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Weekend Wanderings – Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove

Our weekend started in Ocean Grove, that is where we were staying, but we didn’t really take any photos there, surprisingly.  We seemed to head more for Barwon Heads, except for the one morning at Point Lonsdale.

We booked our accommodation with  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays.  They were fantastic, and did what they could to help out, especially when it turned out the place we were booked into had an unexpected problem and we had to stay in other accommodation.  The other accommodation wasn’t great, there were issues, but nothing to do with  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays and hopefully they have spoken to the owners about that.  I would definitely recommend  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays if you were looking to stay down there.

Beach DunesI have already shown you photos of the first night we were there, and the second night we went to the same place.  It was different again.  One of the problems we found with this area is that is seems to be largely beaches and finding really interesting places to go and photograph was hard.  We didn’t know the area enough.  We did try google maps to see if we could find places, and found some, but they weren’t really what we wanted.  It is hard when you go to a place for the first time and try to do this, you really need to go on multiple occasions drive around and just see what there is.

The above image, and most of those today were taken on the Ocean Grove side of the river, looking over towards Barwon Heads.

Reflections and Pink CloudsWith a place like Barwon Heads, it isn’t that far away that you couldn’t drive there during the day and spend some time looking around for places to photograph.  We should have done that during the first day, but we were so tired, that we ended up back at the town house and slept or read.  That’s our fault really and I think the next time we go away I might make a point of going up early on the first day, just so I can do that.

In the above photo you can see a white building on the left side of the image.  I have photographed that building before, though from the other side.  The building was made famous by the Australian television show “Seachange”, and was Diver Dan’s shed.  They have made some extensive renovations to it now and it is a restaurant called the At the Heads.  We ate here twice, once for breakfast and then for dinner.

It is a great place to eat, you can sit and watch the ocean and the river.  The staff are friendly and well, the food was brilliant.  They don’t offer the usual breakfast fair, but it was great to be given some different options.  For dinner two us shared a seafood platter, one of the best I’ve ever had.  It was great because it didn’t have so much seafood that you felt guilty for not eating it all, we did eat most of it, and the price was good for it.  I love watching people’s faces when they see a platter like that bringing brought out.  So if you go to Barwon Heads try At the Heads.

Sun Sets on Another NightAnother place we ate at was Barwon Orange.  It isn’t the first time I have eaten there, and hopefully won’t be the last.  We ate there another time when we went for a day trip to Barwon Heads.  The food is fantastic, and while they seem to specialise in pizzas, the mains were to die for.  I recommend booking though, or you might be disappointed, it is a popular place to eat.

We did have breakfast at a place called Annie’s, it is a farm store.  I didn’t like my breakfast.  I ordered poached eggs and they were really well cooked, I like soft yolks. The plate was too small for what I got and the bacon was, well, there wasn’t much of it.  I was very disappointed with mine, though my friends really enjoyed what they had.  It was an interesting shop and seemed popular, so maybe my meal was just an oddity.  I wouldn’t go back to eat though.

I have a heap more photos, so I will put them in a gallery for you to look at, and then will give you some conclusions.

It was a good weekend and I got some nice images, but I haven’t come away thinking oh wow, what a great weekend.  I think we need to do more research before we go somewhere.  I do love Barwon Heads though, and I know I will go back.  I might see about contacting some people before I go again.  Do some research.

If you just want to go for the day, then the areas around the river and bridge will give you plenty to photograph.  Try and get there for the sunset or, if you do it, the sunrise, both give you different light and different things to see.


  1. You always take your photos at the perfect time of the day, and it makes such a difference — beautiful photos!

  2. Magical photos Leanne :)
    My memories wake up whenever I read your blog and see photos. In fact, the last time I was in Melbourne ten years ago and I’m sorry that I was not are able to experience all the beauty of nature in Victoria.

    • I think one of the lovely things about Victoria is that you can experience so many things, snow, beach, desert, and all the bits inbetween.
      I am glad it brings back memories, I hope they are great ones.
      Thank you :)

      • Just that, I was able to experience so many things: snow, beach. mountains, pleasant climate…
        Thanks so much again. I continue to follow your blog and enjoy your photographs :)

  3. Leanne sometimes I think you make these just for *me* to contemplate … because I’m standing right now in there with the water there and not there around my ankles .. how daft is that Lol
    I’m sorry it didn’t all go to plan for you … next time … but so glad to see your weekend’s beautiful work here .

    • I love that, thank you. I like how the images make you feel. Not daft at all.
      It didn’t go as planned, but I am sure the next one will. Thank you poppytump

  4. Suzanne says

    I like all these photos but my favourite is definitely the second one. It is like a scene from a dream. Quite magical.

  5. you say you need to do more research, but I think these photos are wonderful, full of ephemeral magic. You have created great compositions from what might have been fairly uninnspiring flat beachscapes…I always love your shots.

  6. gorgeous…all of them…looks/sounds as though you had an enjoyable weekend! despite some negative issues.

    • Yes, I did, it was mostly good, and we took photos, just not what we were expecting. Sometimes you just don’t know if a place is going to be any good until you actually go there. Thanks once again Heather.

  7. Thanks for all you do and your support I have something for you to read over here even if you do not post it to your space :) Thanks so much for inspiration to shoot better xo

      • I love anything with water and light .. and you are fantastic on catching both … *smile

      • Thank you Viveka, you are too kind, I do love water, and it seems the best way to get it sometimes is with the light, so I do try.

  8. Every single time I see one of your photos, I know it is yours without having to even look. That is branding, my friend. You are so unique and I LOVE your photos. Keep up the good work.

  9. Spectacular (again!), Leanne! You have a real affinity for the waters, and you present them stunningly well! Those with the sun are brilliant, as they are ‘soft’, yet so loaded with subtle colors! Maybe not so great a time (lodging), but excellent images DO make up for a lower-class room and a sparse-sounding breakfast, don’t they?

    • Yes they can, it was a fun weekend and I enjoyed being away with my friends. Would be good to get paid to do it, that would be the ultimate. I just to work out how to make that happen. Thank you.

      • You CAN do it, I’m certain! Keep trying, and make as many contacts as you possibly can. Many tourism sites I’ve visited have such ‘BLAH’, uninviting images–no atmosphere or ‘draw’ to them…and yours DO have that quality–a kind of “R”omantic look!

      • I have been thinking along similar lines. I will start making contacts and see where I go. It would be great.

  10. What gorgeous seascapes you have shared with us from your weekend. A beautiful and romantic beach holiday sometimes shouldn’t be disrupted about worrying about photo ops. You’ve found some beautiful scenes right out of your door step.

    • Thanks Emily, I would agree with you about the disruptions, except that we were there to take photos, so it was a little disappointing, still, it was a good weekend. I did discover a little gem on the way home, hopefully will share soon.

  11. We took a vacation to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and I was thoroughly dissappointed with our place we stayed in. I have two almost grown sons so we just did not have enough room. Live and learn…Good thing we did not let it get us down. We enjoyed our selves very much with or without good accomodations!
    Now if only my shots were as breathtaking as yours. Although might werent too shabby! : )

    • It is hard not knowing what a place would be like, the place we stayed in was nice, but it is the attention to detail, and it just wasn’t there. It didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy it, but it would have been nice if some more care had been taken. Thanks

  12. I think the pictures are beautiful Leanne… Of course by the time you get through casting your magic spell over them, you could make anything look great! LOL Maybe even a toad.. :D

    • Haha, no not quite true Keli, but thank you for believing in me. I liked the images I got, I think my main problem was that I didn’t really know where to go, so basically went to the same places. I think we are going again, so I am going to make more enquires and find out more about the area.

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