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Going Up

Another photo from the Manchester Unity Building, I hope you don’t mind, but with so many images to work on, well I figure you may as well see them as well.  As I said, I have so many images to work on for the building and there isn’t enough time right now to do too many other images.  I do apologise.  I have been taking other images, so you will get to see some new stuff soon.

Elevators on the Ground Floor

These are the elevators or lifts on the ground floor of the  Manchester Unity Building.  Anyone can see these, and they are pretty much the first thing you see when you enter from Collins Street.

I can remember the first time I saw them, I was totally amazed at how wonderful they were.  The doors look like pressed copper, and probably are.  I don’t think I would like the job of keeping them looking so shiny.  There is a working class look to them that I find really intriguing.  I don’t know much about the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, and after doing this image I think I would like to know more.  I might have to go and do some more research on them.

I took this image very early on Tuesday morning, and even at 6.45am I had trouble with people coming and going.  The above image is a HDR, and the first time I did it I used 5 images, but someone walked into the last image and waited for the lift, so when I processed the HDR you could see a ghostly shadow of something.  I tried working with it, but it bugged me too much so I did the HDR again but only used 4 images.

It was hard to work out how to do this image.  There were so many things in it that I wanted to highlight, but that would have made it too busy, so in the end I decided on the middle lift doors.  You get an idea of the rest, and you can still read the inscription on the wall.  Great piece of history, it is wonderful to see some history for everyone to read.  I also love the writing, and you know it was all done by hand by a signwriter many years ago.

I love this image, and I got excited everytime I worked on it.  I hope you enjoy it as well.


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  1. This is a beautiful picture. I love the highlighting and shadows…it looks like a magnificent, sort of mysterious place. I like reading why you take the picture the way you did as well. I like to hear the thoughts that went behind a photo rather than just seeing the photo. Great job.

  2. I feel you have no need to apologize for the choice of images you post. The amount of thought you put into what you photograph and the effort you put in to processing them is beyond anyone’s reproach.

  3. Bubbly Tee says

    I love those doors also…!

    I think you have excellent tastes and so did the person who built and designed them.
    thank u for sharing them with us.

  4. Coool. My dad was an engineer/architect. My husband’s a builder and metalworker. What’s not to gasp about when it comes to those doors!!

  5. I agree that you have no need of apologizing. This is, of course, your blog. Beautiful pictures that I have seen thus far.

  6. 1annecasey says

    Fabulous image. Congrats on all the award nominations!!

  7. Beautiful photo and appreciated your explanation of how you got the effect so perfect….I’m curious how a ghost would have looked….

    • It looked like a bright spot and put too much attention where I didn’t want it, so it had to go.

  8. That really is a nice shot. The subtlety of the lighting and the intricate detail is really phenomenal. I was wondering how you could possibly get so much from a single shot an then I saw mutli-image HDR. Now it makes sense but you must have had a tremendous time investment. Well done!

  9. Absolutely splendid image! I love the lighted highlights on the door and above left. Like the door beckons you to enter into a magical place behind! Admittedly, I’ve never thought of Australia’s architecture or heard of the Oddfellows – thank you for introducing them to me through your photography. New blog ideas are rolling around :)

    • Australian architecture is quite interesting, we have really struggled with our own identity and I can remember growing up with the idea that if it is Australian, then it must be bad. Silly really, and the same applied to architecture, so we have always borrowed our ideas from overseas, and in some ways it has been good.

      • Borrowing? Identity? Can you say Melting Pot? We proudly identify as Americans, but we all know from whereth we come — press any USAer: “I’m American and *fill in the blank* :)

      • No, people in the US have always seemed proud of that heritage, it hasn’t been the case here. We haven’t always been proud, and national pride is something that just wasn’t here. We are a melting pot, but we never have been, and never will be, I believe, I’m Australian and fill in the blank, people say that are blank. It is quite strange, I think it has to do with our beginnings as a prison colony. Even up until the 50’s and 60’s people still referred to England as home, that says a lot.

      • Fascinating. I studied prison history (used to be cj prof), aware of Australia’s colony prison history, but not aware of long-term cultural effects. Thank you for the insight! I hope to get down there some day – beautiful land, love the dialect. Sorry to keep this going in comments, but short story: I’m reminded of one of my grad profs who hung a very large world map behind his desk – UPSIDE DOWN! He said that was the right way because it put Australia on the top! Guess where his family was from :)

      • No problem at all keeping it going, so don’t feel bad. It is interesting, though I do think we are finally getting past it and realising that it isn’t a bad country.
        I love what your prof did, who knows how the world is really meant to be. :)

  10. What a lovely eye you have. I really enjoy the way you see things, thanks for sharing. Great blog! And thank you for visiting Sky Sense!

  11. Gorgeous as always. Any chance we’ll get some close ups of those panels on the elevators?

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