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GPO Three Ways

The internet and WordPress has been buzzing with the latest news from Nik Software by Google.  I thought it was time for me to keep you up to date with what is happening.  You can now get all of their programs in a special package for $149.  That is really amazing and a fantastic deal.  So to remind you of some of their programs, today I thought I would show you an image from my early morning in the city the other day and process it with some of the software.

GPO Done with Camera Raw

I processed this image as a HDR and then put it through camera raw in Photoshop.  I darkened it a big, maybe too much looking at it now.  Though for the next images I used the undarkened image.

GPO Done with Color Efex ProThen the image was processed with Color Efex.  I love the different looks you can get.  It is really nice.  The filter sunlight was used for this one.  It has given it a lovely soft glow.  I might have to use this one more often.

GPO Done with Silver Efex ProYou don’t get points for guessing this one.  I used Silver Efex and the low structure filter preset.  I will admit that I use the low structure one the most and then make my own changes to it.

I haven’t been using the programs from Nik Software a lot lately, I have really engrossed in other work I have been doing and they weren’t needed for those.  It is nice to play with them again.  I have been playing with the HDR program a lot more.  There are some issues that I have been finding with Photomatix that I don’t really like, and often HDR Efex, in some situations works out better, though I need more time to work with it.

If you have been thinking about getting any of the programs by Nik Software by Google then now is a perfect time.  I have to say putting it altogether in one package for such a great price is a brilliant strategy.  So I hope you will go and check it out.


I did something today I haven’t done before, I opened a shop on Etsy for my postcards.   I thought it might be an easier way to get the word out about them.

It is such an interesting idea to try and sell your work.  It is a lot harder than you think it is going to be.  I am hoping that while people won’t buy a canvas print or a print, that they might consider buying a postcard.  I know I often buy them.  They can be a good way to support an artist, and you get a small thing to put up on your wall.  I have a space on my wall near my desk that I put postcards up on.

So if you would like to check out my Etsy store then click here to go and take a look around.  There are only 3 postcards there, but I will be putting up more soon, I have sent 3 more images away to be printed, so more soon.

Sorry, this weekend must just seem like product reviews, I didn’t mean it to be that way, I promise tomorrow won’t be.


  1. Glad to hear about the Etsy shop. I shop there. I will visit your shop. A great idea, Leanne.
    I bought all three of the Nik filter programs at retail price. This is a fantastic deal for $149, as you said. In addition to the original ones (Silver Efex, Color Efex and Viveza) you get sharpening filters and noise-reduction filters in the package. If you just bought any of the three, Nik will give you the upgrade version with all of the filters if you contact them. I requested a call and got my download immediately.

    • That’s brilliant George, I thought of you when I first heard of it, so I am glad they did that for you.

      • Leanne, you KNOW I would call and fuss about not getting the deal! ;-) They were very nice about it. The young man and I even had a little chuckle!

  2. Bubbly Tee says

    Wow, that software is phenomenol..thanks! :)

    Best of luck on your new shop. :)

  3. Tricia's Blogs says

    Your photos ate stunnung! I love the sunshine effect. And selling your postcards is a brilliant idea. Best of luck!

  4. I tried the NIk software and liked it and planned to buy it at the original price, but was waiting until I could budget it in. I was so happy to see the price lowered (for once my timing was right). Good luck on Etsy, Leanne. I will look for your shop. Love your work and your blog! Mine is under RadianceCardsPhotos. It’s a pretty nice community there.

  5. I’ve used Silver Efex Pro for a while, and love it. It looks like to much of a bargain to pass up on the rest.

    I hope Google don’t abandon it like everything else they buy up.

  6. Cracking blog! Really useful information and I will check out your etsy store. I should do the same and put some of my greetings cards up :)

  7. macgurrl says

    Love the photos, especially the black n white, there is something nostalgic and mesmerizing about it. I just purchased the NIK Google plugins and it looks like I will be having some fun times ahead.

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  9. Hi Leanne! Congrats on taking the plunge and opening up an Etsy Shop! We have been selling on eBay for over 11 years now, but have not ventured into Etsy yet. I just checked out your shop and your work is outstanding! I would love to hear about how you opened up an Etsy shop & a few details if you can shoot me a quick email. Thanks, Valerie

    • I don’t ever seem to be able to sell stuff on ebay, I am starting to think I can’t sell anything anywhere. It is pretty easy, you just go in register and it will ask if you want to open a shop.

      • We’ve had great success (not enough success to retire on) on eBay, and we mostly sell Seasonal items. I also make handmade Halloween tombstones & props, and those Sock Bunnies you just saw on my blog – – will be going on eBay too! It is hard to tell sometimes, what will sell on these platforms. You just have to try, and remember, that sales don’t happen over night, it takes time, just like a blog, for people to find you. Be patient! It will happen. Just create your business cards for your Etsy shop and pass them around to everyone!

  10. I also got a free upgrade from Silver Efex v2 to the full suite. A very good offer and I am sure Google sees the price drop as a way to drive volumes up and then they will start to hook it into other products. Whatever they do, its a very good deal indeed.

  11. I am sure your postcards will do well as your images are great. I’ve found with my online store that one of the biggest sellers is cards and postcards.

  12. Thank you for your review of the Nik software – I am always interested in the programs and techniques of other photographers – it is just the techy nerd part of me.

  13. Hiro says

    I like details if your B&W photo. BTW I have Silver Efex, Topaz B&W effect and True Graib for B&W coversion but I use True Grain most. Also I use oloneo HDR emgine.

  14. Cynthia says

    I learn so much from your posts. Good luck with the Etsy shop. ;)

  15. awesome photos Leanne…I checked out the Nik software site and it looks to me as though Photoshop in some form is required, which I don’t have… :( would have been a great deal…congrats on your Etsy shop…it is a great community, some people sell very well there others not so much…

    • Yes Heather, it is a plug in, I think Lightroom, and Photoshop. That is a shame, though if you ever get those you know it is available. Thanks about the Etsy shop, I am certainly getting lots of attention there, no sales, but I suspect it may be because I only have three there, the number of cards will grow, and maybe people will then. I hope it works.

  16. Thanks for sharing the info on the editing program. Very interesting, and I love the images.
    Love Etsy! I’ve only bought a few things through that site, but it is easy and user friendly. Good luck with your new venture! I’ll stop by to check it out! ~ Sheila

  17. Thanks for your post on Nik software. I downloaded a free 15 day trial, but am not familiar with this type of software at all. Any good very, very basic tutorials on how to use, e.g., do you use with Photoshop and Bridge? I shoot raw, bring up photos in raw file, make adjustments there and do very little on Photoshop. How do I even access the Nik software and at what point? Thanks for any help.

    • The Nik software would be in your filters, just click on filters and go down and you will see Nik software, click on it and then click on the program you want to use. The image will then open in that program. There are lots of presets and filters with most things. It is reasonably easy to use, you can play, if you don’t like it just press cancel and your image will be returned as it was.
      If you go to the Nik Software website there are tutorials there to help you work it all out.
      Good luck with it, you will be having fun with it soon. I love them and couldn’t imagine not having them now.

  18. I’m really in love with these last two pictures. So nice how they differ from each other.
    And thumbs up for selling your pictures. They deserve more attention from the general public.

  19. Love the Etsy site. You are right that the price of postcards makes them much more accessible to people than full on prints. I plan to use them in collage work as I progress with that skill.

    Really appreciate what you are sharing about the software. I don’t have the software yet but someday I will and I’ve bookmarked this post to come back to when I do.

    I would like to start using my Twitter account to help you out by tweeting your posts. Would you like that? Mine get tweeted every day automatically and I can do yours also.

    I would like to tweet the link to your Etsy site but the link is to long. It is 202 characters. If you can figure out how to get a short link, I can tweet it for you. Perhaps Etsy has a way, like WordPress, of automatically tweeting an update. If so, you can set up a Twitter account, turn on that feature on Etsy, and start tweeting it. The interface will create a very short link for Twitter. I can retweet it for you. I have a little over 200 followers now. Not huge but it’s a good start and it’s growing.



    • Thanks Nia, I do have twitter, and I did set up twitter to automatically update it, are on you facebook? Would be lovely of you to do that. Thank you, we will have to work it all out. I must email you.

      • Yes, I am on Facebook but have not yet developed it at all. I am better at Twitter. Okay, I will find you on Twitter, follow you and retweet you. I think it can boost the postcards and your blog too and who knows what else.

      • I found a shorter link, it is in the post today, see what you think
        There is a link to my twitter in the side bar of my blog, I am leannewhat

  20. nice demo…i have never used any of their plugins….maybe worth a try..good luck with your Etsy store!

    • I am pretty sure you can still download a free 15 day trial, so that might be worth it for you. Thank you.

  21. Great idea to open the shop – I hope it does really well for you.

    • Thanks Liz, it is looking a little pathetic at them moment, but it will grow, I am hoping it does well too.

  22. Absolutely entrancing images. Thanks for walking us through your photo editing processes.

  23. Good news about the Etsy shop. I sell on there too, so I will make you a favourite! Anything I can help you with, just yell.

  24. All my favorite tools. Great to see they are being made affordable to just about everyone. Let a thousand images bloom!

  25. Congratulations on your Etsy shop, this is a great start for working around what you thought would happen with your photography direction, I knew something would present itself! Thanks for the Nik software pkg info too along with examples of how different a scene can look!

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  27. Leanne, I just discovered this post and I have some additional questions. Number one, how did you take the origianal shot? I’m thinking it is in the early evening???? Tripod? I’m just loving your images and would love to learn better how you captured them. Also, The Nik software by Google, I noticed the site said it was to use with Photoshop (or one of its components), does it have to be the professional series or would this software work with PS Elements 10? I used to use the full creative suite version at my last job, but I could only afford the home version for my personal use. It is a dream to one day get the full version. I shoot with a Nikon D200 (yeah, I know, they don’t make this model any more). It is beginning to wear down – five years in the field will do that to a camera. But it is what I have. It has some limitations like only a ISO up to 1600, but it still provides good images. I also use 18-250 zoom lens primarily. Any tips you can give would be appreciated.

  28. First, I love that last shot! The black and white effect make it so much more powerful! I’m so happy for you that you started selling your postcards on that website! How was it hard to set up? Can you sell like pictures on there, or do they have to be like in a different form, like your postcards?

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