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Weekend Wanderings – Castlemaine Art Gallery

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went to Castlemaine yesterday.  I had hoped to be able to take lots of photos for you of Castlemaine, but it was raining all day, well, pretty much.  We have had some very wet days, very nice to get, but not great when you want to take photos.  I had thought I would get nothing, but I was told that I could take photos in the gallery, with no flash, and I could also take some photos of the opening, and exhibition.  Now, you all know what that I am a huge fan of Rick Amor, so I thought todays post could be about Castlemaine Art Gallery.

Leanne Cole - Castlemaine Art Gallery 1For a relative small country town it has a beautiful gallery.  I believe the building was built to be for the gallery specifically.  It has a lovely light airy feel.  When you wonder around you see some artworks by some very influential Australian Artist, it is very impressive.  There are a few rooms of art.

I was very surprised to find that it only costs $4 to enter, that is so cheap.  It is run independently and really needs the support of the wider community, so people should go and maybe donate a little more.  Of course, those that can, now have a reason to go and see my favourite Australian Artist.

Leanne Cole - Castlemaine Art Gallery 2The opening was very well attended and the room in which the exhibition was being held was crowded and people were overflowing out the entrances.  Above were the speeches, Alex Miller, an Australian writer, opened the exhibition.  I believe him and Rick Amor are longstanding friends.

leannecole-sccag-2715Here is an image of Alex Miller, on the left, with Rick Amor, they were posing for the official photographer and I pushed my way in.

I had the wrong lens on for taking these photos.  I was using my wide angle, as I didn’t think I would be allowed to take photos, so I had to do what I could.

I am going to put the images together in a gallery now, some are from the opening, some from exhibition and some more of the Castlemaine Art Gallery.

I hope if you can make it to Castlemaine you will go and see Rick’s amazing work.  I love seeing it.  Though I might have to go back another time, I didn’t really get to see much of it, too many people, but I would like time to study the work and take it in.  Maybe go up on a day when the weather is nice and I can take some photos of the town as well.

I am off to Whittlesea today, so this post has been written earlier and scheduled.  I have to photograph a cycling event, bit worried about the weather, but we will see what happens.


  1. I’m trying to think of some Four X remark, but I can’t because my flu’s got its second wind. XXXX it.

  2. Thanks for this post Leanne – I didn’t know Castlemaine had such a beautiful gallery. I’m up and down to Bendigo quite often so must make time to go.

    • I should have found out first, before I went, then I would have had the right lens, thank you.

  3. That’s a gorgeous gallery! I’m glad you snapped that photo of Alex Miller and Rick Amor as I enjoyed seeing that and their friendship.

    • Isn’t it Nia, I love it, it is so light spacious. That was a lucky shot to get, I almost asked if they would stand together, but then something happened, as I was walking past their they were, so click.

  4. What a beautiful art gallery, very likeness the art museum in Edinburgh and I love visiting it, just because of the light from the glass ceiling. You have really caught the grandness in the art gallery – beautiful art too.

    • Thank you Viveka, it is such a gorgeous gallery. It seems not many know about it. I love it, it isn’t big but it has a great collection.

  5. It is a surprise that an art gallery would permit photos, especially considering this was an event opening. But, you never know without asking.

    • I wasn’t surprised I could take photos of the gallery, most public galleries in Melbourne allow it, but I was surprised that I could take them of the opening. I am glad I was able to. It always pays to ask, which is what I do.

  6. Grinning from ear-to-ear, imagining Sweet Leanne PUSHING her way through to get that shot – Love IT! :D
    The building is fabulous – a wonderful Art Space. You captured it well, even without the “right” lenses.
    Hope today’s event went well…

    • Haha, I think the Director of the gallery was a little surprised when I asked him, but that is okay, you gotta do what you gotta do for your idol.
      Thanks Marie, I’ve been there before, and I love it, it is a really nice space.
      Today’s event, well yesterday for me now, was good, I think it went well, time will tell, I haven’t looked at the photos yet. It didn’t rain for too long, so that good.

  7. I was born and bred in Castlemaine, so i know the gallery well and have a lot of favourites to ‘visit’ when I go there. I’m going to visit my parents next weekend, so I hope I can find some time to slip in and see the Rick Amor show. You should definitely visit C’maine again in pleasant weather – it’s a photogenic old town, if I may say so!

    • I have been there quite a few time, but never just to take photos, so I would like to do that I think. I love the little cottages everywhere. Let me know if you see the show.

    • Thank you, I have wondered where in Victoria you were. It is a great place, I love all the old buildings. I know I will be going back.

  8. I do not often get a chance to comment on blogs as we live off the electricity grid and a small solar system severely limits computer time, but I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs and advice for beginners like me. Additionally in this post you are documenting the town in which I spent my childhood in the 1950’s and many other posts also bring back memories of my misspent youth in Victoria. Thank you.

    • Wow, what an amazing way to live, and thank you so much for using up some of that valuable time to leave a comment. I feel honoured. I try to help where I can, it is a great thing to do. I do love Castlemaine, it is a gorgeous place, full of those tiny little houses from the gold rush, workers cottages. Hard to believe people still live in them. I am hoping to get up there again, but maybe when the weather is better and I can get out and take photos. I am glad you enjoy me showing Victoria, best state if you ask me.

  9. I’m amazed they let you take pictures there… but they are all quite lovely. I’ll be back to study them closer later! :D

  10. Yet another fantastic Australian artist I’ve never heard of, Leanne! His works, which you’ve presented very well, are quite beyond excellent–I can see how you’d be easily influenced to pursue his subject matter via the camera!

    Still playing ‘catch ’em up’ here, but I’m almost through all these posts! Castlemaine sounds as if it’s somewhat intriguing…hope you do get the chance to return and ‘shoot the town’!

  11. gtonthenet says

    Right lens or wrong lens – your interior shots are always top quality. The sort of thing I’d love to be able to do.

    • What a lovely thing to say, thank you. They aren’t really hard, it is really just learning where to stand and how to process them. I used a very wide lens, so the interior shots are perfect with that lens, but photographing the artwork and other stuff, not so good.

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