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A Good Friday in Melbourne

On Friday’s I usually do a rework of a previous image, but today, being Good Friday and Easter, well I thought I would do something else.  I did go into the city very early this morning to take some photos.  I had hoped that I might find the city empty, and to a certain extent it was, but there were still people around.  I wasn’t finding much inspiration, so I didn’t take many photos.  I did take some of a subject that I have photographed before.

From this SideI have taken this image plenty of times.  At different times of the day, and in different weather.  One day I will have to put them altogether and see if there are differences in the scene.  The sun was really bright so I used the curve of the bridge to block it out and I think it worked really well.  I quite like this composition.

Then From the Other SideI haven’t really taken this one before, I don’t think.  I tried to do it with no people, but when I got here it all of a sudden got very busy and people were everywhere.  This was the emptiest we saw it.

I like the blue sky, strange because on the way home it became overcast and has been ever since.  It had been cloudy earlier, so the beautiful blue sky was a surprise.  It contrasts so well against the white structure of the bridge.

I didn’t get what I hoped to get this morning, but I had a lovely time and got to catch up with a really good friend, what more can you ask for.

We looked at the postcards and I think I got my first order, she loved them, so that is great news.

Hope you are having a great Easter.


  1. Great composition in these two images… love the lines, the cityscape and, that cool bridge!


  2. Great photo and background photo. I tend to think greatness happens when you wander and come across something you weren’t looking for but wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t gone out to explore.

  3. How you got a photo of this bridge with only one person on it I have no idea. Every time I have walked past it there are people everywhere. It is one cool piece of asymmetric engineering.

    • I think it helped that it was Good Friday and while there were people around, there weren’t a lot. I know what you mean about how it is normally.

  4. Energetic and peaceful photos- simultaneously. Thanks for the like on my blog today.

  5. Thanks Leanne – the sky was beautiful this morning – so good you captured it. I was lazy and had a lie in so didn’t get to enjoy it as perhaps I should!

    • Haha, I know the feeling oh so well. I think Autumn is finally here so there will be plenty more to enjoy.

  6. wonderful photos…I love the sky when it is blue like that…yes the first photo works very well the way you managed to block the sun…have a great Easter weekend…

    • Thanks Noeline, It is one I have done so many times, but I keep going back for more, I must love it as well.

  7. Lovely work! Reminds me of how perspective influences our outlook so strongly. Thanks for stopping by Feathered Spirit and liking my blog!

  8. Blotting out the sun had a great effect – like that kind of shimmering “halo” round the strut. Great shot.

    • I know I need to start entering competitions, but it is a scary thing to do, don’t you think, thanks for the link, I will take a look and maybe even consider it.

      • :) Its like a cliff dive, the first time is like …”eek,” and then the second time is like…”I got this shit,”….n then ..”what was I so afraid of.” There comes a points in the journey were you just need a lil push n then you look back and are glad it happened. You’re deff there, now jump ;)

  9. I remember other shots like the first one, but this one is really beautiful :) I love that you blocked the sun with the structure like that! Is it getting cooler there for you yet? It’s getting slightly warmer where we are HAHA!

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