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Skyhigh Over Melbourne

This post isn’t about the beach, sorry, but I haven’t had time to process the photos yet.  Instead I have some photos I took last weekend.  On Saturday, last weekend, one daughter wanted some driving practice and the other wanted a road trip.  So we went for a drive up to Mount Dandenong, to Skyhigh.  Skyhigh is a outlook and you can view Melbourne, here take a look.

Skyhigh - 1When we got there it was overcast and the sun was breaking through the clouds and creating the rays over the suburbs.  The city is where all the tall buildings are on the left.  It was quite surreal and amazing to watch, but it didn’t come out very well in the photos.  This is probably among the best.

Skyhigh - 2It took a while for all the lights to come on, but the overcast sky also meant no real sunset.  It was a shame really.  Also, it hadn’t rained all day, but when I got up there it started.  I was so angry, haha.  It just had to rain when I went.  I always seem to cop bad weather.  It didn’t help that the wind was blowing the rain straight into the camera.

I have a whole heap more photos for you and will put them in a gallery now.

We were there for some time before leaving, and waited, as you can see from the photos, until after dark.  There were also lots of people there as well.  It costs to enter and you pay by the car, five dollars, so not too much.   There is a coffee shop there as well, so you can enjoy the view and have a coffee.

We have been out this morning, very early, to Point Lonsdale.  I am tired, I have trouble getting to sleep in new places.  We aren’t sure where we are going to go this afternoon, but hopefully will get more photos.  I have over 500 so far.  Okay they are bracketed shots, but still. . .


  1. Bubbly Tee says

    have a safe trip.

    P.S. i wear perfume to bed. The scent has jasmine in it and it serves as a calming aromatherapy, and helps to fall asleep. :)

    • Thank you, and I’ve never heard of that before, I might have to try it next time I am away. :)

  2. Sky high 3 looks like you were watching a close encounter :)….it is a beautiful spot up there and the gardens are gorgeous.There is a little place in the dandenongs called Beagelys creek and it’s the sweetest little creek and surrounds.I can see how irritating the cloud coverage would be,we get some of the most outstanding sunsets here and you have inspired me to pop some on my blog…:)

    • Sounds like you might need to give me more details about that creek. I must go and take a look at them when you put them up. Thanks

      • I will get my Melways out and retrace my steps and let you’s a place i used to take my kids on the school hoildays when they got bored ..lots of feldspar shining through the water off the rocks..stay tuned i will get on to it :)

      • Love to..bit of a big drive for me now..moved way over the other side of never know.. :)

  3. Hanno Phenn says

    I am impressed they are gobsmacking .I am speechless .

  4. Gorgeous pics. 3,4 & 8 are my favourites. I never seem to be in the right place when I see the sun through the clouds like that. Either that or I don’t have my camera.

  5. ohmosh says

    Reblogged this on oh mosh and commented:
    I Love anything to do with my city. This is beautiful.

  6. You drove very close to my house in order to get there.
    In the 1970s I took experimental time lapse photos in the carpark at the then ‘Skyhigh’.

    • LOL Then you shouldv’e know that I was coming and put the kettle on haha, or joined me. Time lapse photography would have taken so long. I would like to try it one day. Thanks Terry

  7. gorgeous as always…I know, the weather/clouds, etc., often have a mind of their own…enjoy the rest of your trip!

  8. Number 3 … gets all my points .. love how you caught those .. “headlights” *smile

  9. A fantastic set. Especially like the sunrays breaking through the cloud deck (3 & 4) and the twilight colors in #5.

  10. Jerry says

    Beautiful sunsets. #3 eerily looks almost just like one I did over a lake. WOW!

  11. Stunning, Leanne, very stunning captures! And you ‘defied’ the rain quite well, too! I know the girls must have had some fun…driving ‘practice’ is always exciting!

    • The driving part was good for them, but the hanging around at the top trying to wait for the sun to go down, and it raining wasn’t so good. Once we were on the road it was better. The rain was so annoying. I had to keep putting the lens cap on so it would get spots all over it. We got there in the end.

  12. Wow… these are ALL so beautiful. I love the lights at night and the way the clouds and sky just seem to transform itself… :D

    • It is fantastic to watch how the sky changes as the sun goes down. I could watch it a lot. Thanks Keli.

    • How can you take you mean? It is a HDR, they all are, it was long exposures or there abouts. Thanks

  13. So how WAS driving practice? It sounds like it went well except for the rain. In fact even better because you can spot the scenes as she is driving. It sounds like a great way to spend a day with your daughters. I’m happy for you! :)

    • The driving was good, she is actually a good driver and should get her license when she goes for it next month. That is so true, the other daughter has her learners now, so she will start driving and she loves road trips, so I think she will get her hours up quickly, but I think I will have to watch her carefully, not sure if she will be as confident as the other one. Scary times ahead.

      • hahhaa I never had kids, but I know that I was scary. Lots of stories to prove it, too. Poor Mom! :) I hope your times will be smooth. Your girls sound lovely. :)

      • Haha, thanks Marsha. The older daughter has been fine, a couple of moments of being scared, but she is very good at driving. I think because she did a lot of cycling before driving, meant the road wasn’t alien to her. Now the younger one, mmm, not sure how she will be, she is scared of the road, so who knows. She will drive today for the first time. Fingers crossed. :)

      • hahaha I’ll keep mine crossed too for you all!

        My good friend’s 2 year old granddaughter made her way to the quad two days ago, and taught her grandfather how to turn the quad on without pressing in on some other part of the machine. Scared them all to death. Jean and I found her on the quad minutes after we dropped her home to her mom before we hardly had a chance to drop off the baby and say more than hi to her mother. I don’t think I could be a mother of a toddler and a baby! Big brother was driving the quad when he was 3 or 4, which scared me to death. They live on 20 acres (not on a public road BTW) :)

      • OMG, that would scare the hell out of me. I’ve heard those quad bikes are really dangerous and so many people get hurt every year on them.
        We have just come back from her first lesson and we are still in one piece and so is the car, so all good. A good start I hope.

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