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Last weekend I showed you some images of the National Gallery of Victoria and the Fed Square.  On the same rainy horrible day we also went to the State Library.

leannecole-sccity-2570I worked at the state library many years ago.  I worked here when the Museum was still in the same complex and none of the renovations had happened.  I haven’t really been there since all the work was done, but since the weather wasn’t good we decided to go in and take a look.

It is a lot lighter than it used to be.  the glass never used to be in the ceiling, but they decided to put it in as the original designs had glass in it.  I am told it is based on the domed reading room of a library in London.

leannecole-sccity-2604A marble staircase that linked the front part of the library to the part that has the domed reading room.  The marble stairs had worn steps, you could see where people had been walking on them for a long time.

The Library has had many additions since it was first built, when it housed the National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Victoria.  I am sure there are many sites that can give you the history of it.

I was very happy to find out that photography is allowed, though no flash, which of course makes perfect sense.

leannecole-sccity-2565When I worked there this was the reference room.  All the catalogues were in here and that post in the middle is holding up the floor in the domed reading room.

I also have some photos of Melbourne Central.  Photos of things I have taken before, but decided while there, why not do some more.  I also had fun with angles.  Here are more photos from the library and Melbourne Central.

My mess was sorted out, I took photos this morning of the couple I was meant to, and this time I got the right day.  That always helps.  Two people I had lined up to take photos have had to postpone, but that is okay and it worked out well.  Another photo shoot tomorrow, I am excited about that one.  We are going to have a lot of fun, and I get to go to Trentham to take them, even better.

I also want to remind you to keep checking the Facebook and Google+ pages as I am posting photos from the shoots onto those rather than here, well I will put them here, but not as quickly.

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