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One of the areasthat are a must to photograph if you come to Melbourne are the laneways around the city.  There are so many and each one is quite unique.  This last week I went into the city to see how the lanes were.  I only looked at the ones from Swanston Street, up Flinders Lane, to Spring Street and towards Flinders Street.  It covers about 3 city blocks.

Hosier LaneHosier Lane is probably one of the best known, best known for the graffiti.  It goes from Flinders Street to Flinders Lane, and there is a side bit as well.  Everything in this lane is covered with graffiti.

I went in with a new photography buddy and she asked what do you photograph here, and I had to think for a minute, then I said, the graffiti.  Try and get a sense of what it is and where it is.

There are many lanes that have graffiti, but Hosier seems to be the main one and if you want to see the trends in graffiti, it is a really good place to start.

Hosier ArtworkThe surprising thing is that it isn’t all just tags and what you would normally expect.  It seems to be developing and becoming more like artwork as you would expect in other places, but it is only there for a short time before someone else paints over it.

AC/DC LaneAC/DC Lane, was not quite what I expected.  I have been down it before, but not taken much notice.  It doesn’t have the same feel as Hosier Lane, but it seems to be more a place for billboard type posters.  Of course, AC/DC is named after the band, which has its roots in Melbourne.

Really, another thing to look out for are the buildings, many of these are really old and help to give you a sense of an older style of Melbourne.

sclaneways-1051One of the things you have to do when walking around the laneways is to look up, you never know what you might find.  Shoes like this are every where.

Laneways with StepsThen there are Laneways that are architecturally interesting, as this is with all the steps.  There are steps everywhere.  I suppose they go somewhere.

There are quite a few laneways along this stretch, some more interesting than others. It is becoming a very busy part of town, and if you want photos without people, then you will need to go very early in the morning.  We were there midday, during midweek, and there were people everywhere.  You have to be patient when it is busy.  People want to have their photographs taken in front of certain types of graffiti, so you might have to wait until they are done.

The busiest lane along this part is by far Hosier Lane, and it’s fame is growing.  They are doing some sort of construction work at one end and that can be a bit annoying, but take a good look around and see what you can photograph.

I have quite a few more images so I am going to put them into a gallery for you.  I am going to include the above images as well.

In the gallery you should be able to see what I mean by the art work.  Some of it is just incredible.

Self Guided Photography Tours

Something I have been considering is writing some self guided photography tours of Melbourne with instruction on where to go and what to photograph that people can buy for $10, so if you want one of the laneways let me know.


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