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I know this isn’t strictly something you expect for these weekends, but doing a photography class is something you can do everywhere on the weekends.  Yesterday I taught a class at Living & Learning Nillumbik in Eltham.  I have started teaching quite a few classes there, and if you would like to take a class that is taught by me, then check out the link.

Yesterday’s class was on portraiture.  We had the gorgeous Emelia come and be our model.  She was great and allowed us to boss her around and tell her where to stand and what to do, as you do.  I was not able to take images of her as I would have if she were modelling for me, but I managed to get some shots as well, so I thought I would show some today.

Emelia 1We tried many different things, and she was so patient,  The only time her smile left her face was when we asked her not to smile.  Look at those eyes, I did a little bit of stuff to them to make them stand out.

Emelia 2I was trying to show the class how to edit a photo quickly and what do you think happened?  My comment crashed.  Of course.  So if any of them look at this they can see how the image would have turned out.

Editing seems to be something more and more people are asking about and could be something that I might have to start incorporating into the end of my classes.  Though it will only work if my computer doesn’t crash.

Emelia 4

I think this was my favourite shot.  Though I realised after I finished it, there was something I forgot, so I added a texture.

Emelia 4-1I liked the image before, but I love this one even more.  I really like what I have done to these images.

Here is a gallery with all the images I did.

I was unsure about teaching a few months ago, but I am really starting to enjoy it.  I get so much support from the people at Living & Learning Nillumbik.  My next class in next month on the 25th of June, sports and event photography, should be fun too.  I need to plan my classes for next semester now.  We are also thinking about running some short courses, maybe some full day workshops, the ideas are endless.

So if you love photography, think about a course you can do, great way to meet like minded people.

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