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ReWorking the Shearing Shed

Well it isn’t exactly the same shearing shed, I couldn’t work out what the images were, it has been a long time since I first did these images.  The idea should be the same.  Again, as with last weeks rework, I was curious to see how I would do the image now, if it would be different, better or worse.

shearingshed0544-1scThis is the original as I did it some eighteen months prior.  The clouds always got me.  The way they almost move towards you, then the contrast of the rusty tin of the shearing shed.  It isn’t a bad image and has always been one of my favourites from up that way.

So what could I do differently?

Shearing Shed with Rust

This image is taken from further away and you get more of a look at the whole shed and some of the yards around it.  I also like the way the trees frame it.  The rust of the shed fits in with the dry grass at the front of it as well.

If I am to be honest I prefer the second image far more, though I may have been to heavy with some of the processing, but I might have to think about that some more.   The dry grass in the front is great, I do really like that, and it isn’t in the first image.  I think the second image gives more context of its surroundings.

It is nice seeing what changes can be done now.  I will admit, I did rush this a little.  I had planned on doing another image, but it was taking forever and I really didn’t like where it was going, so you got this one instead.  I am not disappointed, and time will tell what I really think of it.

The New Blog and Spam

The new blog has been going for two months now, and I still like how it looks, but not many have changed over to it, and I know many people have been having trouble with it, as far as liking a post or commenting on it.

The reasons for starting the new blog have changed and I see now that I don’t really need it.  I will keep it going though, as long as people are subscribed to it.  Though, I am having a huge problem with spam.

The spam I get from it is unbelievable and I am getting so many comments that are just that, spam.  I am constantly trying to get rid of them.  I don’t know how other people who self host go, but it has really surprised me.  WordPress does a great job of filtering out the spam and it is rare that I get spam in with my comments.

I have also noticed that my spam folder on my site is getting a lot as well.  I used to get, maybe, 15 to 20 spam messages a day, now, sometimes, I am getting over 50.  It is annoying.

I am not really sure what to do with the new one, but if people wanted to change back to Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY at WordPress, I would be grateful.


  1. I’d agree with you… I think the second photo is much better… the surroundings add to the overall feel of the building. Getting the grass in the front, and the trees in the back give the photo more depth too… the first image, while good, doesn’t capture the attention in the same way the second image does.

    I like that you’re using this blog — it is much easier to enter comments :-)

  2. luxaeternaimaging says

    I agree with you on both counts: The second photo is a better compisition as a whole, and in the last few months my spam folder has exploded! Back to your photo, the contrast in the second photo is AMAZING! I love the way the light playes across the grass. I would love to see some of the rich rust and gold colors of the shed and grass worked into the clouds more (like they are in the upper right corner). :) Julz

  3. Trying to imagine that shearing shed not rusted…and I’m done. The action of the elements for years have given you this great subject. A new attraction for the rust belt, which I remember a guy doing in Cleveland. Thanks for the photo and your narrative.
    On my Way…

  4. Bubbly Tee says

    I agree that the surroundings help the whole image and i wish to grab shots like these but sometimes there is something in the surroundings that destroys it…like debris or a vehicle.

  5. I love these pictures and your descriptions of the differences helps me see those differences. I hope I can start to see through an artist’s eye. I just see stuff I like and shoot.

    I never figured out where your other blog was. Sorry. I love this blog though, as you can tell!

    I have started reading your beginning photography book and I love it so far! I’m looking forward to taking my DLSR off auto. ;)


    • I hope you can understand the part you got. I tried to write it in simple terms, but I look forward to seeing some photos with the camera off auto, perhaps that is what I should have called them, “taking it off auto”
      You know, that is exactly what I do, I see something I like and I photograph it, though I don’t just shoot, I do compose, look at my settings and stuff like that. You will be doing all that soon.

  6. I love these photos The shearing shed is amazing, coming from rural
    Australia, it really captures you. Well done

  7. I also agree I prefer the second picture although I have no expertise in photography (the opposite is the truth. I could take a picture of something really beautiful and make it look ugly).
    It might be that the number of people commenting have increased and in proportion you get more spam. I must confess my blog doesn’t get that many visitors (and I forget to check spam for long periods) but I agree that Worrdpress is very good at blocking spam.
    Good luck!

  8. Leanne – as per your request I have moved back. I am sorry to hear that your venture has caused you so much trouble. Still, at least you know now.

    • That is true, it has been an interesting experience, and I don’t regret it, but the spam is doing my head in. So, thank you so much for coming back.

  9. I love both photographs. You picked a very intriguing subject. But I would have to say that my favorite between the two is the second one. It gives you a better sense of the setting and compliments the shed beaitufully. Nice work!

    ~ O

  10. I definitely see more movement in the clouds in the second one, and the shed is better highlighted (in the first image, my eye kept getting drawn to the patch of light in the right -hand corner). I like both of them, but they give off different feelings. The first one feels like a storm is coming; the second that dawn is breaking. I dunno. That’s just me. :)

  11. Great photos and thoughts. I am amazed also at the spam. You are lucky to only have 50 a day. I am constantly trying to keep it deleted. I just checked and I have 1,296 and I just emptied it 2 days ago. :(
    Yes, at least WordPress catches most of them. Thanks for stopping by my site so often.

    • OMG that is a lot of spam, it hasn’t been that bad for me, I wonder why you have been targeted. I clear mine every morning, and I have 66 there from yesterday just on this one. It is crazy.

  12. The second image is more unified in its approach. It has leading line, great use of vignettes and you don’t have the “hotspot” of clouds. The sky actually leads you to the building. Nice stuff!

  13. Sometimes change ends up not being the best thing. I think why I didn’t switch is because you get emails with your post updates rather than being in the reader feed.
    Love the second photo as well with the light highlighting the barn. What a fore dooming image/

    • I don’t regret trying it, but I find it hasn’t been as easy as I thought. This one works better for my needs and that is okay. I had hoped to be able to sell advertising space, but I am really happy with the direction I am going in now.
      I often find when I do an image like this, that I like the rework, but I am in the minority, but it has been lovely this time to find that most people like it. Actually I think nearly everyone has.

  14. I like the second one best too because it does show context and I love the processing-wherever you end up (WP or own site) I will follow-

  15. Much prefer the second one – the expanse of it, and the use of light, especially the sunlight on the grass to set off the shed.
    Will unsubscribe from this blog and subscribe to the other one.

    • Alison, stay on this one, this is the old one, this is the better one to be on. The other one is the self hosted. I know it gets confusing, I get confused by it all too.

  16. I love both pictures, but the second one speaks to me. I always look forward to your photography and the history lessons too! I may have to learn how to use a spiffy camera!

  17. mkriegh says

    I am happy to be at either site, though I confess he wordpress one is easier. I am not sure if the theme you are using is a premium one or not, but if not, you might investigate the premium themes for an enhanced look. Its a one time purchase and I am very happy that I did. Its more refined.

    • I haven’t found a premium theme that I really like, but I might keep searching. I am not against it, but to purchase one it will have to be something that I am really happy with.

  18. karla krepsky says

    Hello, Leanne ! I have been having lots of problem at my blog with corrections, drafts, updates, links…also annoying. I guess the best way to avoid spam in comments is moderate it before go to page. I am also thinking about changing theme because of these problems. I like both photos. The light of the second one is waiting for a flying saucer…..LOL…..beautiful……

    • Thanks Karla, I do moderate all comments which is lucky, that way the spam doesn’t get through, but it is still annoying have to sift through it and work out if it spam, some can be very deceptive.

  19. Mike Jennings says

    I enjoy your blog and appreciate you sharing your talent with the rest of us. I actually saw these two pictures very differently. I tend to view pictures from right to left. The perspective and tonal changes in the top led me from one side to the other appreciating the whole composition. While viewing the bottom picture I got about half way across the building and my eyes were led back to the right on the clouds. After reading your post I had to go back and relook at the bottom picture. Just my view of your world.

  20. Great images! I’m just starting to try to learn basics of Photoshop and am constantly in awe of well edited photos.

  21. Alison says

    Love both your photos – especially the second with the swirling skies. When is the last time someone used that shed for shearing? Regarding your spam problem, have you tried installing akismet? Seems to work for me…

    • I don’t know when it was used last, but it has been a long time, it isn’t very safe inside and if you go in you have to be careful where you go.
      Akismet sounds familiar, but might have to see if I have it. I have to admit, that the new blog, the self hosted one was an idea, that for me, just hasn’t worked. Not enough people followed it and the original one was way too popular and it is the one that I use when sending information to potential clients.

      • I’ve had the same problem with losing followers when I switched from self-hosted to WordPress-hosted but Akismet is definitely what you need. I’ve had it on both and do not moderate comments but the spam is truly limited. Between Akismet and WordPress’s spam filters, I’d say no more than a half dozen get through in 6 months.

  22. My favorite part of the second one is the light on the grasses. Wonderful!

  23. I really love the second picture, too. The perspective and the centralized light are amazing! I like the movement of the clouds, but you may be right about a tiny bit too much processing on that part (it’s almost like a time warp effect). Do you use CS5 to edit, or you use something else? I ask because I’m wanting to get into editing my pictures more (I lack HDR capabilities at the moment). Your edits always look amazing!

  24. I think you’re right. Love the second image, Leanne – there’s more space for a narrative to develop in it. The context seems really important to this. Anyway, great shot.

  25. Hi,
    I might be going in circles but need to ask. I am using the Canon 550D with a standard 18-55 and 70-300. I’ve been told the former is “no good” and changing to the latter when travelling is laborious.
    So in addition to needing some zoom and close-up for portraits / parties all in one, I also love experimenting with HDR – can one lens do all?
    I have seen the Sigma / 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM; the link is here:
    An alternative is to buy a “close-up” and HDR lens all in one, and for travel / zoom buy myself a light compact with 30 x zoom or so.
    I was looking at:
    I have asked a handful of chaps whose photography I really like – you are one of them.
    Some suggestions will really be appreciated.

  26. Great article, I would like to see the raw image. It could be great without retouch.

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