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Yesterday I taught my second class for the year at Living & Learning Nillumbik.  The class was full and they were all there for landscape photography.  I haven’t been sure about this teaching thing, but I decided with yesterday’s class that I was just going to wing it.  Writing out a plan and that sort of thing just wasn’t working for me, so yesterday I just talked to them and told them what I know.  I thought it went well, and I hope they did as well.  I actually really enjoyed the class and found the time went so quickly, unlike other classes I have taught.

I don’t know if I am  meant to be taking photos while out with them, but I did take a few.  I am hoping that if some of them find my blog, they might like to see what I have done with the images that I took.

Side Gates from the LeftThe Eltham centre where I teach is close to some parkland  so we went into it so they could practice their landscape photography.  These gates were beside one of the paths.  They are quite old and have been here for quite some time.  Such an ornate find in such green surroundings.  I had to get the camera out and take a few shots.  It is hard, I just wanted to be taking photos as well, but that isn’t why I was there.

They look lovely here with the green behind the gates, almost looks Eden like, but I wondered, you know, if I played with it a little.

Side Gates from the Left - Black and WhiteI think the whole mood of the image has changed here.  Though, I have lost some of the work and detail in the gates.  I processed this with Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2.  It seems like ages since I used it.  I discovered a few new things, that is always good.

With all the images today, they have been given very little processing, other than a quick trip through camera raw and then onto Silver Efex.

Side Gates from the RightThese are the same gates, but taken from the other side.  It makes a big difference.  With that path behind the gates and the break in the trees makes the gates stand out so much more.  Closed gates always gives a feeling of being shut out, like you are being left out.

Side Gates from the Right - Black and WhiteThe processing with Silver Efex has given it that spooky feeling, I think.  I like the way it has given it a creepiness that the bright green leaves of the colour one just can’t give you.

Gate DetailA close up of the locks on the gate.  I am afraid this is not really in focus, I took it very quickly with my new lens, and I think I got too close.  Still, you get an idea of how it looked.  I do like all the colour of the rust on it and I added more saturation to those parts to bring it out more.

Gate Detail - Black and WhiteI have added some sepia to this, and I like the feeling it conveys.  I think this image is probably my favourite out of all of them.  I used Silver Efex to draw out a lot of detail in the image.  There is something very heavy and creepy about this locked gate.

Black and White Work BenchYou don’t get to see the colour version of this, I didn’t like it.  Too many odd colours everywhere and the black and white representation works so much better.  Sometimes, often really, black and white just works.  When it is black and white you focus on the shapes and textures.  I also like the way this version makes the home behind it almost disappear, it stood out too much before.

These were all taken in an area that I know I am going to have to go back and visit again, but when I am not teaching a class and can just take my time.  It is quite an interesting place.

The people in the class took some great photos and I hope they were pleased with their efforts.  At the end of the class I used my new Google Nexus 10 tablet to look at their photos and too critique them for them.  I don’t like doing that too much, but I know it has to be done and they seem to appreciate it as well.

Next class is next month, so that will be great.  Think I will follow the same plan as this one, have no plan.  Just talk about what I do and what I know.

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