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ReWorking Briony

Leanne Cole - Briony originalI took this phtoograph of Briony last year.  It is one of my favourite shots of her, but I was never really happy with the way I processed it, I thought it looked too dark.  As I have been doing quite a few workshops on CreativeLIVE and learning lots of new things, I thought I would have another go at doing this image.

Leanne Cole - Briony ReworkedI straightened the image, made her hair lighter, which it is naturally, and tried to make sure the face was lighter, or almost the same colour as her hands.  I found in the original that her face too dark, but when I tried to lighten it, I lost the hands, I’ve now worked out how to do one at a time, so happy with that.

I think she would be happier with this because her skin is smoother, and I managed to make the bridge of her nose look normal.  She had an accident on her bike a few years ago, landed on her face, lucky she was wearing a helmet, and only sustained grazes, but her nose is scarred.

Leanne Cole - Briony ColourI never showed this one before, I mean the colour version, but I do like it.  She has beautiful coloured hair and that milky complexion.  Someone told me when she was a baby that she looked like the perfect Scottish baby.

Teenage girls hate having their photo taken, that is what I have found, and the thing they don’t like is their skin, or bags under their eyes, so if you can remove the bags and make their skin look smooth they are very happy. I know Briony still won’t be happy, but I know her mum is extremely happy with this shot.

While I had the images open, I found another image that I thought I might play with.

Leanne Cole - Briony AgainThis is a softer look, yet harder look, I don’t know how to describe it.  She looks more innocent in this one I think.  It wasn’t as sharp as the one above and she is holding her mouth in a funny way, but I wanted to process it and see what I could do with it.

I don’t mind it, but I like other one more.

Leanne Cole - Briony Again in B&W I don’t like the black and white version, not sure what to do with it, but will have a think, thought I may as well show it you though.

I actually quite like taking close ups like this.  There is something about a face, especially when you can get raw emotions from them.  It is funny how I really have to work on getting close ups with all other photography, but with portrait, I keep telling myself off for always doing close ups.  Strange.

Busy weekend ahead, will have to try and schedule posts, or you might miss out on one.  I am basically away the next two days, so hopefully will find some time to do something.  Well, at least show a couple of photos.


    • Thank you Sheila.
      They are fantastic, some I can’t watch, the presenters can drive me nuts, but I have learned so much.

  1. Interesting set with good end results. Haven’t tried Creative Live. Maybe someday.

    • Thank you Bob, I was happy with them.
      Creative Live is good, but you have to pick and choose what you want to watch.

  2. She and the image is stunning. I love your rework and agree with all you have done. She should not hate her photographs because she is a beauty. I really love the second color shot because it really shows off her red hair and green eyes! But I too like the first image better and in b&w

  3. Great shots! I liked the color shot of her after you “fixed” it on the first pose.

  4. Awww, she is beautiful mom! I have never seen your photo. :)

    • Haha, no one has seen me in a photo, I’m thinking about doing one, but still thinking about it. Thanks John.

  5. I love the colored ones better although black and white always seemed to have a more dramatic feel to it, don’t you think? :) Nice work!

  6. 1annecasey says

    Wow – what a difference you’ve made! My favourites are the second and fourth images. Vibrant, beautiful, serene.

  7. I really love the new processing, makes the image a lot softer and brings out her eyes more. Just gorgeous.

    • Thank you, I agree with everything you have said, I wanted to make it softer. I don’t know if she has seen it yet.

  8. Great close ups, I think a lot of it is to do with personal tastes at this level. I personally prefer the top shot, it just seems so real and unadulterated (but then what do I know?). It is beautiful. MM

    • Haha, I like the others, there were too many things I didn’t like in the first shot, which is why I wanted to redo it, I didn’t like how dark her face was and it seemed to severe, I think the rework has made it softer, I like that. But each to his own.

  9. I loved too dear Leanne, you did great. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, you have a great weekend too, the weather is wet and horrible here, so I hope it is better where you are.

  10. Beautiful images – love the first one where you lightened her hair – I think I like the second one in color best – not sure why. Lovely shots

    • Thank you Nora, the second colour shot shows off the colour of her hair more, that is probably why. That is what someone else said as well. :)

  11. Beautiful work. I love the color version of he first pose.

  12. beautiful photos of a beautiful daughter…she is too young to be pleased with her photos but when she gets older and looks back she will think wow…Mom did great! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you Pat, I really hope she does, I try very hard and they are always so critical. No matter how many times you tell her she is beautiful, she doesn’t believe it.

    • Thank you, that is great to hear, she was certainly showing emotion when I was taking it, but I don’t think it was what she was showing, haha.

  13. No matter the effect – you can never go wrong with a beautiful face like that!

  14. Excellent re-work. Teenage girls love the look of flawless skin.

    • Yes, perfection, though I suppose we are all like that, it is just that we accept. Though, I know they think what is happening to their skin is momentary, so it is nice to give them nice skin. Thanks David

  15. A lovely, Determined face if ever I saw one…you captured her well, Mum! :)
    (Why it that teenage girls will shoot endless photos of themselves in the mirror, but balk at sitting for someone else?)

    • Thank you Marie, she was in a mood that day, actually she always is when I want to take photos.
      I know exactly what you mean, she shoots them all the time, makes herself look silly and stupid, but I am not allowed to get nice ones of her. So frustrating.

  16. Lovely images – First shots are a very engaging pose – might try some like this – thanks for sharing.

  17. As much as I love your other photographs with the cool effects, I must say you are really doing well with these portraits! :D

  18. It’s quite remarkable in a subtle way – if that makes any sense – the difference between the first and second B&W photos Leanne . That’s the skill .
    The colour version is just so lovely and a keeper for the archives for sure :-)
    A beautiful young lady indeed .

    • Thank you Poppytump, it was the skin on her face that I tried to work on the most. I have to agree about the colour ones, I love those.
      She is a beautiful lady, I just wish she would believe it.

  19. Thanks again for taking me through your gifted, careful reworking of an image.

    • You are welcome, it is a good thing for me to do as well, then I have a record of what I did.

    • I think it is important to do that. I love learning, and I know there is so much I don’t know. Thank you.

  20. These reworkings are beautiful, Leanne. I especially like the colour version – you’ve breathed new life into a classic pose.

    • It is a classic pose, but I love that one. Thank you Richard. I love the colour versions too.

  21. Don’t worry about her not believing she is beautiful, it is a result of having red hair…. We grow out of it eventually!

    It’s really difficult to have red hair as a child, people pick on you, and the colour drains colour from our faces… We also tend to get freckles so feel very ugly at times. I describe myself as a teenager as a gawky stick insect with orange hair, blue skin with brown blotches….

    Now I am a tall slim elegant beauty with beautiful flowing auburn locks :)

    It takes time, I was in my 20’s before I realised how beautiful my hair is, your photos are wonderful, in time she will be very very proud to be the girl in those photos xxx

    • Thank you Barbara for this. She has been through a lot in the last few years, much more than most her age, and I do understand why she hates what she looks like, but I think, as you said she will get through it and one day, I hope, she will look at these photos and be very happy that I did take them.
      The younger one used to dye her hair, but has now decided that she loves it, I think she likes that she has a hair colour that is quite unique.
      They are lucky that they didn’t really get the freckles, it is just the hair.

  22. Leanne, Your daughter is beautiful and your pictures are great! Blessings, Diane

  23. These are wonderful re-works, Leanne! You brought out so much more detail, which also affects B’s expression a bit–such a beauty she is…and please tell her I’d give almost anything to have had her hair and its gorgeous color…instead of the baby blond which turned to ‘dishwater’ and became gray so early that now it’s almost all-white!

    Try working that B/W a bit more…ultimately, I think you’ll be very pleased!

    • I will tell her, I agree, her hair is gorgeous. I am told that one day she will love it. I am happy with the reworks, I think they are much better, I like the lighting a lot more.
      I think the mistake I made with the second B&W was converting after I had done the colour one, I should have done back to the start, converted it, then worked on it. It is all in the learning curve.
      Thanks 1000

      • Ah, that old ‘learning curve’! I was working on a ‘looking up’ shot early this morning…an hour wasted, I dumped it! Perhaps I’ll go back and do the same…start from the beginning, then take a different tack!

        Briony must know she’s a beauty (deep down), but perhaps she’s a bit fearful of becoming too egotistical about it? The one thing which amazes me is the truth and honesty in her eyes, Leanne…so wonderful to see in a younger, good human being (these days!).

      • How annoying, but sometimes necessary to find a new way of doing things. It is interesting the processes and how we learn.

        My beautiful girl has been through so much in the last few years and I think she is confused about a lot of things, and with time, I know she will get better and she will start to see how beautiful she is. It is just going to take a long time and a lot of counselling.

      • I’m certain she’ll grow in her self-esteem…she is so very REAL, as is your other daughter (sorry, forgot her name!). Obviously, they have been brought up well, so that’s kudos to you and hubby!

      • I think with all the counselling she is getting her self confidence will grow and she will stop hating herself. I hope we have done a good job with them, it has been interesting. My other daughter is Klara, hopefully some photos of her soon.

      • Sorry I had forgotten Klara’s name, and didn’t take time to go back and check, Leanne! Two beauties with very unique names and personalities!

        BTW, my younger son was very much the same as Briony when he was that age, then went to university and gained so much confidence I feared for his ego…but he kept things very ‘real’ and had a heart so loving…and he was quite imposing–tall, muscular, very light ashy blonde–the girls loved him! I wonder what he would be like now, if he hadn’t been killed in the accident in late 1996? Probably the same, just older….

      • I don’t expect you to remember the names of my children. I never realised that the person you had lost was your son, I knew it was someone close, but hadn’t realised how close. I didn’t even know you had children. He sounded very handsome. You sound like a proud mum. Was he your only child.

      • No, Leanne, just the younger, but I’ve also lost his older brother who was a US Navy officer, also a very handsome, intelligent young man. When they were together, they exuded power, but not ego…and both had wonderful hearts and souls.

        Though it’s been many years, I still miss them both–tremendously!

      • I can’t even begin to understand or comprehend how that would feel. They sound like like they were wonderful boys.
        I am sure you still miss and I am sure you always will.

      • They were both extremely intelligent, Leanne…my younger was a Mechanical Design Engineer, redesigning pollution control systems in China and Poland, which is where his fatal accident occurred. My older was a naval officer who flew helicopters…he lived in Britain for several years and, of course, had traveled the world.

        Their spirits sometimes seem to be still about, guiding me and encouraging me…to keep going at it!

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