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On Friday’s I usually do a rework of a previous image, but today, being Good Friday and Easter, well I thought I would do something else.  I did go into the city very early this morning to take some photos.  I had hoped that I might find the city empty, and to a certain extent it was, but there were still people around.  I wasn’t finding much inspiration, so I didn’t take many photos.  I did take some of a subject that I have photographed before.

From this SideI have taken this image plenty of times.  At different times of the day, and in different weather.  One day I will have to put them altogether and see if there are differences in the scene.  The sun was really bright so I used the curve of the bridge to block it out and I think it worked really well.  I quite like this composition.

Then From the Other SideI haven’t really taken this one before, I don’t think.  I tried to do it with no people, but when I got here it all of a sudden got very busy and people were everywhere.  This was the emptiest we saw it.

I like the blue sky, strange because on the way home it became overcast and has been ever since.  It had been cloudy earlier, so the beautiful blue sky was a surprise.  It contrasts so well against the white structure of the bridge.

I didn’t get what I hoped to get this morning, but I had a lovely time and got to catch up with a really good friend, what more can you ask for.

We looked at the postcards and I think I got my first order, she loved them, so that is great news.

Hope you are having a great Easter.

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