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Sent to the Tower

On my first visit to the bluestone that belongs to the Charitable Organisation Deaf Children Australia I was taken on a tour and I was taken up to the tower.  You have seen the tower before, in this image.

Tower AboveIt is at the top of the bluestone building.  I also took some photos inside it and today I thought I would show you those.  I do hope to get more and I do hope that in the near future I will get to start playing more with the photos.  The Manchester Unity Building is taking up much of my time and I hope that I can get it all done and finished soon, not that I mind, I have loved the experience.

Heading upThis is part of the first view you see as you go up the creaky stairs.  This part of the building has had almost nothing done to it and you get to see how it really was.  You also get a great view of the surrounds up there, though I didn’t photograph it while I was there. Next time.

Looking UpThis is looking straight up.  I was told I could go up the ladder, but I declined. It was a rather hot day and I didn’t much like the idea.  I was told by Neil last week that he has been up in there, and in there you can see the slate tiles of the roof and they have been written all over with names from the children who have climbed up in there.  I love the way children have been leaving their names everywhere for at least one hundred and fifty years, I always thought it was a fairly new thing.

Looking OutThis is part of the view when you look out.  You can see the roof and the decorations on it.  That is cast iron and you can see the rain has made it rusty.

Neil wasn’t sure if the tower would be restored as part of the restoration program, but I hope it is.  It is such a lovely space and a wonderful spot to see all around.

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Postcards for sale

I have started getting some of my images printed as postcards.  I thought they might be something nice that people might be interested in purchasing.  I thought I would sell them for $4 each for Australian customers and $5 each for international customers, which would include postage.

So far I have only had three printed and I have been so surprised at how great they look.  I got one from Lorne done, and two from the Manchester Building done. I will start a new page on my website so if anyone who follows me would like to purchase, one or three then they can.

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  1. Wonderful light and lines. I didn’t even know of bluestone but it looks interesting.
    Thanks for clicking the like on the blog today.

  2. I always find it a pleasure to read your blog…love your photographic eye…thanks once again!

  3. Always a pleasure … to end up here …. *smile – I love the last picture .. because of the light and the details in the fading and damage paint … magical.

  4. Don’t have a clue what happened to my replay here … Here we go again – as always a true pleasure to end up here … my favorite is the last photo because of the light and all the details and color in damage roof.

  5. This really looks like it would be fun to not only see but to photograph. Now that ladder on the other hand….. I don’t think I’d be able to make it up that cuz I get really dizzy at heights… LOL :D

  6. Nice shots. I liked seeing the outside first. Gave me a sense of where you were in the inside.

  7. great shots as always…I particularly like the last one, the way you captured the roof and the decoration in the tall thin window…nicely done!

  8. These are beautiful. And refreshing.
    With the ubiquity of photos (on the net, in advertising) so many things one sees seem stale nowadays. But these look… different?

  9. These are such wonderful captures of this school. Something tells me that this place tugs your heart strings in a different way than other places. I can feel it through your images. Great idea on the post cards.

  10. Incredible. I love places with a bit of history behind them. I love the angels you took them from.

  11. You seem to find a never-ending supply of wonderful old buildings to photograph. This is another stunner! ~ Sheila

    • Melbourne is full of them Sheila. If you love buildings then Melbourne is brilliant. I think the gold rush in the later half of the 19th century gave us the money to indulge, and indulge they did. It was a rich city and they wanted people visiting it to know it.

      • My husband had a chance to work in Australia for a few months in 2004. He absolutely loved it. I don’t think he made it to Melbourne…he was in Sidney and Brisbane and in some rural locations practicing in small clinics in the outback as a relief physician. Quite an adventure for him! He wants to do a return visit, and I’ll be excited to explore with him one of these days. We’ll put Melbourne on the list!

      • Oh yes you must and visit me. The country areas of Australia are always crying out for doctors, so he probably wouldn’t have trouble getting work. Actually I think the cities are as well. Come and you and I can go and explore the county. :)

  12. WOW the views you gave us are really amazing. I feel like I’m walking up them and looking around! HAHA! I love that building so much

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