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I Had a Dream Last Night

I don’t know if it was a dream or a nightmare, but I did mention that I’ve been learning some new things with Photoshop and my just swims at night.  Then early this morning I had a dream and I woke up so inspired to try something.  After I got up, I couldn’t get the image of what I was trying to do out of my head, so, while I couldn’t do what was in my head, it was a scene from Sydney, I decided to try something different.

Elizabeth StreetI took this image on the same day as the image on Tuesday.  It was taken very early in the morning.  It is a HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro and beyond that,  I haven’t done a lot to this, I just got rid of all the people, a couple of cars, you know that sort of thing.

I just loved those Victorian building all in a row.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this image, but then, you know, I had the dream, and well, things had to change.  Could I turn this image into a deserted city?

Elizabeth Street Long AfterSo I played around with 3 images.  I don’t think it is perfect, but I like it.  It is always great when an idea starts to come together.  The foreground came from an image I took up in the mallee, as did the sheep.  I had to make the sheep a lot smaller, and they probably should have been made even smaller.

I had to do a bit to the image to get it to look abandoned.  My skills are getting better, but I still need to do some more learning.  It would’ve been good to have made some windows broken, or things falling down.  Maybe some cracked paint.  This is definitely a direction I want to go in.  The image is probably too dark, but I like to think the world would be dark without us, maybe that is a dream too.

Elizabeth Street Long After with a textureThis is the same image, only I added some textures to it.  Well, one really, it was a granite, I think.  I am not sure about it, but thought I would give you the option.

It is an interesting thing to do.  The sheep are there because my husband thought they should be in the shot.  He thought it added to the effect, and of course he likes to take the credit.

My daughter got her drivers license the other day, so I may never see the car again, so I guess that means I can spend lots of time on the computer, because it doesn’t look like I will be going anywhere.  LOL  Not quite true, I have a one on one session tomorrow in the city, so that should be exciting.  I am really looking forward to spending a whole day taking photos in the city.  What could be better?


  1. Ted Ryan says

    What could be better than a whole day of taking pictures in the city? Why a whole day of taking pictures in the Mallee of course. I like the sheep and think their size is good too. It’s like they’ve gone wild and gotten bigger eating their way around the city when the people have gone and the vegetation has started to take over.

    • Yes, a whole day in the Mallee taking photos I can’t wait to get up there again, should be soon. That is great, glad you like it Ted, it was a lot of fun. Thank you.

  2. Ohhh this is too good. I love the concept of bringing your dream to reality… I was doing the same today… Hee Hee… super awesome!!!

  3. Very spooky. I like what you’ve done. The original picture looks good too. The little stores look so cozy. What’s Minotaur? I’m familiar with the mythological creature, but what kind of business is it?

    • Minotaur is a shop for games and puzzles, and stuff, it has been in Melbourne for ages. Thanks Matthew, glad you like it.

  4. luxaeternaimaging says

    I dream about creating images in Photoshop all the time! That’s how most of the Phantasmagoria images got there start :)

    • I love creating and changing things in Photoshop, it is something that I really want to get good at. Thanks

      • luxaeternaimaging says

        Let me know if you ever have a question, I teach Advanced Photoshop classes at a local collage and would be happy to help :)

      • Hey that is great, I might have to remember that if I ever have a question. I’ve been watching some creative live stuff with Ben Willmore, have been learning so much new stuff, well, learning tools I knew, but learning things about them I didn’t know.

      • luxaeternaimaging says

        I always tell my students that even after college the learning should never stop :) If you haven’t already found this site you might like it:

      • That is so true, my husband has this theory that if you think you are an expert or know everything then you probably know nothing. I am always learning and that’s what keeps me going. I didn’t about that site, so thank you for that.

      • luxaeternaimaging says

        Your husband is very wise indeed :)

  5. Awesome perspective. Something like the buildings in Inception would be more appealing.

      • Inception is a movie and its about seeding thoughts in the minds of people for personal gains – a thin line between reality and dreams. An interesting movie.

      • Yes, I’ve heard of that movie, I may even have seen it, must watch it again now. Thanks

  6. Love these experiments…they remind me of a 400 years into the future post apocalypse movie…I really really have to start learning how to use photoshop…it’s been sitting there calling to me like Loralei…as I use my photos as prompts for Haiku, stories and poems…the fiddling around with them could be so very interesting! Thanks once again for sharing your wonderful talent!

    • When you are ready, you will get around to it. It took me ages to start using it, little bit by little bit though. I couldn’t live without it now. Thanks Bastet

      • There happens to be always a dilemma as to how much of editing on a picture is acceptable. Its an individual’s choice of to edit or not to edit. An open source alternative, that’s on par with Photoshop is GIMP which I use to stamp my copyrights.

      • I happen to think, you should be able to edit it as much as you like, but that is me. Yes, I know GIMP have it on both computers, though don’t use it often anymore. It isn’t quite on par, but for most people it is really good.

  7. Hanno Phenn says

    The picture with the sheep looks great your Hubby is right about it.It might be a bit dark but just a tiny weeny bit.I think you are right the Building could be a bit more worn out .But I had to see it an check back on this one if it improves or not.I can’t say for certain just by the working theory.

  8. Sonel says

    What a stunning HDR effect indeed Leanne and I do love the adding of the sheep idea from your hubby. Isn’t it wonderful when they encourage us like that and gives us ideas? It’s also wonderful that your creativity comes through your dreams. I know the feeling and sometimes it’s quite eery. The last photo will look good on a movie preview or even a book cover from the Resident Evil series. I don’t think the zombies will bother the sheep. :lol: Thanks for sharing hon and for the inspiration. :) *hugs*

    • It doesn’t happen to me often, but it is something I’ve been thinking about a lot in the last year or so, and something I have always wanted to get into. It is an interesting idea. It is nice when the other half gives ideas and encouragment doesn’t happen a lot, so I make the most of it when it does. I don’t think the zombies will bother the sheep either, thanks babe. :)

      • Sonel says

        Well, when it does it’s a good think I think. I think it’s the creative muse that wants to come out and I agree, we should take it when we get the encouragement even if it doesn’t happen often. :) Those zombies better not … :lol: You’re welcome hon! :) *hugs*

      • Haha, it is great when you feel creative, I love it. I love working on stuff like this. :)

  9. This.. Photomatrix I’ve seen you mention before, I’m keen to try it. Your photos always turn out having that deep look I really like. And this post reminds me of the documentary Life After People, really cool. Lovin’ the sheep!

    • If you look under software there is a link to the software, you can get a trial version, and if you decide to buy it, I have a code there for you so you can get 15% off the price. I love it, and use it a lot.
      The sheep are cool, glad you like the post.

  10. Wow …. talk about liking the world to be dramatic *smile – my vote goes to the original photo. Your other photos are like from a Batman film *smile – very haunted. Of the dark photos I like the top one best, there is some color and light in it.

    I would love to pass over this award to you – and wish you a pleasant day. *smile

    • In this case Viveka, them being dark is quite justified I think. It is all about a world that is post human, one that looks more and more like a possibility.
      Thank you for the award, I am really honoured.

  11. Amazing. I just have Photoshop Essentials and even that I am not taking to. I seem to be more drawn to (no pun intended) Corel Painter Elements.

    • I think we all have to find what works for us. I know many people who love light room, but I hate it, I just can’t see the point of it if you have Photoshop. I think use what you are comfortable with. Thank you.

      • Yes, I think I want to paint and draw. With photography, I seem satisfied with taking snaps and maybe modifying them a bit. I don’t seem to be called to work on it as much as I am to painting and drawing, stencils, etc. For now. Hopefully, life is long!

      • You sound like me from about 10 years ago. I did go and do paintings, drawings, but in the end I came back to photography. I don’t mean you will, but that was my path and I know I am a better photographer because of it. I think doing painting and drawing makes you so much more aware of your composition and what you want to do to. It helps you to work out your images. I knew that if I spent the time learning photoshop that I would enjoy photography a lot more, and it is true, I have. It isn’t so much about the click, but about the whole process. LOL yes, hopefully life is long.

      • Thanks for sharing your path with me. I find it very encouraging. Right now I am trying to learn how to draw and paint feet. Then I am going to try to learn hands.

        I think it is important to do what one feels compelled to do, when one feels compelled to do it. Though I do make myself write every day, because I don’t want that to fall to the wayside during my drawing and painting obsession.

        It is exciting to know that my photography will benefit from my efforts!!

      • You’re very welcome Nia, I loved drawing and painting, but really, I think I am a much better photographer. That is good that you keep writing. I’ve heard that you should write every day. I am hoping to start some new stuff soon, and I am so excited about it.

  12. Looks great…of course my bias towards sheep is natural :) the last pic was for me a bit too dark and took away from the scene,however it is a dreamscape and very much like a scene from some apocolyptic movie..the beauty of the buildings is more defined in the second pic than the last i think :) great shots !

    • That’s okay about the last image, putting textures on images can be a bit hit and miss. Glad you like the sheep. :) What you thought the image was like is exactly what i had in mind, so that is fantastic. Thank you fozziemum.

  13. Funny girl…lol
    I think taking photos is much better than sitting on the computer all day :P
    Love what you’ve done here and the progression to get here.
    Very creative and I imagine lots of time spent also :) Well worth it!

    • Hahah, thanks Robyn,
      I like being on the computer if I can work on my images, I do love doing that.
      A lot of thought and I really enjoyed seeing what would happen with the image. Definitely worth it. :)

    • That is fantastic, I really like the idea too, I need to get better photos of sheep though. Thank you.

    • Yes, I think he was right, doesn’t happen very often. LOL, I am so glad you love it, I will have to do more and see what else I come up with.
      It should be heaps of fun, I am really excited. Thanks.

  14. Great edit – I like the original too. I am enjoying seeing your part of the world from my computer !

    • That is fantastic Nora, I will have some great photos on the weekend of some places I’ve been to, so I hope you enjoy those.

  15. I really like what you have done with the image. Sure someone may say this could be done or that could be done, however, at the end of the day it is your image. As long as you are happy with it enough to share it that’s all that matters. Some images aren’t meant to be perfect, they are suppose to be a little off or a little distorted because that is what will it that great image. The suggestions your husband offered were pretty good (I know we never like to hear they were right, lol). Overall, I love it, and I think the size of the sheep are just fine. They make their presence known without overpowering the background of the buildings.

    • Thank you, I agree with everything you have said. It is so true it is my image, and I like it that you have said that. Thank you so much, you must come back and comment again. LOL :)

  16. Nice job realizing your vision – my mind “explodes” when I’m working in PS – My ah-ha moment with the program was when I discovered layer masking – after than I never looked back. Good luck!

    • Thank you, you know I think I had the same moment. Layer masks is where the magic happens.

  17. isn’t is great when a dream becomes reality or close to it? I love this photo, what ever way you process it, but the deserted city is a fabulous idea, eery, like a ghost town…enjoy your day shooting in the city, that would be such a great time! look forward to seeing some amazing shots!

    • Yes, Heather it is great. It was also good to just try it. I am fascinated by the idea of the deserted city, and it is an idea that you will see over and over in my work. It should be a lot of fun I hope. I get to meet someone new and we get to take photos, days don’t get much better.

  18. amiloo says

    I have just gotten into the HDR thing myself:) I was debating on getting Photomatrix Pro and the cheaper one I think it’s Photomatrix express. Is the Pro worth the extra $60?

  19. Neat. I love playing with images. I know what you mean about having one in your head.

    • For me, that has been the hardest thing, how do I get what is in my head out. I am slowly starting to work that out. Thank you.

  20. The sheep there makes me think that mother nature is taking over the city. Back to the farm. Thanks for sharing your imagination.

  21. You are amazing, I loved it. Creative minds never sleep… I am excited now for the next one. Thanks and Love, nia

  22. Oh that is wonderful! A bit too dark for my taste, but I like the idea. But then again, the darkness stresses the apocalyptical feeling to me, which is great!
    Such an “unreal” collage has been on my mind for quite some time. But I’ll have to improve my “photoshop”-skills (I use gimp :D )
    Best regards,

    • Small steps Charlie, I’ve had these ideas for years, but my skills are only just starting to get good enough to do them. All I can say is keep at it and make sure you write your ideas down.
      Thank you.

  23. Nostalgia at it’s greatest…viewing these amazing photos transports us into another generation. We can enjoy the fun times, even in a troubled time! Very nice!

  24. I really like visiting your Blog site! You have a wonderful imagination, and that is what truly brings your photography and photoshop magic to life. I love the sheep btw :)

    • Thank you, that is always great to hear. I love playing with images, and I hope that comes out. So thank you again, yeah, the sheep make the image, I will have to him thanks. :)

  25. Looks like you had a lot of fun here – I love the effect on the buildings – you have inspired me to keep on trying new things in photoshop!

    • That is great to hear, I think it is always good to push the envelop as much as possible, is that the saying. Go to far, bring it back, see what you can do.
      I really did have a lot of fun, not sure if the final image is exactly what I want, but I know I am onto something. I need to start taking images specifically for this sort of thing.
      Thank you.

  26. Leanne … I don’t think you sleep much ! Can’t believe what you manage to pack into your days Lol . Love it when you show us an idea and follow through of your creative process . I know what you mean about getting an idea and it won’t leave your mind …EEEK … I need more skills …. and dedicated time . too much faffing is my downfall :-)
    Good on you !

    • Sometimes I don’t, I haven’t managed much this week because I’ve been learning some new stuff and my brain has been going none stop. Even when I sleep. I am so glad you like hearing about the process. I tend to do the same thing, but then something happens and it happens, I am sure you know what I mean.
      Thank you poppytump.

  27. Wonderful what you’ve done here, Leanne! And salutations to hubby for the sheep…a truly ‘dream-like’ addition….surreal, actually! But the image now has such an ‘old-time’ look, even if the painter’s van is still there. You’ve enhanced the general Victorian qualities of these lovely building so, that the van almost disappears…well, for me, anyway!

    • I like the van in the image because the door is open, like they left in a hurry. It was a fun thing to do, and I would like to do more, but I need to plan them more. They would work better if the images were specifically rather than just trying to find images to match. New things ahead. Thanks 1000

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