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Taking the Canon 60D to Harrietville

Last week, I’m sure I mentioned that I was allowed to have the Canon EOS 60D for another few days so I could take it to Harrietville and try it out.  I did take it and I managed to get out a few times with it.  It went back on Tuesday so it is time to tell you what I thought.

Benalla 1On the way up we stopped at the Benalla Art Gallery for lunch and I saw this bridge close by and went for a quick walk underneath it.   With images like this I had no trouble using the camera, it did what I wanted and the images came out quite well.

Benalla 2The bridge from the side.  Again, the colours are good and it is a good representation of what I was seeing.

As I stated before, it is a nice camera to hold and to take photos with.  I found it easy to carry around with me and never though, I really want to put this away.  It would be  good to use all day if you are travelling.  Well, compared to my Nikon camera, it is much easier to continue carrying.

Coffee Break 1When we went across the road in Harrietville for coffee I just slung the camera over my shoulder and when opportunities came up to take photos, well I took them.  Again, it was easy to use and fun to use.

Coffee Break 2I managed to get really close with this image and got a great shot of the muffin.

It had been fun to use, but when I went out the next morning, well, let’s look at a photo.

Harrietville 1In the morning I thought I would go for a walk around town with the camera and just take some snaps.  It wasn’t very good light and I tried to change some of the settings, but they wouldn’t change the way I wanted them to.

Harrietville 2I got a couple of good shots, but I was actually disappointed with a lot of them.  They were out of focus, or just not quite in focus.  I don’t know if it was because I had been fiddling around with the metering, or the ISO was too low, or what.  I am positive that it isn’t a real problem with the camera, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get any photos in focus.

It is a great camera, there is no denying that, but I don’t think I would buy it.  I found it hard to work out and things that I thought would be so easy to work out, just weren’t.  It really is a camera that you need, need to read the manual for.  I didn’t have the manual with me, but if I owned the camera I would always have it with me.  I  would keep a copy of the manual on my phone.  You would need to I think.  Some cameras you can just pick up, use and work everything out, but I didn’t find that.

When I was lent the Canon EOS 600D last year, I can remember loving it, almost to the point of not wanting to give it back. I thought it was a great camera, but I didn’t fall in love with the 60D.  I wanted to and I kept trying it, it just didn’t happen.  I know a lot of you have this camera and love it, and I really wanted to feel the same.  I am sorry about that.  Interesting how different each camera can be.


  1. That’s the way I felt about the Canon 7D. I bought the 7D as a second camera but I just never was able to find a good groove with it. So I just recently sold it and an f4 Sigma 70-300 lens. Both were just not being used!

  2. Not being a Canon fan I still found your comments interesting. At least you gave it a go and gave an honest opinion.

  3. johnholding says

    I have not used a 60D, however I have the 5D Mk2 and find the settings a breeze, is it because you have mostly used a Nikon? BTW like your work.

    I need to get out to more places.

  4. I’m a sucker for photos like the first on this post. Love the atmosphere! And oooh look, knitting! Do you knit? I’m glad you like the 60D, I brought mine to work today strapped on with the Sigma 18-250mm lens which is my heaviest. It is heavy but it covers everything I need for street photography which I hope to get done on the way home from work in the metro tonight.

    • I quite like photos like that too. Yes, I do knit, but not a lot.Good luck with your photos on your way home.

  5. luxaeternaimaging says

    Your photos are beautiful as always, but I’m a bit distracted by how yummy that muffin looks :p

    • They do very good muffins there, so if you are in Harrietville try one out, but get there early, they go fast.

    • luxaeternaimaging says

      I’m a Nikon user myself, but my best friend has the Canon 60D. I played around with it one afternoon and really wasn’t impressed. For me however it was more of a grip comfort problem, it just didn’t feel right in my hands. Since the hold on the camera was uncomfortable, it defiantly negatively impacted the photo quality. And now I’m going to scroll back up and drool over that yummy muffin some more!

  6. Bruce Ruston says

    Putting the manual on a phone is a brilliant idea ( it is really thick) I agree about using the 60d in rubbish light they can be lackluster, but then so was the 1100d. I am finding my 200mm canon L lens helps with this though. Your comments are very interesting for me, as a owner of said 60D.

  7. Love the shot you took under the bridge, an expected view with beautiful details and perspective. Nice to see your blog, a new one for me. Thnx also for dropping by & liking my blog!

  8. Being an owner of a 60D myself, I’m sorry to hear that you and the camera didn’t… pardon the pun, click. However, thank you for giving it a fair review and for sharing it here.

    • It was a hard review to write, because I didn’t want to disappoint people, but, as you said, we didn’t “click”.

      • Well, at the very least, you made wonderful pictures while you had it.

    • Haha, how funny, I was just writing a comment on your blog, allbeit an older comment, I am so far behind, but trying to catch up now.

      • Yeah, I might have to do that, but I really want to keep up, I have dropped the number that I actually get emails from, and they are my favourites, but I might just have to learn to look and move on, it is the commenting that takes up so much time, but it is often the best part.

      • The days I just hit the ‘like’ button are the days when my brain is too foggy to comment, or there’s someone tugging on my arm… :)

  9. The first photo is very nice, beautiful capture under the bridge. Also do like the way the muffin came out. Not familiar with Canons myself (I utilize a Nikon D700), on your low light photos what ISO related settings did you have, and also did you try any of the shots with a tripod? ISO wouldn’t really affect the focus (Unless there’s too long of a shutter time), but it would play a role in actual brightness of the subjects and coloration (some of that can be fixed post processing). You gave it a go with the Canon and that is what counts. Even if it isn’t the camera you want you can still learn in the process of trying.

    • I didn’t use a tripod and didn’t try it, I’m not really sure what happened. Doesn’t matter too much, I know now.

  10. Love that first shot of the bridge. Great perspective. I should think that would look pretty good in mono on a foggy day or with a river mist – if you ever get such a thing ‘down under’!

    • What a great idea, such a shame it is a two hour drive to get to it. I might be going back, so I might try to see if I can get that. Thanks Noeline.

  11. I am sorry that you do not like 60D. I can understand if you get many out of focus from the camera. Perhaps this is not a camera but the lens issue.

  12. It appears to do a great job. The mountains llok beautiful, a town in a valley. Looks like homes in Tennessee here in the States. I really like the bridge photo too, the sense of distance underneath it.

  13. Nicolai says

    Too bad you didn’t like the 60D. I recently bought a 650D, so far I’m enjoying it. You may want to try that camera out, it’s similar to a 600D :)

    • I have to say the 600D was my favourite out of the ones I tried. I don’t know if they will let me try that one. Thanks.

  14. I seem to only intuitively speak”Nikonese”. When I got a Canon G 11 I wasn’t really happy with the results even though I did read the manual! I did like how light it was to carry around compared to a D3s ! you are not alone….. Besides …I’m a spinner and weaver too! Wonder what the creative connection is?

    • I know there seems to be a divide between Nikon vs Canon. I’ve always had Nikons, but it has been interesting to try out the Canons, it has certainly helped when it comes to teaching. I am much happier to just play with cameras to find out how they work.
      I don’t know about the connection. I’m not one myself, but my friend is, and she does a lot of it. It was amazing to watch them all.

  15. That cake shot has me drooling! Nice results, Leanne and very interesting to read your opinion of the camera.

  16. I like your photos, at least the first one and the last, regadless of the cam in use for taking them. The cam is a tool and a fool with a tool is still a fool. But you’re not a fool, as you contantly testify with your photos. Take your cam and go out for taking photos. Came back for a new cam not earlier than you reached all of the limits of your old cam or the cam is totally damaged.
    Last year I stood at nearly the same point, as I feel, you’re for some time now. I reached nearly all of the limits of my D90 and went out to test the D800. I wasn’t satisfied and kept mine till the D600 was availlabel. That cam was the answer to all of my questions (but one).
    Compare the features on paper first. Than go to a shop to check the cams, that fulfil the first (paper) test and see, hwo they fit in your hand. Are you happy with the weight, the haptic and the sound? Next try to get the one or two remaining cams for a field test/evaluation.
    That’s the way to shorten the hard testing path.
    Maybe it works for you, too.
    (I can’t imagine, you’re a professional cam tester)

    • Interesting ideas there. I am not really looking to buy the 60D, I just wanted to try it out. I am not familiar with Canon and they have been lending me some cameras to try out and review them. It has been interesting to compare them with the Nikons. I don’t really know about the images on paper, I was looking more at using it, carrying it and photos.
      I am certainly not a professional camera tester, but it is interesting trying them out.

  17. I graduated to 60D from Rebel XSi (450D) last year and the first thing I noticed was the weight! I must add that I had not bought the ‘light’ kit lens this time and had instead taken a 15-85 lens for its crop body. Together they weigh about 1500 gms!
    However I got used to it quickly enough.

    The pics you have posted above are brilliant! And they remind me of a quote from Peter Adams, “A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.”

    I enjoy your work immensely. Its very inspiring!

    • I love that quote, I must write it down. That is something that annoys me a lot, how people look at my camera and think, “oh, you must take great photos because look at your camera”. As if I don’t have anything to do with it.
      I am sure if you own the 60D you would get used to it and work everything out. That is what you do when you have to. That is what I did with the camera I do actually use. I know they are nice, I see photos from them all the time.

  18. I like the composition of all these shots, especially the lines, shapes, and perspective of the first one under the bridge.
    The ladies obviously enjoying their creative time together is great, and of course that scrumptious looking muffin makes me hungry!

  19. I love my Nikon D90… but I guess its a matter of familiarity over time…. my partner wants to buy the nxt camera up… but would that mean re-acquainting myself with lots of new stuff? anyway its all fun!

    • Yes, I think it would Dawn. What is wrong with the D90? Sometimes, people think going up a model will get you a better camera, and that isn’t necessarily true. Often it just means different features. I have the D300s because it takes 7 frames a second, and because I was photographing sport when I got it, that was important. It may still be important, so if I want to go to a full frame, then I would probably have to consider the D4 because the D600 or the D800 aren’t really any good for sport. Do you get what I am going on about? You have to consider what you really want a camera to do and then find the camera that will do that. I have gone on what to much, sorry.

      • Hey Leanne… I agree… and am happy with the D90, but my partner wants to upgrade… I think he just wants a new toy!

  20. Your photos are wonderful, as always.

    I shoot with a Canon 60D, and although it isn’t a perfect gear, I haven’t had any issues with it, so I am a little sad to read that you’ve had some focus issues.

    You gave it an honest review, and I’m sure it will be helpful for photographers who are looking to buy one.

    • I think the issues I had were more with me rather than the camera. It is hard when you get a camera for a couple of weeks. I didn’t get the manual, so I was stuck in Harrietville and I wanted to use some features and I didn’t know how to turn them on. That is fine. It was hard to do because I know so many people love it.

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  22. it’s annoying when you really want to like something and you just don’t!

    the photo of the ladies knitting, very relaxed, very personal :)

    • That is so true. I had heard great things and really did think it would also be one that I didn’t want to give back. Oh well.
      There was so much of that, people sitting around knitting, weaving, spinning, I will show some photos soon.

  23. Glad you tried the 60D (that’s what I use!); bummer you didn’t fall head over heels in love! I wonder if it might have had to do with the glass you were using? I have a Tamron 18-270 f/3.5 – f/6.3 that I like to use, but it really does not perform in low light situations. I took it in for repairs twice thinking it was the lens, but then realized the conditions (indoors, in heavy shade at dusk, evening, etc.) were not meant for that lens! I usually have to move to a lens with a wider aperture (f/2.8 or f/1.4) to get better low light shots.
    Regardless, love your images! Thanks for checking out my posts and have a blessed day!

  24. Hey Leanne beautiful pictures on your blog. I have been an amateur photographer. Now I am planning to buy a good cam but I def do not hv a fortune to spend :) can u suggest some tips for a good buy or recommend a camera?

  25. Great camera and great girl holding it. My favorite has to be under the bridge and the piece of cake. The little chapel is beautiful too. Lovely gallery, Leanne

  26. It is interesting for me to hear your review of the camera…I’ve never used a Canon so it helps to hear what you have to say…great photos…the bridge is amazing

  27. Interesting review, Leanne…yet I feel the images are quite wonderful–but that’s YOU, not the camera! As you may remember, I’ve had Canons in the old days…but since the first Nikon, I prefer to keep on. When I upgraded digitally, I went with Nikon…great glass, light, fits in a large pocket…so I would never stray (unless they start making junk!).

    • I think I would have to agree, and probably would be the same, also would cost too much for me to change now.

  28. This is how I felt about the Nikon D7000. I wanted to like the higher price tag, the better specs, and the sturdier body. I just hated it. I couldn’t enjoy the setup of buttons, the image was soft as all get-out, and of course, it cost more. I went with the 60D, and that’s what everything I have on my site thus far has been shot with.

  29. Oh my gosh I’m so glad you said what you did! As you know, I have this camera and I agree with you, it’s sterdy and really easy to use, but when it comes to dull lighting, it always gives me a hard time. I’m slowly learning more on it, but there are so many dull or low light photos I take with it that I have to play with more and I just don’t like how they look. I don’t think I’ll buy another camera, I can’t afford that lol, but it’s good to know it’s not just me thinking this. I thought I was just doing everything wrong and I was worried. But now that you said that you struggled with it too, I feel better. I just need to play with it more and study more on it, like always :) Thanks for the feedback Leanne!

    • Yes, low light does seem to be a problem, others said the same. I think you might need to use a tripod more with it under those conditions. I don’t think there is a perfect camera out there, unless you want to pay thousands for it, so you have to adapt. Thanks Amanda.

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