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Inside the Asylum

When I put up the exterior image of Larundel Mental Asylum I had quite a few requests from you to show you the interior. I didn’t really see much of the inside, but I do have some images for you, though only one today.  Hopefully I am enjoying my weekend in Harrietville and you will be happy with this image.

Interior Plain

This interior is in one of the buildings and upstairs.  It is quite a mess, pretty much as you would expect.  I can imagine this would have been a lovely room once.  It was a big room, some sort of recreation room, and there are offices, or were, down each end.  There were lovely windows with some nice features in them.  In a room off to the left there has been a fire and you can see daylight through the roof.

I am not sure about the processing of this image.  I do think you will end up seeing it in one of the Friday reworks.  Though, because I could, I tried the image out in Silver Efex and Color Efex, first Silver Efex.

Interior in Silver EfexI cannot lie, I think this is much better.  I put a coffee tone over the top and burned the edges.  I like the way it directs your eye onto the floor.

Interior in Color EfexThis is after the Old Photo preset was used from Color Efex.  I liked the lighting in this one and the way it has highlighted the floor as well.

Interesting that both Silver Efex and Color Efex have given almost the same effects.  Though that is probably more my preference showing for them.

I do have some others and I will try and work on them some more for you and show you another time.


  1. It’s a major mess! Vandals – a world wide scourge. Glad your weekend is going well.

  2. The image reminds me of how messy life can be on the inside. Thought provoking image . Thank you for sharing.

  3. WOW! This is a dramatic shot made more so by the beautiful processing treatments. I like the coffee tone but the others are really nice also.

  4. Nia Simone says

    Thanks for demonstrating Color Efex and Silver Efex. I like the middle one best. Hope you’re having fun.

  5. I wonder how much of what is left of the inside now reflects the chaos in the minds that once lived there…

  6. Serenity says

    Typical. It looks like it typically would inside an abandoned asylum. The decay is quite apparent with the cheap building materials they used back in the day. I am not surprised at all. I liked how you played around with the effects of the pictures though. It kinda takes away from the wretched decay. Very sweet!

  7. These are outstanding. Just the opportunity to make these shots is outstanding. This is right up my alley.

  8. These are EPIC photographs! Man, what I wouldn’t give to find a rundown asylum. Nice.

  9. Wonderful to have this captured – why does our society abandon important public buildings like this? It seems that there is just a vacuum left behind which you’ve shown so well in these images.

  10. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:
    This photograph suits my mood today, looking at it, I feel the horror of how we’ve treated those who are outside the pale of “normalicy”…Leanne Cole is a wonderful photographer..she has done some really fantastic things with a camera…please take a look around.

  11. Very Ominous .. I definitely get that feeling with the middle image …it looks an even larger tunnelled room to me too with the silver effect you used Leanne ..
    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  12. The 2 nd one is for me the best one. At least referring to your intention . I believed you were attracted by the flour and would like to present this, not? But on print, i wonder if the effect of the 2nd one still holds. In general and considering the floor , i am a bit influenced by the depth of the image. When I look to this image first , I was immediately observing the windows on the back . Later I was observing the chaos of the floor.

  13. These are such confronting images – did the trashing take place after the asylum was no longer there?

  14. Great pictures – hard to say which one I like best – maybe the first version, where you still see some of the original colours. But the other two have something darker which I like as well…

  15. As usual, great transformations. I like the middle one the best, as the darker floor compliments the darkness of the building overall..

  16. I think they all work – no small part due to both the subject matter and the good photographic rendering of the subject. I am always drawn to abandon and decay.

  17. This image is insanity and regret. The vandals are the ghosts of the patients who once lived there, looking out the window and wishing to be free. I’ve seen this particular type of mess in my own mind and life… and am grateful, so very grateful, that it is a photograph from the past secured into place by aging plastic and tears. Isn’t it amazing that you can inspire others this way? Thank you, thank you and thank you again. :) xo

  18. I wondered about the inside. Even in decay, it’s easy to see the beauty of once was. Wonderfully large windows … I hope they brought lots of light inside for the people who lived there.

    • Beautiful & haunting was said- I agree..having worked in a state psychiatric facility can connect. Ever watch the movie Kalifornia, brad Pitt as serial killer..goes cross country with a writer & photographer…reminded me of that. Do love the windows.

  19. 1annecasey says

    Toooo spooooky… I’m getting chills!!

  20. I LOVE the coffee tone one. The others are nice, but the coffee toned one just sets such a good mental stage for me…LOL Sounds weird I know… But very nice work! :D

  21. amazing photo of a sad situation…abandonment like this always makes me think something could have been done…maybe not but I still wonder… hope your weekend is going well!

  22. The B&W treatments are very excellent. Certainly does give the chills.

  23. Hauntingly eerie, Leanne…I’ll wager the ‘spirits’ who occupy this space are quite disgusted! I like all three treatments…all have that great “Cole’ sense of abandonment you bring out in your processing.

    P.S.: still saving $$$ for the Nik software!

  24. My pick must be the top one .. because how the light hits the rubble inside the room .. and brings that pale shade of blue – the two others are so … depressing and they give me an uncomfortable feeling.

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