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Influencing Me – Peter Eastway

Last week I mentioned the idea of doing some photographers, and what a surprise, a lot of you thought that was a great idea.  So today I want to introduce you to Peter Eastway, an Australian photographer and editor of the Better Photography magazine.  He is also a photographer who has inspired me more than any other, I believe.

Peter Eastway - Castelnuova

Peter Eastway – Castelnuova

It was because of images like this that I wanted to take photos like him.  It is an image done in the darkroom, but it has been manipulated.  I believe the buildings were bleached, I can remember doing this myself, but I am sorry I don’t remember what the chemical was called.  It could give you a great effect, but it could also be way overdone, and unlike photoshop, when it was over done, it meant starting again with a whole new image.

Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway

I remember reading about this image in the magazine and what was done to it.  It is one of those images, that when you see the original, you think, hey that looks like the images I take, then you see what he has done to it.  The final image takes it to a whole new level.  You can see why I like this.

p066773You know if you saw this for real, it wouldn’t look like this.  This is so much better, I am sure.  For me Eastway makes me think about the possibilities within the image.  I ask myself more questions now and don’t just accept what the camera does.

I know there are quite a number of people out there that believe the image from the camera is the real image and you shouldn’t play with it.  You definitely wouldn’t like Eastway’s photographs, but I hope you can see how truly stunning images can be.

Peter Eastway - Cape Palliser

Peter Eastway – Cape Palliser

I look at images like this and it always gets me thinking.  I think about the images I have, and the images I want to take.  I think about what Eastway does and can I do similar things to my images.

PE-2When I go out and take images, his work is often in the back of my mind as I try and interpret his work into my own.



I don’t tend to think of Eastway as a photographer of architecture, more landscape, but I love how he does all things.

His magazine, Better Photography, often gives tutorials so you can learn how he does what he does.  I spent many hours going over the magazines and learning everything I could.  The magazine is going digital, so you could subscribed to it from anywhere in the world now.  I have always thought it was the best photography magazine out there, and try never to miss it.  I am an emerging member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and it includes the magazine, though now I can only get it digitally and I haven’t worked out how that works at present.

For me Peter Eastway is simply the best, through his photography I have learned that there are so many possibilities and what you can do with photoshop is absolutely amazing.  I now open an image, I look at it, then my mind starts thinking though all the possibilities of what can be done.  I start playing, and end up, well, who knows.

So, when trying to work out what image of my own to show you that is influenced by Eastway it was hard, well, because they all are.

scmu-5hpm7446-13This one definitely.  A boring image to start with and then slowly playing and playing until it turns into something completely different.  The vignetting and gradient are definitely because of Eastway.  The way he uses those to help focus your attention is brilliant and I use it a lot.  I know you have noticed that.


This is not really an image you would see Eastway do, but, for me, it has been edited a lot and that means it is influenced by him.  For me any image that tries to make you see more than the obvious and give you an image that makes you want to sing is influenced by him.

I did contact Peter before doing this post and I asked him if he had a favourite image, his response was “My favourite is the next one I take!!”.

If you want to check out more of Eastway’s work then he has his own site, Peter Eastway Portfolio, or you can check out the magazine by clicking on Peter Eastway’s Better Photography.

There haven’t been a lot of photographers whose work I have loved and followed.  I know that sounds snobbish, and it is changing, but for I have been a massive fan of Peter Eastway for around 15 years, and for me, he always does a great job.  I hope you like his work as much as me.


  1. What a fantastic post! I wasn’t familiar with Peter Eastway’s work. It is stunning! I would love to see a real-life image of his sometime. I will definitely look for more of his work. Thanks for the introduction..and for sharing the two images you created! Beautiful!

  2. i love his work, thanks for the heads up. the video on how he edited the storm photo is amazing, great tips

  3. Likewise I have amassed quite a collection of the Better Photography magazine. For me Peter’s images have have a certain stillness that draws you into them. I find them quite compelling.

  4. Thank you for all these sharings, it is amazing. I agree with you about his photography. And your lilac tulips fascinated me so much dear Leanne Cole, but always your photography same for me, you are one of my best photographers. Thank you, love, nia

  5. Thanks Leanne for sharing Peter Eastway’s work and your thoughts on the work and the way it influences your own.

  6. Of all the ‘Influencing me’ pieces you have done thus far this one really captures your style. The things you’ve been doing really do capture the feel of Eastway’s material. I really enjoyed the images of his you chose to post here. The processing you both to is similar and gives the finished works and same sort of flavor and polish. Nice stuff. D

  7. Your work is always so awesome! I’ve missed reading your post. You are always such an inspiration to me… You make me want to grab my camera and get out to take more pictures…. Now, if I can ever just get enough time to learn how to make them beautiful like you do with our! You’re amazing! :D

  8. Peter, what an artist … stunning art. His lighthouse is my favorite. Love that calm colors of the hills and the bold colors in the lighthouse. Your tulips photo is fantastic.

  9. I browsed through his site, and I definitely like his work.
    I love your shot of the tulips. Beautiful.

  10. This is a beautiful effect and very well done. I used potassium ferricyanide in the darkroom for a bleaching agent. Lovely stuff.

  11. How interesting, and what a brilliant quote: “My favourite is the next one I take!” I can see why you like Peter’s work, but your work is very different. Love both of your shots here.

  12. sunmallia says

    Wow Leanne these are stunning images, thanks for featuring Mr. Eastway on your blog I will certainly check out his site.

  13. What spectacular images! They take me to another place, indeed! And I include yours in those comments! You have a fantastic style, Leanne. Thank you for sharing Eastway’s work and how his work influences you…

  14. Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful new photographer! I hadn’t heard of Peter Eastway and love the work you’ve shown. I definitely see his influence your work! Thanks again!

  15. Thanks for introducing me to the work of Peter Eastway. It’s stunning (not unlike your own :D)

  16. Stunning images. Thank you for introducing me to Eastway’s work. And thank you for stopping by a newbies blog and sending me a like :)

  17. Thanks, I just found this post as I was scrolling backward collecting the links for the School for Deaf Children to send to a friend. I appreciate hearing about Peter Eastway because his magazine is a way I can start to learn about photography more seriously.

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