog you are displaying your art to the world for them to enjoy. If they don’t like it they don’t have to stick around and look at it, simply close the window and go about your business.

    Critiques can be good when they are wanted. Unsolicited critiques can be detrimental to the creative process. I recently had someone point out a flaw with one of my images. They thought it was a good photograph, but found one of the elements in the image distracting. I respect that persons opinion and upon reflection I could see what they were talking about. It doesn’t mean I’m going to change the image. I like it the way it is and so do many other people, but I will remember the advise and perhaps that will make a future image better.

    I like your idea Leanne, about merely liking a post if you have nothing good to say about it. But I also understand that time plays a factor in that as well. I struggle to find enough time to put posts together and publish them, let alone view other blogs and posts and find time to comment. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything we want to. Unless someone stipulates that they want their work critiqued I will keep my mouth shut. For the most part you can get inspiration and learn from just about any photo. So why not file that away for yourself and let the person who created it continue to create.

    If I ever do want to hear a critique about my work I will ask for it. In fact I will select exactly who I want to hear it from and ask them for their honest opinion. Till that time, what I post is for display, not for open slaver critique.

    I’ll step down from my soap box now. I am sorry for the rant and I am sorry that you have been on the end of unsolicited critiques. Stay true to your vision and your art and forget the rest.

    • I have to say I agree with everything you have said Colin. The other thing is who are the people critiquing your work and what credentials do they have for doing that. So many people think they can just do it, and who are they. I don’t critique unless I am invited to and even then I am always wary of the fact that it is someones work and they don’t want anyone being too critical.

      I get told all the time what people do and don’t like, and I can respect that, it does happen, but it is the people who want to tell me how to take an image that I don’t like. They seem to really want to bring me down and point out my limitations. They are the ones I don’t like.

      Yes, time, is becoming so short, especially as I start doing more and more of these images, I just find I don’t have enough of it. I find it hard to keep up with blogs, though I do use the reader as well, that helps a lot. Though, I can tell when an image isn’t popular, after almost 3 years on WordPress I have noticed patterns. So I can tell.

      I do get critiques of my work, but it is from people I respect that I have known for a long time and people who I know will evaluate the work and judge it fairly. I really respect their opinions, and we should all have someone or a group of people like that around us. They don’t like everything, but when they do dislike something, they can tell me why. They are usually friends from art school, so they are great.

      I should step down from mine as well now. Thank you Colin. I suspect the more of those sorts of things you get, could possibly mean you are on to something and they don’t like it. Maybe.
      I will always stay true to it, thank you so much.

  36. Great images, and I really like your reworked version!
    I agree with you on the comments, some people don’t seem to understand that a persons creative work is a part of that person, not just an image…

    • Thank you, that is great to hear.
      That is so true, the work is personal, and to attack the work is like being attacked personally.

  37. Really incredible Leanne :) Sorry for being so far behind on your posts, I have over 300 blogs to go through and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! HAHA! That’s what I get for taking a week off :P I can’t wait to see more of your posts!

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