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Reflections and Other Things Seen Through a 60D

Last weekend I showed you some images I had taken with the Canon EOS 60D and while all those photos were of the Supreme Court Building, I did take other photos.  I thought I would take this opportunity to show some more.  I am not going to go into much detail about using the camera, that is all still the same as last weekend.  I should have more to tell you after I get back from my weekend away.  I am looking forward to using the camera more.

Image 1This was the very first photo I took with the camera last weekend, and the first image that worked.  The others I had tried didn’t really work out, I was using the wrong settings.  I saw some people staring down this laneway and wanted to know what they were looking at.  How strange is the pipe with the funny bend in it?

Image 2This was taken in the hotel that Steph was staying in.  I was taking photos while I waited to see if Steph got my message in time, which we now know she didn’t.

The ISO was turned all the way up for this image, and it is quite grainy, but it handled it rather well, don’t you think?  I wish my D300s was this good when the ISO is all the way up.

Image 3I have seen other people doing images like this, and I do quite like them.  I don’t think I want to go out and do a series of images like this, but it is fun to try it.  I thought, while I am walking around with this camera, I should just photograph everything.

Image 4I quite like this composition, but the light was horrible.  It was grey, overcast and very flat, which is what I think is really wrong with all the photos I took that day.  I must try and go back another time when it isn’t so grey.

It is going to be interesting to see what the 60D will do in Harrietville.  I bet you are looking forward to seeing how I go with it.


  1. I know what you mean about “overcast” weather! I have been on spring break and was hoping to take more pictures, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I really like the first one…..I would also want to know about the pipe!?!

  2. How do you control perspective Leanne? Are using Tilt Shift or doing sth in PP? Thanks.

  3. Love the photo of the lobby. It’s interesting to hear you talk about light. I have come to realize this in my 4-month photography career. Gray days are no fun for photos and you can’t fix them post-processing either. I remember the Impressionists always talking about the “light quality” in France (it was good). Now I’m starting to see this.

  4. Bruce Ruston says

    I am very interested to see what you can do with a 60d, but I may be biased :)

  5. With the first photo it took me a second or two to work out if I was standing on a pavement looking between two buildings or… if you were on top of the building looking downwards toward street… the pipe would have then been say a protective rail between traffic and pedestrians and the kink in it could have been for a gas main or such…
    … then I saw that the “balconies”were the wrong way around etc and the correct view became apparent. My theory is that the pipe is also there are Art.. not that it’s not painted regular standard “building grey” colour… they drew attention to it, so it’s meant to draw the eye and be a talking point.
    For me at least, It proves that the architect of the grey monstrosity has a little bit of a soul after all :)

  6. Not only an odd-shaped pipe, but that Shocking Yellow color? I’d have laughed!
    I like the last image best, even with the overcast sky…the wavy reflection is cool. An alternate reality ;)

  7. Jackie Willis says

    Loved all the images, just glad someone takes time to practice their trade. Even with the iso turn all the way up, your images did not look as grainy as the d300 or Fuji s5 pro, which I use. Can’t wait to see more .

  8. Some of my non-photographer friends and family have a running joke about light, because I am often making comments about how the light isn’t right for good photography. Both overcast gray days and mid day when the sun is high in the sky are two of my least favorite natural light settings, depending on the subject.

    Like a previous commenter I was a bit disoriented by the pipe photo until I saw the parking sign.

    I love reflections, so naturally I am drawn to the other photos as well.

  9. The pipe is bright and happy. The reflections lok really cool in the glass, all squiggly. Hope your trip is going well. Commenting on the old site instead for a change. :)

  10. Splendid images, Leanne! I don’t mind the ‘gray light’, as we have so very much of it here in Chicago…I’ve had to learn to ‘work around it’, using very subtle filters and changes in P’shop settings. Sometimes, even with success (IMHO!)!

  11. anitadesignstudio says

    Love the reflections photos. And even though they are a little ‘flat’ I think it adds a more realistic feel, especially as the photos have been taken in a city environment where concrete, glass and generally more harsh materials exist. I think it works!

  12. Great job …. I love reflections. Especially when it’s about building reflection into an another building … I my pick has to be the building reflection with the greenery. Also the angel you are using. I often take photos on different angels. Learned from looking at photos of Chicago’s skyscrapers. I like what I see of Hotel Steph – that light going up along the building … very interesting.

  13. For a gray day, these are very excellent photos. Especially like the window reflections.

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  15. Great pictures, and I am looking forward to read your ongoing views on the 60D, especially as your usually kit is not Canon.

    Incidentally, I do like the way you overprint the images with your URL

  16. Very interesting compositions. I’m using a 60D as well. I look forward to reading more of your impressions about the camera.

  17. You had a wonderful walkabout with the 60d. Love the reflection images. You can always bump up the exposure compensation quickly on the 60D to get a little more vibrance.

  18. vivozhouphotography says

    I love the last photo with the rigid and fragmented reflection!

  19. I really like the compositions of these photos…the lines and shapes created by the lines. The texture of the hotel wall is quite unusual.

  20. Love the reflections; I’m always on the lookout for them cos they can be such fun, especially where there’s lots of distortion.

  21. Still bummed I didn’t meet up with you Leanne! The photos are wonderful — it’s so cool how you see these buildings from such unique perspectives and then photograph them!

  22. Like the top image, Leanne, but I’d draw a line vertically down its middle and only retain the left half of the image, because I think that side is far stronger than the rest. Adrian

  23. I really like the 1st pic, the one with the yellow upstreamer… but it is sooo tilted, it is a difficult situation for taking a photo, that’s exciting!!! maybe more near and angled up or maybe from top of the building down. well, it is always good to know you’re restless. all good lea


    • It was an interesting pipe, that is about it really. I liked the way they did it, imagine if more were like that? Not a great photo. conditions weren’t good for it. Thanks

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