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ReWorking Graffiti

OriginalThis image was taken over twelve months ago.  I did it as a 3 image HDR in Photomatix.  It was in my early attempts of HDR and it is way to saturated.  The bins blend in too much with the background.  So as I have been going though old HDR’s I thought, I might try doing this one, and another one again.

ReworkI think this is better, but still not great.  I tried to darken the background a bit, and lighten the bins.  I don’t think it worked.  I do think the colours in this are much nicer and not so bright.  I know a lot of you are going to like the first image more, but think about how over saturated they are.  The colours are not natural, if you can say that about graffiti.


I thought this one was also too saturated.


So with this one, the colours are not as saturated.  It is a darker image, but not in the mirror, and it is the mirror where you are meant to look.  I like what is happening in the mirror.  The mirror shows us that the graffiti just keeps going on and on.

ReworkI have called this a rework, but technically it isn’t, it is the first time you have seen it, and I only did it this morning.  Just shows a different view from the same mirror.  I did it because I thought this one was the same as the original.  Anyway, extra image.

I hope this post makes sense.  I have just got back from the city where I spent all day taking photos and teaching a new client how to use her camera and how to take photos.  It was exhausting, but so rewarding.  I had the best time.  I completely filled my memory card, and had to delete photos, so I could take more.  I hope she also had a great time.  I know she is feeling confused now, but with time she will start to understand what we were talking about.

Please excuse me today, I need a cup of tea and to put my feet up.



  1. Now, that’s what I call “I mean it” – determination, patience, hard work, imagination…

  2. Hanno Phenn says

    That very well done hard work.I love it a lot.I am impressed.

  3. Great work and with all the colors ,different perspectives and combining the two into something cohesive i am suprised you aren’t now cross eyed!!have a great weekend, great shots :)

  4. Thanks for showing this. There’s some amazing grafitti art out there worth recording (and some pointless and rubbish!)

  5. The mirror is amazing. I definitely like the muted ones more and couldn’t see the bins in the first image at all. Hope you get some rest.

  6. interesting idea for a picture. what you refer to as over saturation seems to work for me this morning. peace.

  7. I was wandering…what about using a fish eye or a wide angle in order to stand out the bins even more? Would this work? Just an amateur question.
    Nice shots by the way.

    • Maybe, though it was taken with a wide angle, I don’t have a fish eye. I think it is about lighting, and working on there more. I am not sure, I am sure there is a way, but I did the rework very early this morning, so maybe. Thanks for the ideas.

  8. Cool images…I think you’re right on all counts about the first and its rework – too saturated in the beginning, but it loses something in the second image. It’s definatly worth playing around with some more, though!
    Sounds like you had a fun (if exhausting!) day…hope the rest of the weekend goes as well! :D

    • Yes, I think the problem with the rework was that I did it very early this morning, before I went out, and I rushed it too much. I might try it again another time. See what else I can do.
      I did have fun. I got so many photos, which is great and I think she did too. Thanks Marie, I hope you do too.

    • Yep, I agree with gardenfresh but the image you did today is perfect. Just enough light and focus on the mirror to make it pop. Cheers.

  9. This is fantastic. I agree, I like the second picture of the first set a lot more, far more depth. Although I must admit I like the first picture of the second set better, I am immediately drawn to the mirror despite the intensity of the colour. Nevertheless, all beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sonel says

    Looks like you had great fun Leanne and I am sure your client did too. Lovely shots and I like the HDR effects. I love the intensity of the colours brought out in your photo’s. Thanks for sharing hon. :) *hugs*

    • Yeah, I think we both got a lot out of it. I love HDR. You’re very welcome. Thank you. :)

  11. If I ever move to Melbourne I’m going to buy a shop specialising in spray paints. I’d make a fortune.

    • Haha, you know you have to be over 18 to buy it here, I think. I heard a tour guide telling some people today that Melbourne is famous for the graffiti.

  12. lauradreams4love says

    Hey there! I was just wondering if I could use one of your photos in my blog because they’re really cool :)

  13. Hi Leanne! I am a totally amateur photographer.. bad at editing.. I saw you recenlty liked one of my latest blog post! It is encouraging.. I posted a few graffiti clicks in a collage there.. This post of yours makes so much sense to me now.. and I can totally relate to what mistakes I may have made in capturing those! Thanks for being a great teacher!!

    • I’m flattered, thank you. Graffiti is great to photograph, though you do have to work out pictures within it so it doesn’t just become a jumble. I hope you do more. Good Luck.

  14. I agree, the reworks are better. When I first saw the first picture, I thought “Wow.” (Which translates as, “That’s really really bright and very saturated,” by the way.) And that may work for somethings, but I like the slightly more muted colours of the rework.

    And I didn’t even notice the bins until you said something about them… But, like I said, it just isn’t for the same purpose. I am sure there are some people who would actually buy the first one to put on their wall, and perhaps even some art galleries that would like to have it. You never know! :)

    • Thanks Joseph. I have had people like that first one, I don’t understand it, it is so in your face. I think the reworks are better, though, the one with bins, probably needed to be shot differently.

      • Yeah, probably. It might be better from an angle rather than from straight on, so that you can see one side also. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

      • Yeah, problem is the image was taken so long ago, I don’t even know if the bins are even still there. I should have done, lots of different ones, from lots of different angles. I rushed it.

  15. The smaller photos are nice. The first one is bright and sort of screams at you. Hope you got rested up, and if I were there I would certainly want instruction on cameras.

    • It does scream at you. Thanks John, yes, good nights sleep, so am feeling better already, just need a coffee now. It was a great way to teach, though it may be have too much all at once, I will have to ask her if she would have preferred it in two parts.

  16. I love all these images even the one you think is over saturated.

  17. All adjustments were well done. Its amazing, because some time ago i did the same with one of my works “Christmas Stairs”…i didn’s had the guts to show the previous version… stay safe :)

    • Haha, it is hard to show the original, but it is also good to do it, not necessarily for everyone to see, but for you to see and compare. I like using my blog like a visual diary, so I know I can come back to an image and get an idea of what I did. Thank you.

    • That is great, it is always a worry that everyone likes the original more, which happens a bit. Thank you.

  18. artscottnet says

    all very nice Leanne, love the first one especially… c(_) <– tea for you :)

  19. Great shots with the mirrors! They have an almost cartoon quality to them.

  20. I love to see how you work with your photos and experimentation – It’s great to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ … I’m a novice at Photography and working in film format makes it even more of a challenge … Funny enough, I like the saturated or dreamy look that I often get with my cameras and film!

    • Sometimes saturation can work, but I didn’t like it in this image. Working with film is quite challenging, I worked with film for a number of years before I discovered digital. Film is hard and so frustrating. Great to hear from you.

      • You are right … Sometimes it works! I admire you working with film for so long – it can be expensive but funny enough I prefer it … I think because it’s the element of surprise (the shot may or may not turn out) … Plus I don’t think I have an eye for digital – well not yet anyway.
        Thanks for following my blogs and I appreciate you ‘liking’ my shots … Can’t wait to see more of yours!

      • Why you say you like film is exactly why I hated it. It was also very expensive, it is also very bad for the environment, so I was never happy about that. It was hard to do what you loved knowing that the chemicals were really bad. I love, love, love, love digital, you get the idea. I don’t think there is any difference, you still have to compose an image the same way, you still need to know and understand aperture, shutter speed and ISO, it is just more instant. So much cheaper too. I used to spend around $50 a week on it, but not anymore. Anyway, I have gone on long enough.
        Thank you and you are welcome.

  21. This is really mind blowing job … I love that 3D version … but my favorites are the photos you have taken through the mirror – that is so creative and clever, but still … you haven’t lost the greatness of the graffiti.
    Fantastic job, Leanne. Have a great weekend now.

    • Thank you Viveka. I am really surprised how popular they have been, it is really wonderful.
      You have a good weekend too, though mine is half over now.

      • They are awesome – so I can understand that they are popular, you know me, I like photos with odd angles.
        Brilliant work. And they are not dark *smile

  22. the mirror image draws me in- but i was drawn to the black and white poster of the person smiling on the wall. nice shot. I enjoy playing wheres wally for your watermark.

    • There are lots of those appearing now, the poster I mean, not the mirror. Thank you Gregg. I have to admit quite a few people have said the same about the watermark, and I do try and find interesting places to put it now.

      • you’ll need to show me one day how to add them, cos i have no clue.

      • I did a tutorial on it once, I think it is under Learning Photography Gregg, check that out.

  23. That’s one of the things with adjustments. I shoot in RAW, with as little adjustments as the camera allows . . .

    That means I need to decide how much to do. As a rule, I tend to underwhelm, as it takes a lot more work to balance the photo if one wants to crank stuff up. That said, the new Lightroom really does offer a lot of latitude . . . but not the precise placement of a watermark. Perhaps in future versions.

    • I shoot in RAW too, well most of the time now. I try to adjust everything to what I think it should look like and my memory of it. I don’t use Lightroom, and I use Photoshop, so watermarks are easy in that. GIMP does watermarks, so you could use that for the final part and put a water in it in that.

  24. It’s nice to relax when your exhaustion comes from doing something you love doing rather than from something tedious — so glad your day was good! I agree about the first photo being too saturated — I didn’t see the bins until you mentioned them, lol! The photos with the mirror are fantastic — again, you observe things and ideas that I always miss. Hope you got all rested up!

    • It is funny you say that, I often look at other photographers and think, why don’t I do that, for example, I often realise that I don’t do enough detail, I wish I zoomed in more. I tend to do the whole rather than little things. I have some details for todays post, I am super excited to be showing them. thank you Kelly, it was an exhausting but also a very rewarding day. I could do that nearly every day.

    • Thank you, it was a fun thing to do, who knew that so many would like it? If was a fun thing to do.

  25. Fantastically imaginative capture and image rework. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and your process for deciding what to work in with each shot. I was one of the people who, upon initially looking at the images, thought: “I like the first one best!” But your comment about how the colors were too saturated to appear natural was true. Once I thought about it, it made more sense to see the image with a bit more darkening to the colors. I really like the details in the mirror, too. It’s almost like being able to step into another world in that tiny little part of the image.

    • Thank you, it is so good when someone sees what I have done and agrees. It is great. I am so glad you like how I write about the work, I often wonder if people bother reading it. The mirror has taken me quite by surprise, I didn’t think people would find it that interesting. It could be good to start thing of the mirror and other possibilities.

  26. Graffiti can almost never be too saturated – almost! The shot with the mirror is great – the clarity in contrast to the rest of the image works really well.

    • I think it can help to up the saturation a little, but that first image was too far up. The shot of the mirror has been very popular, it is a great idea, wish it was mine, but I stole it from someone else, as all idea are usually. Thanks Noeline.

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