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Sun Sets on a Trip Away

Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads is a memory now with only the photos left to say I was there.  I returned home and this afternoon I have been preparing some photos from my first night there, Friday night.

Barwon Heads 185We headed around the heads, so we were on the opposite side to Barwon Heads, and we realised we were in the right place for the sunset, though we didn’t expect a lot.

Barwon Heads - 376

This was one of the last images I took that evening.  It was quite nice.  I like the way the sunset reflected in the place where the water comes in and then goes out.  It was fun to see what we could get reflected in that area.

It was very cold and very windy, but it was good to be back there.  Here are some more images.

It was nice to be back in Barwon Heads to take photos, though I didn’t quite get what I thought I would over the weekend.  I am not going to go into the weekend now, sorry, but I want to rest first and gather my thoughts,  I will do a wrap up later on.  So, please, take a look and I will prepare more images for you to show another time.


  1. This is one of my favourite holiday spots! I just love the river and its tide pools. Beautiful shots!

    • You must have lots of shots like this then? I love Barwon Heads, I could spend a lot of time there. Thank you

      • Sadly it’s usually just a day trip for us but we may linger longer next time to see these great sunsets.

    • It is beautiful John, great in summer, and freezing in winter, but I might try going down in winter to see what I can get. Thanks

  2. Beautiful sunset. Would you mind if I use one of the motives as practice for oil painting?

    • I have never been asked for that before, which one are you thinking? What would you do with the painting when you finish with it?

      • Most likely the first one with the brilliant light and reflection of the sunset. I’m currently looking for landscape motives for my upcoming study in oil painting at my art academy. I’m very much new in the oil painting medium and would require heaps of practice. Hope you wouldn’t mind.

      • I don’t mind you using it for practice, but I would mind if you used it and then sold it and made money from it. So just for practice and to experiment then feel free.

  3. Lovely sunsets Leanne. I too love love reflections, and how the colour illuminates the clouds. :)
    Just wanted ask when you’re doing sunrises or sunsets whether you use a GND/ND filter every time? I don’t tend to take off my polarising filter these days.

    • Thank you Kerry, I do sometimes, but with these images I had my new 14-24mm lens on and I don’t have filters that fit it, so I didn’t use it for these. These images are HDR’s though.

    • Thank you, I don’t know what the ad is, sorry, it is different for each person looking at the blog.

  4. I love how the reflections in the pictures look like watercolor painting…almost like the sand and sea were attempting to re-create the image above them…beautiful :)

  5. Really enjoyed your sunset shots Leanne. Very attractive. I must go back to Barwon Heads. I’ve been to Portarlington, Queenscliffe and Point Lonsdale recently but no further. It is a lovely place to visit.

    • It is lovely around there, and there are some great places to eat. I will do a more detailed post on all that soon. Thanks Liz

  6. Eydie says

    Your photos always give me the “Awe factor”. Love them!

  7. Another gorgeous place, Leanne…and you did it great justice with all these marvelous captures! I never seem to tire of Nature, and all its possibilities offered to the lens!

    • One of the women who came away with me said something about how much I love to photograph water. Well, it’s true, I’m finally starting to see that I do really love doing it, and what aspects of it I really like. This was fantastic. Thank you 1000

      • Any water is very intriguing to me, Leanne, whether it is a river, lake, or ocean. Years ago in Florence, Italy, I was privileged to view much of da Vinci’s “Codex Hammer” (now “Codex Leicester”), which contained many of his sketches (and backward writing!) done while studying the movement of water…to portray it properly in his paintings and drawings, I would imagine. Of course, Florence (Firenze) is divided by the river Arno, a quick-flowing river, which I had photographed flowing at sunset…guess I’ll have to dig out that slide, eh?

      • I’ll find that series and re-scan them (I lost all the Italy scans when my computer dumped in Sep 2011!), as the Arno was breathtakingly ‘rushing’ when I was there both times!

  8. Jerry says

    Beautiful. HDR is my next hill to climb when I get a real camera. ;)

    • Ahh, HDR and learning it, I’m still learning it. It is a tricky one. When to use, when not to use, I was using it all the time, but I am slowly starting to see that it isn’t always best. Thanks Jerry.

    • It was very windy, and cold. I didn’t wear enough clothes and the wind was blowing up my back, then in around my neck, it has been months since I was out in weather like that. Haha. I rugged up more the next day. The photos do look peaceful, and to a certain extent it really was.

    • It is a great place to visit, I don’t know about the photography, but the people were wonderful and the food was brilliant, well most of it. Thanks

    • I don’t think you can go very wrong with photos of a sunset, we were lucky, when we back the following night there was almost nothing. Thanks

  9. #1 and #2 are just gorgeous! They are all amazing, but those really stood out to me :) It sounds like it was a nice refreshing trip, and I’m glad you were able to go and enjoy yourself :) Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    • Thanks Amanda, it was a relaxing weekend, especially after I got some sleep. We don’t do this enough. It is nice to get away and relax for a weekend. Be with friends. :)

  10. Hi Leanne, amazing pics! Wish I could be there one day to see such a sunset. Beautiful colours too.

  11. Beautiful shots. The double plus is getting the reflections on the water.

    • It took me a while to realise that is what i was getting, but once I did, I went after it. Almost balances it out. Thanks David

  12. Beautiful. I want to go all the places you photograph.

    I like the title of this post. The implied “sunsets” which is more typical, but you made it active, The sun sets on a trip away, very nice.

    • Then you better book a ticket Nia,haha, I will take you to all of them.
      Thanks about the title, of course I probably should have put The in the front, oh well. I was told yesterday that my titles were too corny.

  13. Eager to find out about a new place (to us) – never heard of Barwon Heads but if they are anything like my home area of Knysna Heads they will be spectacular.

    • Barwon Heads became very popular after the tv show “Seachange” was filmed there, and the bridge in the photo was the bridge that supposebly was never working. I knew that I would get sunsets there, didn’t happen quite where I thought they would, but none the less, it was still a good spot for them.

  14. Wow, what beautiful photos.. I love the skies and setting sun.. it looks like such an idyllic location..

  15. These are gorgeous. Sunlight and water are both beautiful, and they make a stunning combination.
    Aren’t we lucky to be able to see colours!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous. Even though the sun sets every day – I am always amazed by the beauty – you really captured some great images.

    • There is something about it, isn’t there. It changes all the time, is never the same. Thank you Nora.

  17. This series is simply jaw-dropping!
    Love the first one the most. It has the magnificent look.

  18. Outstanding photos Leanne! Summer typically is not kind to sunrises – but sunsets are a different story around here. Just gotta find that right spot like you did,,

    • I think, I think, the trick to getting a good sunrise, is to be getting bad weather that day or the next. Sunsets, are best if the next day is going to be good weather wise, the hotter the better. Of course location is always good. Good luck with finding it.

  19. Barwons Head Gallery 2 …
    Leanne , you’ve made me feel I am stood right there on the edge of this frame with the last brightness of the sun on my face it’s truly wonderful .

    • I thought I wouldn’t get much because looking at it it wasn’t much, but when I got back and put the HDR’s together I realised the camera picked up more than I saw, so that was so nice. I also thought with the time of year, and that it was going to be raining the next day, that we wouldn’t get much, but it all turned out great.

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