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Taking Your Seat in the Chambers

It has been a while since I posted an image from the Council Chambers in the Melbourne Town Hall, but I hadn’t forgotten about them.  I still have more I want to show you, but while I was doing the other images I set them aside.  Seat in ChambersI am just going to start off by saying, that I do like this image.  I like the way the seats really stand out, and how plush they look.  I can also say they are very comfortable.  You can see a brass ring at the bottom of each one and if you pull that it brings the seat out further so you can relax into it.  Even the carvings on each seat are so ornate.  Every detail was considered.

I didn’t process as much of this image as I thought I might, I almost ignored the rest of the room and tried to make sure your focus would be on the leather seats and ornate carving.  I have also lightened it up more, as the room is quite dark.

I still have some more images to process from this room, but they are running out.  I really need to start looking for some new places to photograph.  I have some ideas, but I might need help, but more on that another time.

The posts for the weekend are prepared, and have been scheduled to publish, one a day, I hope.  You never really know with these things if they will work, but fingers crossed.  I need to pack and get ready now.  I am pretty excited about it.  I hope you are looking forward to the photos.  I also hope the leaves have started changing in Bright and Harrietville, they say it is spectacular.  Wish me luck.


  1. Bubbly Tee says

    Wow, these are beautiful…would love to seat my lovely bottom on dose.. :)

  2. gailkav says

    They look plush indeed – you have captured some very luxurious texture there.

  3. You’ve done a superb job highlighting the lustre in those chairs, fantastic. I hope you find your autumn colours this weekend.

  4. Love these vivid and intense colors…they really look very comfortable indeed…if the photo had been taken in Italy, I’d be obliged to say too comfortable ;-)

  5. This is so inspiring and phenomenal! The colors are almost hallucinatory, and definitely captivated me for a couple of minutes. So amazing!

  6. If I had to describe your photograph here to someone in a word it would be “sumptuous” I think. Great subject, great colour and depth. Thank you

  7. tripodtrippin says

    Just love this image and the processing. The leather seats are fabulous and thanks for the information that you have provided. Makes all the difference. :-)

  8. Ornate…and almost gothic, yes…that’s the word. I’m passing this along, Leanne. You need about 14,000 more followers because you are *that* good. Have a great day!

  9. Really like the chairs. Wouldn’t it be too comfortable for the councilors that they might fall asleep in meetings? :)

  10. An early La-Z-Boy recliner? Too funny…and too pretty and comfortable for politicians. They should be strapped on to hard wooden straight-backed chairs, and only allowed out for an hour a day when In Session ;)
    Great photo…looking forward to your Weekend!

    • Haha, I like that, all of it, wouldn’t that be great if they strapped like that, decisions would be made quickly.

  11. Good luck, Leanne! Have a great trip – I’m, of course, looking forward to the results. That’s a great shot – you’ve really captured the history of the objects – those seats look very well worn.

  12. A great photo! Love the pov of the seating area captured & the textures…

  13. Great shot! Its somewhat surreal and almost like a painting. Just want to plant myself in one of those comfy seats.

  14. what a fabulous chamber…so regal looking! best of luck, have a bit of fun while you are away! :)

  15. I wonder what the brass ring is for? A foot rest, perhaps. :)
    Have a good weekend.

  16. Leanne, I believe that your success as a blogger has a lot to do with your giving useful tips on photography. There are a lot more good photographers in this world than good teachers of photography. I often recommend this blog to other photographers. The photography is good and readers like bloggers who put a bit of themselves into their blog, which you do in various ways.

    So I need to read my own words and try some of these things.

    • Thanks Ron, I believe it is because I do love to talk, and everyone I know is sick of it, so I write it, and apparently people out there in the cyberworld love it, which is great. Such a lovely thing to say, thank you so much. I can tell you I am not sure I am a great teacher face to face, I certainly write about it far better. Perhaps I should write a book, haha.

  17. Fantastic … because to get the details is the leather is so good and shinny. Very plush … and very masculine. And I agree with Ron, why don’t you write a book about photograph tips. I think that is a brilliant idea.

  18. Eydie says

    I Love the texture of the photo. The colors are terrific!

  19. Tina Liu says

    Beautiful, absolutely breathtaking photos!

  20. As requested, wishing you luck! Great photo — those chairs look comfortable enough to get lost in!

  21. Gorgeous processing, Leanne…a very intellectual approach! Love those reflections of so much color in the sheen of that ‘comfy-looking’ leather! Almost makes politicking look rather enjoyable

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