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When I put up the exterior image of Larundel Mental Asylum I had quite a few requests from you to show you the interior. I didn’t really see much of the inside, but I do have some images for you, though only one today.  Hopefully I am enjoying my weekend in Harrietville and you will be happy with this image.

Interior Plain

This interior is in one of the buildings and upstairs.  It is quite a mess, pretty much as you would expect.  I can imagine this would have been a lovely room once.  It was a big room, some sort of recreation room, and there are offices, or were, down each end.  There were lovely windows with some nice features in them.  In a room off to the left there has been a fire and you can see daylight through the roof.

I am not sure about the processing of this image.  I do think you will end up seeing it in one of the Friday reworks.  Though, because I could, I tried the image out in Silver Efex and Color Efex, first Silver Efex.

Interior in Silver EfexI cannot lie, I think this is much better.  I put a coffee tone over the top and burned the edges.  I like the way it directs your eye onto the floor.

Interior in Color EfexThis is after the Old Photo preset was used from Color Efex.  I liked the lighting in this one and the way it has highlighted the floor as well.

Interesting that both Silver Efex and Color Efex have given almost the same effects.  Though that is probably more my preference showing for them.

I do have some others and I will try and work on them some more for you and show you another time.

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