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Weekend Wanderings – The Details of Melbourne

On Friday I spent a very intensive day teaching a client how to use her camera and how to take photos.  We had a great day, and at the end of it I came home with over 500 images.  It was fantastic.  The part that was really fantastic, though, was that my client was very interested in photographing food.  You wouldn’t believe how many places there are to take food photos.  Not that that was all we did.  Many of the photos are from similar places to the post I did last weekend on the arcades, but there are differences, mainly because there are a lot more detailed images.

Block ArcadeWe spent a lot of time in front of shop windows like the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade photographing the window of cakes.  Then zooming in on individual cakes.  It was interesting for me to do, because it is not something I normally do, but no one seemed to mind.  It was great to actually take in the details.

Royal ArcadeI know if I had been by myself I would have probably just walked straight past this wonderful display of macaroons in the middle of the Royal Arcade.  They were so colourful and the display, well, it was stunning.

GPOThen there were the surprise finds, like this funny display in the GPO building.  We noticed after we had taken photos that there was a sign saying no photos, but it was too late, we already had them.  I explored the GPO building a lot more and saw some fantastic things.  It is an amazing place.

It is great to be able to just wander and take photos without having people telling you to stop.

Queen Victoria MarketWe ended up at the Queen Victoria Market, where we took more photos of, you guessed it, food.  Though I found the market a lot harder to photograph, I felt like I should have been buying stuff as well, which I couldn’t do because I couldn’t carry anything.  Perhaps next time I will go to shop as well.

As I said, we took so many photos, there are some fantastic places to take photo in Melbourne around the city.  I have prepared a heap more and shall put them into a gallery for you.

If you are in Melbourne for the day, there are many things to photograph and see.  I could spend days in there and still not see it all.  It was wonderful to see the city through someone else’s eyes.  I need to thank Karen for the recommendation, I really appreciate it.  Hopefully more people will like me to teach them photography.

I have so many more photos, but they are going to have to wait for another time.  We photographed some buskers, and we photographed the city, so may be next weekend. I had hoped I would do the lady singing, but I hope she doesn’t mind if I do her image another day when I can spend more time on it.  It is so exciting to be working on different sorts of images.


  1. Piggletino went by the Queen Victoria’s Market too! That was where he found some little toy friends! :) Thanks for sharing these awesome shots!

  2. Your photos are amazing….having spent time in Sydney and taking many photos, which are very similar to yours, I am surprised that we do not have the same freedom in taking photos in the city of Manchester….we are looked at with suspicion wandering around with a camera, there are no vantage points for great skyline views, so I have to resort to rooftop carparks. In view of this, I organise PhotoWalks with a bunch of people and have to write ahead of time to companies/hotels/train stations for permission to take photographs. I was hosting a PhotoWalk along the canal one beautiful day, and took a slight detour to First Street, (gthe emphasis being on street), where Manchester Council have their new offices. We were pounced on by 2 security guards in broad daylight out in the open space, asking us what we were doing and forbidding us to take photos…..what was all that about!!!

    • OMG Big Brother is watching you. That is ridiculous, if you know the email address to the council send it to me, and I will send them an email telling them that I was planning on a trip to their wonderful city, but have heard that they are terrified of having their city photographed, so I would recommend that no one go there.
      It is so silly. In Melbourne there is the view that people will take photos, and they allow it, it is commercial photographers that get a hard time. Even in Melbourne Central, it is privately owned, but they know that people want to take photos of the shot tower and the clock, so they turn their backs on photos there. I am so glad it isn’t that bad here. Must be horrible for a photographer, for you.

  3. Richard says

    Hope to get to Melbourne next year, so your photos are timely and food for thought!

    • Well, I hope you get lots of tips of places to photograph. If you get here, better say hello.

  4. Isn’t t wonderful to rediscover our home! There is so much to enjoy here, a true feast for the eyes! Thanks.

    • It is, it is wonderful to see new things because of someone else. You are welcome and thank you.

  5. I have never been to Australia. Therefore I am surprised by all these pictures which remind me of cities as Milan, Brussels or Paris. Usually we Europeans are confronted with images of red sand, cangaroos or giant sharks if it comes to Australia. Thank you from Berlin for posting all these pictures. Heiko

    • I had someone else say something similar, the images you spoke about are the cliche images, but there is a lot more to this country than that. We have some stunning stuff here. You’re welcome and thank you as well.

    • I am so glad you like them and I hope they tempt you come, it is a great city. Thank you.

  6. I´ve never been to Australia. Therefore it´s amazing to me that Melbourne´s old town is quite similiar to cities as Milan, Brussels or Paris. If it comes to Australia we are usually confronted with pictures of the outback, large sharks, crocs or the Sidney Opera. Thank you therefore for posting these nice images of your home town. Greetings from Berlin

  7. 1annecasey says

    Wow!! Stunning gallery of images. There is a romanticism to this collection, with delectable undertones of a glorious past and a sumptuous present!

  8. I would love to get a shot of a macaroon tower. It is something I would totally see and just stop and stare at. Cool pictures, as always.

    • I might have noticed it, but I don’t think I would have stopped to take photos of it. I am so glad I did though. Thanks Carol.

  9. Sonel says

    Amazing shots Leanne and I can see you and your client had lots of fun! Yes, funny enough I don’t do well with food photography but you’ve inspired me to try it some time, although I don’t like to take photo’s when there are people around me or if I have to ask if I am allowed. Some people can be quite rude. But I truly love what you did. Also, thanks for making me hungry! LOL!
    *big hugs*

    • We certainly did have lots of fun, it was wonderful. I am the same, I hate having to ask permission. I was surprised we didn’t get asked to stop, especially when we weren’t buying anything. shop windows are best. Thank you, glad you liked them.

    • Yes, that was probably the best find on the day, shame photos aren’t allowed. Have to sneak them. Thank you.

  10. I am so amazed at the photography restrictions there. It makes me appreciate more the freedom in my city to be able to take photos without restrictions. Your food pics and mall pics are lovely! The buildings there look so elegant! I wished they would make them more elegant in my city too!! Hugz! Lisa

    • I’m confused Lisa, what photography restrictions? People in the markets are working and want you to buy their produce and not get in the way of customers, of course they can’t stop you, but one fish monger got a bit upset at me taking his photo. We do have some elegant buildings, left over from another time. I think the chair in the door way was because it was a business and they must have had trouble with people blocking up their entrance and getting in the way, that is fair enough.

  11. I will be coming to visit but only a quick stop in Melbourne and Sydney in Feb, and I would love to get some photographs of your beautiful city. I know in the US around certain places in NYC and Washington DC they will keep an eye on you as you photograph specific places, but I have never been stopped. And I am walking around with more than 1 camera and lenses. I hope that I have the opportunity to capture just a touch of the beauty besides the standard iconic places. Thank you for your lovely photographic excursions as you are providing me with information in prep for my trip.

    • Well I hope to continue providing some places and suggestions for you Sue. I don’t think I explained it well in the post, businesses do get a bit cranky, and you have to respect that they are running a business and they don’t want people taking up space and time when they aren’t making money from it. Public places, most of them are fine. How exciting.

  12. Beautiful images, love those cookies and the amazing way they are display, do you know how tall is the Macaroon tower? Thanks for sharing those photographs!

    • Oh I don’t know, maybe a foot and half. They look tall because they are up high. Thank you.

    • They were pretty cool, I suspect they have them like that to show people you so you could buy one for a party of something. Thank you

  13. I love Melbourne. We were there over the weekend. The arcades, lane way graffiti and fabulous coffee! What’s not to love? I may have to organize for you to teach the Fashion Mister and I how to take amazing pictures…

    • I do too, haha, exactly what isn’t too love, well I am sure there are, but mostly it is great. Well if you want a daily photo lesson around Melbourne, I’m up for it, anytime.
      Thanks Laura.

      • Cool!
        I’ll sort out sometime that works with the Fashion Mister and our busy footy schedule.

      • ahh the footy season, it is upon us again. I have a page at the top under one on one for people who are interested in doing this, so check it out, see if that is what you are after.

    • I wonder how good they taste? I love them too, raspberries seem to be everywhere. Thank you Lynn. :)

  14. Indeed Melbourne has so many object to be photograph, I was there 3 years ago and I took so many pictures of Melbourne. And I think I like Melbourne more than Sydney…

    • Melbourne is a feast for photography, and I think, I think, that the thing about it is that photos of it aren’t the cliched images you seem to get from Sydney. Thank you.

  15. Beautiful Melbourne! and yes i am fasting for chol tests and all posts are food heheh,i was smitten in Queensland by Mme grounille the Macaron shop and snapped way too many delish pics,i love food oictuees i think because they evoke feelings of comfort and also fresh life,you can imagine the tastes and smells and it can really take you away.Queen Vic is great,i love the music and the color..perhaps the night market would also provide a night time perspective? Places like the Zoo in the evening when they have bands and food also.I am going to head to our old railway station as the old explosives haulage carts are there and the graffitti combined with the old carriages and lovely old brick station is quite sweet. :) great pics thanks.

    • I like the way you describe the railway yard as sweet. I look forward to seeing them. The macaroons are amazing, so many colours, I will admit, that I don’t really like eating them, but they make great subjects for photos. The problem with night shots is light, they great ideas, but I don’t think my camera would cope very well, but if I get a better camera, I might give it a go. Thanks for all the suggestions. Good luck with the railway station, sounds like a fantastic place to take photos.

  16. Wonderful photography. The food photos are very interesting: the textures, colors, and framing. I have never considered food as a photographic opportunity. Your photos have opened my eyes. I hope we have a macaroon in the pantry …

    • Thank you, and yes, food is very popular in food, not something I do very much of, but yes it can be wonderful. I hope you found that macaroon.

  17. Cynthia says

    You make everything so luminous. Love the raspberries. ;)

    • I think that is one thing about food, they light it well. In that respect it was sort of easy to photograph. Thank you Cynthia. :)

  18. I never tire of seeing your fantastic shots of the city…the architecture is stunning and the fabulous food shots are making me hungry…didn’t have breakfast and it is almost lunch time…off I go… :)

    • That is so good to hear Heather, I am sure there will be many more. The architecture is so wonderful. I hope you had a good breakfast Heather, too funny, I do that all the time, I forget to eat breakfast all the time. :)

      • I look forward to more…yes I had a good breakfast/lunch by the time I got at it… :) when I get working in my studio I often forget about both breakfast and lunch, which I know isn’t a good thing…good to know I’m not alone here… :)

      • I get like that when I am working on the computer on my images, time just disappears. Then I get up to go somewhere and realise I haven’t eaten. You definitely aren’t alone here Heather.

  19. All those cakes in the Hopetoun Tea Rooms were calling my name. :)

    Fantastic shoot.

    • They were calling mine too, though I wouldn’t have know what to choose. Places like that should have sampler plates, so you can try a bit of each.
      Thank you David.

  20. Tilly says

    You are a brilliant photographer!!! These are amazing photos.

    • If you ever come back, let me know and I can let you know where the arcades are, that way you won’t miss any of them. They are wonderful. I took a look and they are similar. Someone else told me about another one there Vivienne something.
      thanks Jude.

  21. Beautiful shots and delicious looking subjects, thanks for sharing a side of Australia that makes it an even more enticing destination (aside from being next door to New Zealand ;). The earlier comment about surveillance of photographers is outrageous, but actually reminded me of recent circumstances here in Madison, Wisconsin, US where labor protests resulted in access to the state capitol bldg being restricted and robo-cops appearing throughout & around the building. Photographers bearing witness, now more important than ever. Thanks for a great blog, and for liking my post @ too.

    • It has been great doing these posts for that reason, people do seem to be enjoying seeing a different view of Melbourne or Australia than what the tourism people show. It is nice.
      It is terrible what is happening with photography and the idea that if you carry a camera you are a terrorist, but, while there are places here that that happens, it usually happened in buildings, that while they are open to the public, they are privately owned. I have rarely been asked not to take photos, which is good. I generally just go in and take photos until someone tells me not to, it has only happened once or twice.
      Thank you.

    • Thank you Pat, the GPO is stunning, though, I wish it was still a post office, it was beautiful as a post office.

  22. Absolutely beautiful, I am beginning to become a big fan. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Big fan of Melbourne, I hope, it is a great place to be a fan of. You’re welcome Jay, and thanks for stopping by.

  23. It’s fun to shoot with another artist from time to time. I always see things differently when I go with my brother and it expands my interest and my eye. I love this selection of photos and it’s fun to see the way they collage in the mosaic gallery presentation. Nice choice!

    • I have to agree, I think it is great, especially if their style is so much different to yours. You start to see different things through their eyes.
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed the images, and I have to say, I love the way the mosaic gallery does that. I have been blogging for over 3 years, and I am still learning heaps.

  24. What a gorgeous gallery of Melbourne… and many of the aspects I love – its beauty, history, elegance, QV Markets and of course, food.

    • Thank you EllaDee, I hadn’t thought of that, but I guess the images do represent many aspects of Melbourne, Food is so good here.

  25. Wonderful shots! And I adore those pop up descriptive tags. I am still a newbie to this blogging world and the capabilities. Just had my first macaroon in Paris in March…that macaroon tower was beautiful and the building’s architecture is exquisite! Great post.

    • Welcome to the blogging community, it is a very supportive one. Thank you Vivian. Did you like the macaroon? I have to confess, I don’t really like them, they are a bit weird for me. That building is amazing and a great example. Glad you liked it.

  26. Yummy! Reminds me of all the work participants do in Master Chef Australia.

    • I love Master Chef, do you know when it is coming back on? Heard it was going to be in Melbourne this year.
      Sorry, thank you.

  27. Awesome photos! I think I will need to visit those tea rooms to have the delicious looking raspberry tart! Yum!

    • Haha, yes, but get there early or you will be in a queue outside watching other people eating the raspberry tart. Thank you Andrew.

  28. Wow, absolutely stunning photographs and I have to say I am in love with the macaroon display! I must visit. It looks exquisite.

    • Yes, do visit, but remember the macaroon tower will be very hard to carry, haha. Thank you.

  29. Hi Leanne, Glad you and my friend had such a lovely day, I know she enjoyed herself and learnt alot. I can see her influence on your subject matter. Always happy to recommend people to each other. I also enjoy looking at Melbourne through your images, I love the way you explore our city and show all its hidden gems to us. Karen

    • I was really hoping you would comment so I could say thank you. We had a wonderful day. It was so much fun. She is wonderful to spend time with. Yes, there is quite a bit of her influence with the images I took, which is wonderful, I got to take images that I normally wouldn’t take. That is so nice of you to say, I do love Melbourne and I do love taking photos of it. So thank you again.

  30. My, oh my, Leanne! You’ve just triggered my sweet tooth with those raspberry tarts, and that gorgeous macaroon tree!!! And it’s almost breakfast time here in Chicago!

    Such a marvelous group of images, each so beautifully captured…didn’t you at least ‘bite into’ one of the tarts?

    I’m certain your ‘student’ came away with so much info, she’ll be very occupied sorting it out…but I feel you went to just the right place…and couldn’t stop clicking! (Love when that happens!)

    • I have never done food like this before, but I liked it, so I might try it more. I hope you had a sweet breakfast, haha.
      No, we didn’t try one, we were standing outside the shop, we had business, you know what I mean, the photography stuff to do. It was also too early for something that sweet. I do want to go back and try one another time.
      Yes, I think she was, Aperture is a hard thing to get your head around. I do it without thinking now, as I’m sure you do too, but I remember it being hard. We had a ball, I taught her lots of new tricks with her camera, and when she gets her head around them all she will be fine.I love it when that happens too.

      • Really a wonderful when you teach someone something totally new, isn’t it, Leanne! I’d imagine she’ll always remember that day.

        And yes, I had some almond cookies, with a small dab of rose hip jam on each…YUM!

      • Haha, that breakfast sounds good. It is my breakfast time now, I don’t know what to have.
        It is really wonderful, it really shows your knowledge too, I am very comfortable teaching people how to take photos, I wouldn’t say the same about photoshop.

      • I have recently learned some new things, and it has been amazing, I know there is still so much I don’t know. I do love it though, it is so amazing.

      • I did check out Creative Live, Leanne, and will go back to it when I have more time…been working on this painting I started last year and, not really having trouble with it, just undecided exactly where to ‘take it’!

      • I know that feeling, it is terrible when that happens. CreativeLIVE are great, I’ve been learning all sorts of new things. My photoshop skills are getting so good.

      • I can see that in your newer work…it has a ‘fresher’ look, probably because it’s taking less time to get what you want to see, but also different techniques each have their own appeal, and our ‘likes’ change from one month to the next–at least, that’s how I feel about it.

      • That is so true, our tastes do change, I am finding that the more I learn about photoshop the less I want to do to images, or maybe I am just using better techniques. I can’t wait for you to see the portraits I did today.

      • I think it’s all in the technique, Leanne…and as we’ve both gone along with P’shop, it becomes easier (and quicker!) to determine which route to take with each image. I open six images at a crack, related or not, and go through them step-by-step, processing each a little differently. Works best for me, as I can toggle back and forth, and don’t get bored working at the same image for a half-hour at a crack…keeps the old brain exercising, too! (haha!)

      • I absolutely love working on photoshop, though too many other things keep getting in the way. I have to start making it a priority. I tend to do one image at time, but that is how I work.

  31. WhiteTrinity says

    Hi, Just wanted to tell you your photos are beautiful. It makes me want to go there now. Thanks for sharing them with us. Cheers, WhiteTrinity

    • You should come, I hate using that word, but it is a wonderful place and if you ever get a chance, then do. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by.

  32. This is what I love about photography…it asks that we pay attention to all the details that most people pass by without a thought. There is beauty all around us…we just have to take the time to notice! Great photos!

    • Thank you, I have to admit, I often miss the details with my photography, but I am trying to get better at noticing them.

  33. I disagree, you certainly are noticing the details, clearly in the raspberries, the sun reflections on the terra cotta building with dampened blues and reds below, the pink table against peeling sepia paint., the crumpled leather figure in the rain. Capturing on camera what the eye sees, now there’s the rub. I see what you are aiming at, I think I have a similar eye and struggle with capturing these precious beautiful things that we see.

    • I don’t have a problem when I notice the little details, it is just that I rarely look for them. I was with someone who was noticing them, so I photographed them. I am sure if I was by myself I wouldn’t have taken half those photos. Especially the girl, I would have been too busy looking up. It is great to take along someone else who sees differently to you, then what you photograph is different.

  34. Loved the places you went to take photos. I hadn’t been particularly interested in food photography until I started taking photos of my vintage china and cakes and I’ve realised how much fun it can be. As you say, there are lots of opportunities around a city to find amazing food displays! I’ve shared your post on my facebook page:

    • I love photographing china too. I try to find vintage stuff, but it isn’t so easy anymore. I often look on Ebay. There were some great places to take photos. I went again today and used a bigger zoom. I looked at your facebook page and liked it, thank you so much.

  35. Wow! This is a great idea and your photos are simply stunning…will definitely try something similar in the near future! :o)

    • Thank you, it is a good idea to occasionally do something you don’t normally do, push yourself. Good luck. :)

      • Definitely! I’m still getting to grips with the basics but love reading your posts – they’re great….and ive just found you on Facebook too! Looking forward to your next post :)

      • The basics can be hard to come to grips with, but eventually you just get it and away you go. Glad you enjoy the posts. Say hi on facebook so I know you. Thanks again, :)

    • Thanks Nia, they looked so good. I will have to go back and try one one day. Maybe we can both do it when you come to Melbourne.

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