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The Last Decision about Chambers Here

Actually it will be my last post that I am going to be doing on the Council Chambers of the City of Melbourne.  It seems like I have been doing these images for ages, but then again, it also seems ages since my last one.  It is always sad when you realise that there will be no more, which is probably why I have put off doing this one.

Eyes to the FrontI found this image quite hard to do.  It was easy to photograph, I just stood at the back and pointed the camera to the front of the room.  However, when I got it on the Eyes to the Front - Originalcomputer, I found it very confusing, I didn’t know where to look and I thought that people viewing it would find it the same.

I am going to include the original image so you can see what I am talking about.  For me the challenge was to direct your eye to where I wanted it to be.  The original is a nice record shot of the room, but I think the first image is more of an art image and is much better at directing you to see what I wanted, which is the chairs.

Someone said to me the other day, “your work is always so dark”, then she bought 4 postcards from me.  So I said, why do you want the postcards if you think my work is dark.  She replied that she didn’t say she didn’t like it, she was just stating that my work is dark.  I suppose that is very true.  It is quite dark, I like that, I don’t have a problem with it.

I have two more images for you, I just love these, they aren’t really important, but fun.


A little sign on the back, just so you know who sits here.

ChairmanBoth these plaques on the back of each chair that sits out the front.  They are the chairs on either side of the Lord Mayor’s chair.  I thought they were too good not to take photos of them.

I was given an amazing opportunity to go and photograph the inside of the Council Chambers and I really want to say thanks to those that helped me.  I will send emails for that.  I find myself in the position now of, what happens next.  I don’t know what to photograph next.  I have a couple of ideas, but I need a new building.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I thought, as this is the last post on the Council Chambers, I thought I might put a gallery with all the images I have processed from that room.

I hate it when projects finish.  I added the images from today to the gallery as well so you can see them all in it.

Now off to find some inspiration somewhere else, in another building, I hope.  Remember if you would like to see the room for yourself, you can, the City of Melbourne run tours of the Melbourne Town Hall daily and for more information the link is here.


  1. Stunning. I love what you did and thank you for showing the original. Funny about your customer who said you work is dark and then bought some. I agree with her and I love it (and buy as much as I can). Like this one, I see the enhanced one as much richer in color and like you say really focuses the eye (for me, first on that main chair and desk then the window. And I get the sense that I’m one of the people in the audience looking up to that authoritative desk.) By you showing us what you did here, it really helps us beginners see through the eye of an artist.

    • YOu are a great supporter Nia, probably my best. Did the postcards arrive and were they in good condition. I wasn’t sure about sending them like that.
      I like your description of being one of the audience, great compliment, thank you. I love your comment all of it, thank you, thank you.

  2. “Sitting Tall” is my favorite out of this group… I love the windows, incredible… sorry this is the last of these… beautiful architecture… but I know you’ll have other awesome shots. Good day to you -Scott

    • I hope so, the hunt is on for another building. I have a few ideas, but have to see if I can get in. I quite like the same one too, thank you.

  3. I think The Council Seats is my favourite. I love the light & shadows, the shine on the wood and the repeated curves. It’s almost as if the room has a life of it’s own.

  4. Wonderful. Tough the chambers have a natural beauty to themselves, you certainly added to it by highlight tones and textures as you have. Each image is great but ‘Three Chairs’ is my favorite.

    Well done!

  5. Reblogged this on danscape photography and commented:
    I’ve enjoyed LCP’s photography for a while but this piece is wonderful, dark and rich, full of texture and history. It’s just wonderful.

    Check out her other wonders, too.

  6. Awesomely beautiful Leanne, you have a very gifted spirit and eyes to capture the moments you do! It is a reflection of the whole of you! God bless!

  7. Your work may appear dark because you often shoot subjects in low light, but it isn’t underexposed, you use and expose for the available light very well.

    • That is so nice of you to say, I have to say I like the dark, so I am okay with it, and it seems so are others, thank you.

  8. Jatin Shah says

    Loved “The Ceiling” & “The Important Chairs”. Best of the best

  9. You bring a sense of gravitas to the Council Chambers Leanne with your rich images …one can imagine important decisions and wranglings going on as those members sit easily and almost too comfortably ;-) on those maginificant seats ! Bet at times there is certainly clock watching going on with raised eyebrows …
    Lovely lovely work .

    • Thank you poppytump, I know exactly what you mean, the fighting the name calling, and all the stuff that goes with all that.

      • Lol ’tis the same all the world over ;-)
        Have a lovely day .. evening Leanne working out your new project venture ….

      • I think you are right about that. :)
        Thank you, early evening here, time to eat. Will think about it tomorrow.

  10. Sophie says

    As always, gorgeous images. I especially love the seat name plates. I always feel I have been given a link to the past when you find one!

  11. “The Important Chairs” Is my favorite, it’s so dramatic and striking. Your work does seem dark and I love it.

    • That was the first image I did, thank you, it has been to hear that people like how dark the work is.

  12. You have really brought out the warm reds in your photos – especially the first one.

  13. The woodwork is fantastic in this building. I appreciate you sharing your excellent photography skills Leanne. Thank you!

    • No problem at all about that. The woodwork is really amazing, and the attention to detail is wonderful. Thank you.

  14. That’s really excellent. The before-and-after images really show your skill, taking a plain shot like the original and turning it into a focused, intentional piece of art.
    Can’t wait to see your next project! :D

    • Thank you Marie, I had hoped that you would see the difference, you have and that is great.
      Yes, the next project, I will have to start making some inquiries. Thanks

  15. Cynthia says

    Don’t know if I’d describe your work as dark, but these are certainly warm. Viewing your work always reminds me when stepping into a place, to stand still, and look around. You remind me to look for the details that create the whole. ;)

    • Yes Cynthia, I think that is so important, to look around and just take in what is there. I am so glad I’ve encouraged you to do that, thank you.

  16. I really love the photos that you make in these beautiful old buildings – I was wondering though, do you just wander into these places? Are they generally open to the public or have you had to go through some kind of special permission to wander about freely with your camera?

    • Some buildings are open and you can wonder in, some I’ve taken tours of and taken photos on the tour, this one I sought special permission to do it, and the Manchester Unity Building, I was invited by the Chairman of the Building to come and take photos. It just depends, though I often try and get permission. Thank you.

  17. I too am sad that this series is over! I’ve enjoyed it very much…yes I would say your work is “dark” but in a good way…I prefer dark over light, always have…

    • Thanks Heather, it is sad, but hopefully an opportunity to do another building will present itself. It is good that many of you have said you don’t mind the dark look, I certainly do.

  18. Absolute fantastic shots, you have got everything right in those shots. The light, the texture in in the leather and carpet … the aging in the wood … My pick is the ceiling and the important chair. Your gallery is so full of power and obeisance. Outstanding work, Leanne!

  19. Beautiful location! It’s amazing how cropping an image makes all the difference. Hope you find your next project soon.

  20. Keep it dark, Leanne – I think your work’s great and very distinctive. Love what you did with the first shot and it definitely draws your eye to the chairs.

    • Thank you Richard, that is fantastic, I had hoped that I wouldn’t be the only one to see that.

    • Now I feel embarassed, haha, I sometimes think I go to far, I really feel like an amateur at times. I think it is something we all feel. You do great work too.

  21. Marvelous work here, Leanne! Yes, you tend to have ‘dark’ images…but that is one of the best ways to emphasize what you want the viewer to really look at! It is called ‘chiaroscuro” (light and dark) for that very reason…the unimportant things are left in shadow (just in case you speak with that person again, please remind her of this very old artistic practice!).

    The brass labels are quite ‘nifty’ in that they are NOT nameplates, but signify the position of authority…and they have a very old, solemn look about them, as does the entire Chamber.

    Thanks so for your hard work on these…it is so interesting to learn about life in southern Australia…for free, and a few clicks!

    • I don’t think my friend meant it as a criticism but more as an observation. She likes my work, as far as I know.
      Yes, they say this chair is for . . . I loved them.
      It has been a pleasure, I like how you have put that, so lovely and you are very welcome, I hope you like what I show you. Thanks 1000

  22. I like your work also because of the mysteriousness you bring to the subject. I do not know if it is all about the darkness for me but that qualify in your work is alluring to me also.

    • You know, I think they do, they are very precious with it, if that makes sense. Nice to hear from you, thank you.

  23. These are all so beautiful Leanne I do like the way you direction our attention to specific spots. This is a very majestic and beautiful building and you captured it’s spirit and soul well. :D

    • Thank you Keli, I loved being allowed to go and take photos like that, and I really enjoyed processing the images. The icing on the top is everyone enjoying them, so that makes the experience perfect. :)

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