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More from the rocks at Lorne today.  I didn’t get up early again, but have some of the images from yesterday mornings session.  I thought I would show some images that aren’t HDR images.  They are single images that have been processed in Photoshop.  I also got quite a few requests to share how I did the images.

24mm, 2 secs,f14, ISO100

24mm, 2 secs,f14, ISO100

You should recognise this from yesterday, though this is just one image, the second image in the bracketed shots.

I have put the exif information under the image, so you can see what it was shot at.  I use aperture priority when I shoot most of the time.  I also had the camera on a tripod and I was using a Neutral Density Filter.  I knew I would have to use whatever I could to slow down the shutter speed.

24mm, 2 secs, f14, ISO100

24mm, 2 secs, f14, ISO100

24mm, 0.4secs, f14, ISO100

24mm, 0.4secs, f14, ISO100

I mentioned yesterday that I did some with waves, you can’t see them that well, but they are there in the distance.  The processing with HDR lost the waves, so it made sense to do it as a single image.

24mm, 1.3 secs, f25, ISO100

24mm, 1.3 secs, f25, ISO100

As the sun came up, it was getting harder to get that soft water blur, so I upped the aperture, or rather closed it down to f25, and I added my polariser on the lens as well.

24mm, 2.5 secs, f25, ISO100

24mm, 2.5 secs, f25, ISO100

This image was taken in practically the same place as the previous one.  I do love the way the light hits the rocks and the wet rock look.  The textures in the rocks are so amazing as well.

I hope this has answered the questions that people wanted to know about how I photographed these images.  I hope you will all go out and try it yourself, if you can, if you are inclined to and if you love water images.  Good Luck.


It is time to acknowledge all the people who have nominated me for awards again. I am sorry if I have missed any.  I really did leave this for far too long, though I have a new system in place and it should be much easier next time and people won’t get lost.

The following people have nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award


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Amanda from wannabephotographer87 also invited me to have coffee, an interesting idea.

Thank you to each and everyone for the awards.  I feel incredibly honoured and loved.


  1. treneebolton says

    These are gorgeous seascapes and sunsets!! The rocks almost remind me of chocolates :)

  2. Love the images. They look other worldly. Congratulations on all the awards. You truly inspire :)

  3. These are AMAZING! They feel almost unearthly! The second last one made me doubt that it were water.

  4. Wonderful photos, the light is gorgeous. Such beautiful landscape scenes.

  5. These are truly stunning images. I especially love the last one.
    Wonderful detail and perspective.

  6. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I’m getting from this little series. I think it’s great.

  7. Very powerful and dramatic … and fearful. The second photo from the bottom is my pick .. and congratulations to you and your noisiness. Have a great week.

  8. Thank you for the information! I’m relatively new here, so I didn’t realize that I could participate in nominating for a variety awards. Had I know that earlier, I would have nominated you for all of them! :)

    P.S. Also, could I ask you where you focused in the first three photos?

    • No idea, sorry, I tend to you use spot focusing, so I would have focus on the rocks about a third of the way in and on a dark one so it would give me more colour. Does that make sense?

  9. Love these! I really like the way the light seems to make the rocks glow. Beautiful! ~ Sheila

  10. Don’t know if you know this, but a post you did in February I read and couldn’t comment on. That put me off, so I changed my mind about following. I hope that doesn’t automatically happen with posts, but mine have been commented on a couple months after, so I guess not.

  11. Leanne, you do an amazing job, not only of photography, but interacting with people. You deserve all of your awards, and then some, so it’s good to see you getting so many. I notice that you said you might come to the United States next year. I hope you get to California. You know you have a place to stay if you come!!! :)

    • Thank you so much Marsha, lovely of you to say. We are going to California if we come, my husbands brother lives near San Francisco. Is that close. :)

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