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ReWorking Forgotten, Again

This is the third time I have reworked this image, will it be the last, who knows.  The last two times I have worked on it I haven’t been happy, and this time I’m happier with it.  I knew when I reworked it the last time that I wouldn’t be done with it, so today was the time to do.

So, first of all let’s have a look at past attempts.

Leanne Cole - Fogotten OriginalThis one is too saturated, the colours are very nice and warm, but too much.  Also, the blurring is way over done.  I think this one was done around the time I first started doing processing like this.

Leanne Cole - Forgotten ReworkedThis one was a lot better, but there’s something about it that I didn’t like.  It’s still a little oversaturated.  Though it is getting better, but there is something about it, I don’t know a glossiness or something, that just doesn’t seem right.

Leanne Cole - Forgotten Reworked AgainSo here is the third attempt at it.  After I saw the second one, I thought maybe the second one was the best one, but I like this a lot more,  It has a much more antique feel about it.  I have desaturated it quite a bit, upped the yellows and a touch of red. I have done the blurring again, but I hope it is a lot more subtle this time.

I have been learning so many new things about Photoshop, it has been fantastic, and now when I look at an image, I think about different things I can do, it is amazing.

Speaking of Changes

I think it is time.  I have hinted and said to a few people that I want to start some new work.  If I don’t find a income stream soon, then I am going to have to get a normal job, and I don’t want that.  I love doing photography and I want to be able to keep doing it.  I do make money from it, but no where near enough.

So, I recently saw some work that has made me realise something, I do want to photograph people, but in a particular way, so I am going to try and do that.   I hate portraits of people sitting there looking pretty.  I know a lot of people do those, but recently I did some for someone and I didn’t know what to do with them.

This is going to mean changes, and what that means for this blog is to be decided.  I may stop blogging every day and just do it a few times a week. I don’t want to stop altogether, but it does take up an awful lot of time.  I had hoped that I could make it work, but it has slowly dawned on me that no it isn’t.

So what I am thinking?

I want to keep photographing some of the stuff I do, but I thought, I might start talking about the hassles of trying to start a business, what problems that happen, good things that happen.  Of course, not every post, but some.  We are just going to have to wait and see what happens.


  1. Bubbly Tee says

    We appreciate whatever you share with us. But, def you should do what yields the most reward for your livelihood.

    And I agree with you that the third image is the best of the three but my brain immediately wanted it to have just a wee bit more color. JMO. :)…and I have mostly neutrals in my house, btw.

    • Thank you, it is going to be an interesting journey.

      I thought about putting some colour back in and did a little, but I like the idea of it being faded, as colours do with time.

  2. I know just what you mean. I’m going through the same thing with my writing. It takes so much time to advertise and market the books that I hardly have time for writing anymore.

    • Marketing is something that I am crap at. Something I need to work on. We should start an encouraging thing.

      • The thing I am not very good at is money, asking for it, or if people don’t pay me. It is something that I really have to get better at.

  3. I like the 2nd and the 3rd, but can’t choose between them. No reason you can’t be versatile with your blog. I like psychic stuff and photography and a million other things and I wanted to try to keep my blog about psychic happenings but the rest of me just came out….and so be it. We want to hear about whatever you want to talk about. And I love your photography ALOT so keep it coming when you feel like you have time.

    • I have always made my blog about photography, and it will continue to be about that, but I think my focus is going to change a little, so it might become more about my struggles of a photographer, or showing the new stuff, I haven’t quite worked it out yet.
      That is great to hear that you love what I do, let’s hope you say the same after I start this new stuff.

  4. I actually like the 2nd one the most. Don’t why but after seeing it, the impression just stayed in my mind. I can just recall it anytime as if I were seeing it.

    Similar to you, I have been out for a “normal job” and doing something else to make a living. It was tough and so far I am still failing. It’d be nice to share thoughts!

    • I thought some might think that, but the grunge doesn’t appear to be there for me, the dust the grime, it is so polished, I don’t know how to explain it.

      It is going to be interesting. I am trying to find out heaps of marketing information, I have organised people to help me get my folio together, and have a few ideas, I just need to start. I am pretty excited about it though. It will be nice to share some thoughts.

  5. My wife and I were talking about this just this afternoon. We all have to do what is needed to pay the bills. It would be a bummer to see your site close, or slow down Leanne, you are easily one of my most favorite websites to visit! Be well. :)

    • I don’t think it will close John, but it might change a little. I am not exactly sure how or in what way, but changes will happen. It just can’t keep going the way it is. We will all have to wait and see how it goes.

      I am so far behind on blogs, but how did the move go.

  6. martin says

    agree, the third is the better one imo. i would even have tried done it b/w. there are several b/w filters in PS to play around with :)

    • I have see the b/w ones, but I like the hint of colour in it, like a hint of life or something. I even tried to put some colour back into it, I am really glad you liked this one. It is good when people agree with me.

  7. Sonel says

    Stunning images as usual Leanne and I must say that I do love the 2nd one more. I am a colour freak..hahahah… but the third one looks lovely as well but it’s not my favourite. :)

    Best wishes for you on your new journey hon and yes, I’d also prefer photography above any day job for sure. I also don’t like photographing “posed” people and love to see how my photo’s came out from those “unexpected moments”. Have fun and enjoy! :) *hugs*

    • It is always interesting to hear what people think, I just found the second too clean or something, I don’t really know what it was, but there was something that just wasn’t right.

      My images will be posed, but not in the normal sense, I hope. I have so many ideas, can’t wait to actually start shooting. I will do my best and thank you so much for the support, it really is appreciated.

  8. Leanne, you have to do what you have to do – and blogging a couple of times per week sounds healthy to me and we “your fans” will welcome your posts when ever the comes.
    I blogged every day too – but it’s too heavy on every day – so I have gone down to 3 days per week – and it means that I don’t read or replay under those days neither. Blogging took up to much of my time, it was eating up my days, then it’s something wrong. The middle photo is my favorite – I think it’s because of the blue shades in the lower part of the shot. Really like that one. It makes the photo so much intense. Have a great weekend now.

    • I really know what you mean, it really does get hard after a while. There are the photos to edit, then the posts to write, the replies, it is endless. I had hoped that the blog would make money, not really sure how, but that had been my dream, I know now it won’t so I need to move on. It is all a learning curve. I think I might be quite good at the portraits I want to do, at least every time I have asked someone and told them what I wanted, they have jumped at it and really excited. So that is a good start, even people who I thought wouldn’t be interested have said they want me. Mind you, these will all be freebies, they are close friends, and I need to work on that, but for me it sounds good.
      You aren’t alone in liking the second, there is something about it I am not sure about. Thanks Viveka, talk to you soon.

  9. I LOVE all three of them, i think they’d look awesome one beside another… Stuff of which dreams are woven, that’s your work… Thank you for sharing it!

    • That is a very interesting idea, I’m not sure, but you never know. What a lovely thing to say, thank you.

  10. Hello Leanne,
    Good luck with how you choose to go with the blog. You have such a great eye and aesthetic, that I’ll be delighted to keep looking out for any of your new posts – actually I have no idea how you’ve managed to put up daily posts and keep up with the communications, etc for so long. It’s sometimes a slog isn’t it?
    Yes, bills have to be paid, but make sure you still have time to enjoy, and smell the roses….. To be honest, I reckon even a weekly ration of your best efforts would be just as good to keep folk interested, and take the pressure off to avoid burn out.
    I love all of the above pics. Perhaps number 2 is my favourite.
    Best wishes, and thanks again for a great blog,

    • Thank you Julian, it is going to be interesting to see what happens. I am so glad that people will continue looking at my work, I hope it was be very similar to the work I already do, but it will be with people instead. I have to say I am really excited, and can’t wait. Yes, doing the daily posts can be very hard, and takes up a lot of time.
      I don’t know what will happen with the blog, but something will.
      It seems the second image is quite popular, oh well.
      Thank you to Julian, it has always been great because of the people who support me.

  11. I like the detail and amount of blurring on the 3rd attempt, but I do like the warm tones of the 1st, maybe just desaturated a bit. It’s easy to drive ourselves crazy on each picture, but fun too. And I like variations.

    • The first image is way over the top for me. I like the third, I am really happy with that. It can be easy to do that. very easy. Thank you.

  12. I think we can see where perhaps you are heading Leanne and I think it will be fantastic.
    People will follow this blog as long as you care to keep it and that does seem to be your aim . It would certainly be interesting to hear about your experiences / trials with setting up a business . I feel you are going to be an even busier lady I hope everyone will support you :-)
    Here’s to exciting successful times . We ‘ll be here come what may ;-)
    Love no 3 ….

    • Thank you Poppytump, I am really excited about what is coming. It is really getting my imagination going and when I talk to people they get excited too. Of course the real test is going to be whether or not people will pay me for it, but I am not too worried about that.
      I think it might be interesting to see what happens and where it goes, so I do hope people continue to follow me.
      I think I will be busy, well I hope so, but in the best possible way.
      Yes, here is to exciting times. Thank you.
      I am so glad you like No.3 it is my favourite as well.

  13. Hanno Phenn says

    Well done.The look great.I would leave them so as they are right now.

  14. mkriegh says

    Hi Leanne, I like second and third definitely. My personal edit would be somewhere between second and third, but that is me and my taste. In terms of your trying to find a way to derive sufficient income from your photographic endeavors, you might want to check out and follow Anne McKinnell if you have not already. She is working on making a living at it and has developed what looks like an interesting approach that is getting somewhere. I think part of it is her willingness to live with a lot less (left a good job, sold the house, bought an RV and is a nomadic photographer). But she has done some other things like write how too ebooks and made the first two available for free in exchange for joining email list etc. I think it worth tracking her story for ideas on your own. Here is a link to her website:

    As I am trying to figure out how to make photography at least pay for itself, I will continue to track your and her story with great interest through whatever twists and turns they take. Good luck!

    • Thanks for this, I have already checked out the blog, though not thoroughly and will do so tomorrow. It is an interesting idea, using the blog to show it.

  15. Number three. The other two are great photographs, but #3 is trying to tell a story. I keep scrolling back to look. There is something special about #3—mysterious event from another time …

  16. I understand very much to need to experiment with your works, each has something appealing, I too like the last one; I don’t know much about photoshop, I use it more like as a hobbie, but it is almost limitless in what you can do with it, I would like eventually to get a graphic tablet to ‘play more’.

    Would like to read more to about the business aspect, we struggle with the same problem…:)

    • If you can dream it, you can make it happen in Photoshop, apparently that is what Adobe say, so I have been spending a lot of time learning so I make the ideas in my head become a reality. So I keep playing and the more I play the more I learn. I am really surprised how far I have come. It is definitely a hard skill to learn, but little bit by little bit.
      Which is also part of the reason why this business idea has come about, I can how I can do things and ideas that I couldn’t before, because I can use photoshop so much better. I am really excited and if you want to join me in that struggle, though hopefully not to hard, then please do. Thanks.

      • Not sure if I can be of much help, i’m still to the point where I’ m telling myself, that I should do something with my painting, marketing is definitely not my strongest point…:D, I use also to do more photograpĥy years , many years ago, numeric age and photoshop are certainly a big add-on to this, even if I do miss when picture were taken on film, but there’s so many advantages now. I guess I will see where you are going, and I will share if any good idea is coming to me, or to friends who are telling themselves the same things.

      • I think photography these days has got to the point where you have to be good at photoshop, if you aren’t then you will suffer. I have spent so much time over the last couple of years being a sponge and learning as much as I can. I do love how much my skills are, and I love being able to do a variety of things, still some things to learn, but the skills have to be there to do what I want to do. My daughters are going to be my first subjects, so you will see some images of what I come up with next week I hope. They are just as exciting planning their shoot, which is great.

        Painting is a whole different thing, it is working out where to sell, galleries, or online. it can be so hard. I find online stuff is a bit hard because people expect to pay less and look for bargains, I think that is how it is going. Good luck with your paintings. Thank you.

  17. I have to agree: Number three looks like the best of the bunch. The overall look feels more authentic and organic, given the subject. Good luck with whatever direction your photography takes you!

    • Thank you Jeff, I like what you have said about it, I am not great with words. Hopefully interesting times ahead.

  18. yup, number 3. not completely b&w, the hint of color brings the eye in from the edges (walls, etc.) to the pile of rubble or whatever it is on the floor. the pile itself is a bit clumsy as the walls & roof boards offer something more interesting to look at. i like the treatment, giving a sepia feel to the image.
    so, good luck with your redirection. marketing is time consuming, but needs to be done to follow the dream. look forward to seeing what situations you put your people into.

    • That is great to hear Paul, I think number 3 too, I like to hear what people think of them, so thank you.
      I think you are right, marketing is going to be time consuming, especially because I don’t know what I am doing, but hopefully there will be help along the way. Thank you.

  19. Love your third photograph – the color ranges fits the mood and theme of the scene perfectly.

    I’m excited for you, because with change comes great challenge and growth, and NEW beginnings. So we look forward to following your steps as you branch out and only wish you the best. I know exactly what you mean about the time blogging takes from other priorities and also to figure out the purpose. I think many bloggers at some point understand this and decisions are made on which road to take – yours will be one of those journeys that will offer great rewards. I too am slowly branching out. Best wishes and I look forward to all your sharings!

    • Thank you Mary, glad you like the third one as well.

      New journey’s, yes they can be great, I am so motivated right now, and I get even more motivated when I tell people how I want to photograph, then everyone is saying me, me, so I hope that is a good sign. Blogging can be extraordinarily time consuming, I feel like sometimes it takes all my time, but it is time for that to stop and it is time to move on, the blog won’t stop, though it may slow down a little. You will start to see a lot more photos of people on here. Thanks again Mary, I hope you enjoy the journey ahead.

  20. You’re a great photographer Leanne – good luck with your new venture and I’ll be keeping a keen eye on what you’re up to as it’s always interesting to read! :)

    • Thank you Deb, what a lovely thing to say, it is going to be interesting and a lot of fun.

  21. I like the third one as well, the first two don’t look ‘real’ the third does.
    Short of can feel the decay and sadness in the third.

    Don’t know if that was what you where going for but it’s there.

    • Oh, that is good, just ignore my last comment then, haha, the way the comments shows them, I didn’t see this until after.
      That is great to hear. Thank you.

  22. 3rd one for sure, less is more. Although the second one is very surreal like something you would see on a story board or perhaps in a video game. Each image has different qualities and draws out different emotions. That is the artistry behind the manipulation. I have a lot of images that are kind of blah to me but a little over saturation of color and manipulation of the white point and it becomes a whole different image. Like wise by going black and white and putting the contrast on overdrive. Each artist has their vision. I’m always changing mine, but such is the nature of life itself, always changing, always in a constant state of reinvention.

    • I have noticed that we all change with time, for me it is the mastery of photoshop, as I learn more, then my images change in different ways. I still have so much to learn, but I am really happy with how it is progressing.
      Thank you.

  23. hutchphotography2020 says

    I like the 3rd one. It’s simple. Your work is terrific. “Keep on pushin'”

  24. Number three is very atmospheric for me. I think you are right about the learning curve in photoshop too – I am experiencing it myself at present – it makes you see different images in the same shot.

    • That’s great PJ, the learning curve is steep, but you start to see how to do things that weren’t possible before, I love it so much. And yes, you do start to see different things. Thank you

  25. the third would be my favorite…the shot is fantastic regardless of how you process it! Do what works for you Leanne…I will stop by to see what you are up to and learn what I can from you…but you have to do what makes you happy. Make the funds in order not to have to take a “day job”… :) I do have to say I’ve been blogging in some way since 2008 and it takes up a great deal of time…I started out posting to my photo blog daily, but it is too much, takes far too much time so I’m now doing it when I have the time, which is every couple of days…

    • Thank you Heather, that is great.
      Thank you also for the encouraging words. So much time goes into the blog, you have to work out what you will do, then you have to work out what image, then edit it, then write the post, and then there are all the other things, responding to comments, looking at other blogs, it can be like a full time job. It is hard. I am starting to think that I will stop doing it daily, but I don’t know yet, how often, maybe just 3 times a week, or 4 times. Time will tell, of course it is all going to depend on whether I get really busy. That will be the telling part. Thanks again, your support means a lot. :)

  26. I hope you can continue your artistic photography and develop a business application. Your portrait idea sounds like it could produce an income. I look forward to hearing more.

    • I hope so, it is going to be fun, and I think it should, I just need to learn to market, that is the bit I am not very good at. Thanks

  27. Goo luck, Leanne! I think your business idea is a good one. We all LOVE your photos, but your first obligation is to yourself, not to us :)

    • Thank you Svetlana, that is great to hear, my brain is going a million miles an hour with ideas, so I am excited to see what happens. :)

  28. Whatever you share with us is usually helpful and interesting, so whatever you are able to do will be great! I appreciate your willingness to tell us how you do things so that we learn how, too. As far as the picture in this post, I kind of go back-and-forth between the second one and the third — I like them for different reasons. I agree with another commenter who said that the third one with a little bit more added color would have been great (kind of like a cross between the second and third photo). To be honest, i’ve never seen a picture of yours that I didn’t think was good.

    • That is wonderful Becky, it will be good to share ideas on this, I often learn things myself, that is always great.
      I did try to put some some colour back, but it didn’t quite work the way I had hoped, but I certainly know what you mean.
      Thanks again Becky.

  29. artscottnet says

    Excellent rework. I wish you the best with regard to income stream – those who do not spend some time agonizing over this are few and far between I’m sure – whatever you do, I have no doubt you’ll do well. I hope you keep posting and inspiring others; your posts always make my day ;-)

    • Thank you. Oh, what a lovely thing to say, thank you so much for that. I will continue to post, I don’t have any plans to stop, it is going to be more about how often, I am not sure I will continue posting everyday, but will see how I go. Though if I do post each day, I am not sure that it will always have lots of content. I really don’t know, that is what I am trying to say ;) we will just have to wait and see what happens.

  30. I like #3 quite a bit. I think taking down the sharpness on the clutter on the floor and even the door jamb may give a different interpretation of the scene. This is where the interpretative part becomes so subjective – the eye of the beholder. It is a fantastic scene, a fantastic capture.

    Regarding the professional changes: whatever you need to do, you got to do. A lot of options to consider.

    • It is so true, it is in the eye of the beholder. Thank you so much, glad you like it.
      There are many options, I am trying to take it slow and not get overwhelmed, I am really excited though.

  31. Whatever fits in best with what you need to be doing …
    #3 takes it to a different dimension, entirely.

    • Thank you colonialist, yes, we do have to do that. We will see what happens.
      Yes, I think I agree with your said about number 3, it is also closer to how I remember it.

  32. Leanne, I totally agree with you! You can’t run a photography business and make a living with running a blog full time the way you do. It is one of the reasons I am blogging only 3 times a week. It will probably become less, as the business grows. Best of luck to you my friend. Your work is fantastic.

    • Yes, 3 times a week is what I am starting to think about, I don’t know yet, I will see how I go. It will be nice to have my focus on something else for a change. Now if you have any tips for marketing, would love to hear them.

  33. You’re smart to recognize that blogging takes up a lot of time and doesn’t repay. By all means, take the time you need to develop your business. Here they say the only way to make money is with wedding or portrait photography. You can do that, or sports photography. But I’m like you, not too much of a fan with that type of work. You have to be good with directing others.
    How about photo tours in your area for tourists? I know you’ll figure out what works best for you. I wish you all the luck.

    • I don’t have a problem with directing people, and I can be quite comfortable with it. I took some portrait images today and it was great. I want to do some fine art portraits. I am full mode and tried some out today at my portrait class. I put them on facebook if you want to check them out. I just love them.
      I tried photo tours, but there are so many of them, I gave up. I think finding a way to do portraits in a different way could be great. I really appreciate everyones support with this, it is going to be great, well I hope it will be. Thanks Emily.

  34. New frontiers! Yes!!!

    It seems you have that particular patience required to teach, Leanne, and you’ve been doing that, but I don’t know if you charge for it…that would be a must if I was doing it (though I AM very patient, it does not exist when I try to teach, because I expect people to readily absorb things and not forget them).

    And don’t worry re: the blog getting done every day…sometimes we HAVE many other pressing things. I know with my own that I feel guilty if I just put up an image with no story to it, and the stories are difficult and time-consuming to come up with…but I have good days and bads, so occasionally it’s a great struggle to even post a single shot!

    I feel and know we all appreciate the hard work you’ve been doing this past year+…so get out there and find some possiblities/probabilities of $$$! In the meantime, you and all have a great weekend…but stay warm!

    • Thank you 1000, exciting times ahead, I can’t wait. I have been experimenting and trying some new stuff. My processing is taking a new turn.
      The blog is so time consuming, and I think it might have to take a back seat, but I really don’t want to give it up and apparently it is important to blog when you are trying to start a business, so the focus is definitely going to change.
      Yes, the $$$ do have to come in, and I really want to make this work.

  35. I like both the second and third images. I really like the first one, too, but it almost looks more like a painting than a photograph. (Not sure if that makes sense …)

    Good luck with your new business ideas and endeavors. You are such a talented photographer, and I am certain you can make a go of it. I empathize with what you mentioned about the blog taking up so much time. I’ve experienced this in my own situation. I decided I would try to start blogging every day, but doing so has taken away all the time I had for working on fiction. It doesn’t seem to be working out so well, which means I need to figure out a better way. It’s not an easy thing.

    I hope you’re able to make all the decisions you need to for your business and your blog. Any posts, whether about your wonderful photos or about your new business, will be a fantastic treat!

    • That makes perfect sense, I know exactly what you mean. That’s great.

      It isn’t an easy thing, I am hoping to incorporate the new work with the blog, I am not sure how, but I am really looking forward to the new work.

      It will sort itself out, I just don’t think I will continue blogging every day, I might have to drop it to 3 or 4 times a week, I will see what happens.
      thank you

  36. #3 is by far the best in my estimation. The other two are colorful and really beautiful images, but #3 fits the subject, I think. I haven’t read what the others said about the new venture, but having looked at portraiture for years, I think you can develop a distinctive style that appeals to people. There are some European portraiture photographers who are doing just that. Svetlana Melik-Nubarova is one of them. She is on FB and has a website. There are several who belong to 35 Studio. ( I am not suggesting her style. It’s just unique to her, and I believe that each great portrait photographer has his own fingerprint, style or whatever you call it. I know you have studied the work of the iconic artists. I don’t think it matters so much how you do this. What matters is whether people look at a portrait and say, “That looks like Leanne Cole’s work”.

    I am excite that you are moving in this direction. I have every confidence that you will be successful! :-)

    • I am glad you like the third one, that is my favourite. I am looking forward to the new venture. I am excited about starting something new and I think that my photoshop skills are good enough now. Thank you for the link, she does beautiful work. I want to develop my own style and I am quite looking forward to that.
      I hope that happens, that people look at the work and say that, though I suspect it will take me some time to get there.
      Thank you so much George, the support has been wonderful. :)

  37. The third one is absolutely bee-yu-ti-fullllll! I do think that it must be hard to make a living from artistic photography, but maybe there is a way that you can combine it with other forms of photography? Perhaps photojournalism?

    • Thank you, that is great to hear.
      I am working on an idea and all will reveal itself in time. I am quite excited, though it will combine my artistic photography as well. Thanks

  38. I wish you the very best of luck in your new ventures Leanne. I am glad I do it for a hobby and now and again sell something but to survive NEVER lol see you soon!

    • I am lucky that I don’t have to earn an absolute fortune, but it would be good to get ahead, so that is the plan, though who doesn’t want to be successful at what they do. I have done the degree and now I want what usually follows. Thank you, I am really excited and can’t wait to get started.

  39. Have you tried to sell some of your work on yet? If you don’t want to do the “just sitting there” type of pictures of people maybe you’d be interested in doing Engagement pictures for the pre-wedding jittery kids. In those the more creative you are, the more they like them. My daughter paid a ton for hers, and they were all taken outside on different locations. Or perhaps you could do a series of note cards with the blank inside if you have several you can use together. Here, since I’ve been in hospitals with my mother so much lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of the hospital gift shops sell items made by local artists. You might be able to check into that if interested.
    I like all 3 of the pictures but for different reasons… I agree the last one looks more like a vintage photo. You just amaze me with your talent :D

    • Lovely ideas Keli, I have some work for sale on Etsy, but I am starting to think that part of the problem is that people don’t want to pay good money for what you have to sell, and I am starting the think that people think online is all about bargains. I like the idea of engagement shots, though what I am thinking of teenage girls, and doing some fine art shots of them. We will come up with a story that is unique to her, or almost unique and do a shoot around it, then I will process it, so that at the end it is a like a piece of art that you hang on your wall. That is the plan. I did some shots at my portrait class and then processed them, they are normal portrait shots that I have done more too. I put them on my facebook page, they are exactly what I want, I don’t want the poses like that so much. Check them out.
      YOu are so kind Keli, I am really loving how good my photoshop skills are getting.

      • Very cool idea. I will have to go check out your FB page. You should be proud of your work! You’re my inspiration…lol maybe one day I’ll have time to try to do some of the cool stuff you do so well. :D

      • Yes, do Keli, it isn’t absolutely what I want, but definitely on the way. YOu are so nice, thank you.

  40. I can understand your need to earn some money, and writing blogs is very time-consuming. Whatever you are able to post will be of interest, for sure.

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