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From One End to the Other and Some in Between

Today’s post was going to be the end to my working on the images for the Manchester Unity Building, but there is still one more I want to do and I ran out of time.  I might use it in Friday’s post as my reworked image, as it is the same as another image, but rephotographed and reworked, so it fits that idea.

Leaving ReceptionThe other day I showed you images of reception, this is also the reception, but looking out.  You see this when you are leaving.  Some of this must be familiar to those that have been following my journey with this wonderful building.

Somewhere in BetweenAs you are exiting the building you walk down this corridor to the exit.  You will see the water feature behind the glass and the Grandfather clock will come into focus.

Taking a Look BackWhen you get to the end you will have to take a look back behind you.  Take a last look down the corridor of Dental Suites, suites that were once shops, then who knows what before being restored back to the way they once were.

At the Lift Taking One Last AroundWaiting at the lift, how could you not take one more look at the feature at the end of the corridor before the lift arrives to take you down and out of the building.

I am feeling very melancholy, I will admit.  I have loved working on this project so much, that I am kind of sad that it is coming to an end.  I think my mood may be reflected in the images as well.  They are darker, I think, than others I have done.  I have been acutely aware of it all coming to an end and whilst I’ve been working very hard on the images, it isn’t a project that I have looked forward to ending.

Who could not want to work on images from this building.  I feel so fortunate to have been invited and it has really helped me work out what I want to do.  I want to do more like this, so if anyone else out there has a building like this and they want me to photograph it and make some fine art images of their building, then I am available for hire.


  1. Great stuff!

    I like the “feel” and the respect for ambient lighting. I see you reaching out to touch all the different textures. But perhaps what I like most is your obvious and unapologetic emotional involvement.

  2. Lovely Photos. what’s your secret on selling postcards online? i’d like to try that one. Any suggestions please? Thanks.

  3. Jatin Shah says

    Great clicks, the interiors are awesome :)

  4. It’s really just an eye-popping building: a work of art, a statement, a cultural window, an ideal, a political, even in some ways a spiritual, statement/expression. You did a magnificent job.
    Whoever doesn’t hire you to photograph their building is nuts!!!

  5. Fabulous building – I’ve really enjoyed this series Leanne. That is one wonderful clock.

    • That is great to hear Liz, I even had a little tear in my eye when I was writing this post, I can’t believe I am basically done.

  6. aumrita says

    The lighting in the third one is gorgeous. Gives it a sort of glowing, haunting beauty.

  7. tripodtrippin says

    I imagine I will never see this building in reality but you have made it so real that I feel I have visited myself. These interior images are stunning. The lighting is awesome. You have done a sterling job on these photos and I thank you for posting them. I am also sorry they have come to an end. Regards, Anne.

  8. Many Cha Cha Michelle says

    It is a most stunning building, inside and out, and you’re capturing some magic that I know hasn’t always been visible. Great work

    I wanted to share that about 5 years ago a space came up for sale in the basement of this building, for $70,000. It seemed too good to be true and I actually made an appointment with a real estate agent to go see it, thinking I could live there. I cancelled when I realised it didn’t have toilet facilities… and my research suggested it would be very, very difficult to install one down there. So I never even saw it. It’s probably a storage space now… Oh, to live in even the basement of the Manchester Building!

    • It would be amazing. I think there is some bargain basement thing down there now. As far as I know no one lives in the building, but it would be a great address to have.

  9. I’ve been following you for a little while now and the growth I’ve seen you go through is superb. You say this series might have become a little dark, I say it has become richer. You’ve developed a very emotive style that I like a great deal. Whether you agree or not doesn’t really matter a great deal, the important thing from my point of view is you’ve created a reaction (from me and I guess many, many others). That’s the result and a result to be proud of. Well done. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I really did learn a lot doing these images and I looking forward to seeing how much more I can grow.

  10. It’s always sad when a project you’ve put so much into comes to an end, but what you’ve achieved will stay with you for a long time and that’s a lovely feeling. Well done, stunning images.

  11. Amazing shots, you have done a brilliant job with the available light and brought the building to life.

  12. You’ve taken the transformation of this magnificent building to another level Leanne with your beautiful photography ! I do hope someone will commission you to work on another project like this .
    Have really enjoyed following along :-)

  13. a magnificent building, captured by your photos perfectly…you mention your emotions regarding these photos…possibly why your photos are so beautiful…they are full of your emotions!!!

  14. Beautiful images…you could say dark, but I see hints of light. I think you have preserved the building well, both its physical structure and the emotions it elicits. I’m sure you’ll find another project, or it will find you! (I’m curious, on a technical level, how did you capture the lighting, especially in the last photo? You may have mentioned this before, but I missed it).

    • I manipulate the light in photoshop. The areas I photographed were not that dark, but I make them darker and then brought back certain areas.

  15. Your images have been so clear I feel I know this building inside and out. It has been a great tour. Thanks for taking a Texan through an Austrailian building I’d never see otherwise.

  16. Nice pictures! I like this kind of “filmish”-dramatic atmosphere you added to your pictures. You have a very distinct way of shooting!

    • It’s funny, how you don’t really think about that. I often think I am taking photos exactly the same way as other people do. I hadn’t thought that it might be distinctive, so thank you for that.

  17. Your’e welcome :)
    It’s the other way around with me… I constantly ask myself what sets my pictures apart from others (and on how I can improve them). And for me, it’s not easy to develop my own specific style of photography. Maybe I should just not pay too much attention to it and look at it after some time has passed :)

    • I think that is a good idea. People keep telling me I have a style, but I don’t know what it is, I just do it. I know what I like to photograph and I just take images the way I want to. I know I have developed some techniques in PS and that could be why.
      I just think, if you love what you do then it will show in your images. :)

  18. Love the imagery. Can’t help but think I’d love to do some portrait photography in these locations – the lighting would create some good mood elements.

  19. I’m getting behind. ..enjoyed your architectural images as well as your article on the female photographer whose name I will confess I have already forgotten. Nonethe less I did appreciate hearing about her.

  20. msdeebs says

    That building has so many great angles and shadows, its practically screaming “photograph me”… looks fantastic, I could easily get lost in there myself!

  21. What I really love about your work is how you have a consistent feel and look to your images. it’s what makes you stand out as a photographer. Something I’ve yet to develop.

    • I am blushing now, such praise, thank you. It is funny people keep telling me I have a style, and I can sort of see it, but I don’t. You probably have one and don’t know it either. Your photos are consistently good, and your bird images are magnificent. I would be really jealous if I liked to photograph birds. I think you are great too. I better watch out.

      • HAHA !! We would be a great team as we have strengths opposite from the other. I also don’t think I have a style. I feel like I’m all over the place. I don’t have a consistent “look” like you do. That is what makes you stand out from all of the other photographers and will be remembered for it. Thanks for your kind words too. :-)

      • I think my processing probably defines a style, maybe. I hope it helps, the style, it would be good to get famous beyond the cyber world. We would make a great team, haha. Thank you, for your kind words too, you just need to hear it sometimes.:)

  22. Eydie says

    Your work is truly amazing. I love your style!

  23. Is it wrong to be in love with a building?
    I wanted to go all the way across the Ocean just to enter this building and see it for myself.
    It is all your fault.

    Thank you, really.

    • It is a beautiful building, unfortunately the inside is not available to be seen by the general pubic, It is a shame. They run a business in it, so I can understand, I am just so pleased that I got to see it.

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