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Trying it Again

My phone’s alarm went off at 3am, though I set the bedside clock, I didn’t turn it on, so the phone woke me up and the realisation that I forgot to turn the other one on kept me awake.  At four both daughters were woken up, they both wanted to come.  One because she loves road trips and the other because she wanted to drive.  She did get two more hours of night, or dark driving, so she is getting very close to having her hours up so she can go for her license.

Before SunriseWe went back to Lorne.  I had hoped to get there even earlier than last time, but I actually got there at the same time, though the sunrise happened about 15 minutes later, so I got some before sunrise images, and this is one.

The Tip of SunriseYou can almost see the top of the sun in this image.

Sun RisesThe ocean was a lot rougher than it had been last time and the tide, whilst it was a low tide, was a long way in.  I was really surprised when I got there that most of the rocks were under water.

Rough Waters at SunriseWaves were crashing all over the rocks, but I didn’t capture any in this photo.  All the photos today are HDR images, and I may try do some of the images as single images soon.  I did get a single image of this and you could see the waves.  So maybe if people want to see that I might put it up another time.

Calm Surrounded by TurmoilI was surprised to get this still pool of water, especially as the tide was coming in slowly.  I had to run for it a couple of times.

It was a gorgeous morning, not cold, not yet hot, but you could feel the warm in the sun and the potential for a lot heat.  On the drive home there were hundreds of cars heading down to the beach.  No doubt to try and cool off from all the heat we have been having.

Going back was interesting, it still isn’t easy getting up that early, though I like the results a lot more this time.  I got more of a sunrise this time, which was better, but the water was so much rougher.  I am exhausted now and think it might be time for a nap.


  1. Hey there, Leanne:

    These pictures whet my appetite for travel to your realms; beautiful, beautiful schtuff!! Very well done! :)

  2. Spectacular. I am transported :-) Thanks for getting up so early to bring these to us.

  3. Breathtaking! You’ve captured the atmosphere very well.

    I’d love to see some of the one-shot images with the waves. Might make a great compare-contrast post.

  4. Spectacular…breathtaking…gorgeous…stunning…
    I feel relegated to the slag-heap of Adjective World. What’s left? Like/love/like/love – etc. Glad you’re getting up early instesd of me…I’m grumpy in the am…maybe why I live in Sunset Land.

  5. You did it! Wow, these are amazing. You are a constant source of inspiration. I hope you and your daughters get some sleep.

  6. gailkav says

    This is an incredible scene, well worth revisiting.

  7. The befire sunrise images are spectacular but the last of the ocean pool so clear to the rocky bottom reflecting the sky has a quiet beauty :)

  8. This is beautiful, truly inspiring! I bet your 3am wake up call was worth it now! haha :)

    Cogtography, a blog made to inspire a new generation of photographers. Get inspired.

  9. Divine Rush says

    I love these photos, they are breathtaking! Wow!

  10. Nice work ! I cant wait till i get my dslr next week and try to make this kind of shots :)

  11. the story behind these images were attracting me . I recognized it as it it was myself doing this. That moment which is unique and will not be happening again is for me the most intense one. Therefore the last picture is the best one. I believe million of sunsets and sunrises can be observed but in the last image you used the sunlight to make such nice details. These details can never be presented during daylight . I support and understand EllaDee ‘s remark but more i understood your story behind.

  12. How about a bit of technical info here … what exposures were you using to both get the sun right and blur the water? Nice shots. D

    • Haha, good question, no idea, I know I was using f14 and was getting 4 or 5 second exposures, then the sun came up so I went to the smallest aperture, which I think was f22 to help keep getting the longer exposures, I was also using a +8 neutral density filter and after the sun came up I also put on my polariser. Does that help at all?

      • Yup. I’ve been thinking about a neutral density filter – it’ll be my next purchase. How in the world do you keep up with sooooo many comments! You’re a dedicated blogger – no doubt. D

      • I don’t Dave, I only respond to comments that ask questions or say something that I want to respond to. Because I moderate all comments, I do read them all, so I silently thank each and every one.

  13. tripodtrippin says

    Lovely images, Leanne! So worth getting up for. I have no favourite, they’re all beautiful!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I looked at them first thing this morning, and what beautiful images to see first thing in the morning while I had my coffee!

  15. Absolutely stunning. I wish I could have gone with you too. I don’t need the driving hours. The beauty alone would have been the draw.

    • It would be nice to do some trips like this with other photographers. Then you don’t feel rushed.

  16. redshortcomings says

    Reblogged this on Shortcomings and commented:
    such a talented photographer. Her work will inspire you to paint.

  17. Such gorgeous photos yet again…love the misty effect of the water. Its getting harder and harder to catch sunrise shots now that the days are getting longer. That’s one thing winters good for…late sunrise :-)

    • Yes, that is what I’m waiting for, our shorter days. Then I won’t have to get up so early, but I will have to put up with the cold, but I think I can do that.

  18. Aint Life says

    Absolutely beautiful, I love the ethereal look of the water around the rocks in the early morning light.

  19. hutchphotography2020 says

    Beautiful images. Great coastline.

  20. Fantastic gallery – stunning photos – it’s like the time stood still and so did the ocean. You’re so talent.
    The top shot is my favorite. Truly beautiful .. every one of them.

  21. I just can’t get over how beautiful these photographs are! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  22. Alli says

    You are truly dedicated! These are all wonderful and remind me of our coast here, though I don’t think I ever made it out to see the dawn! I love the feel – the images really take me there.

  23. I have been on WordPress for a little while now, and I have followed many people, all in which I am very fussy about. I do not just follow anyone, I have enough crap in my inbox as it is, but I am so looking forward to your next post, and the one after, and the one after that too. I absolutly love your photography!

  24. It was worth the early start to get these stunning photos. Well done Leanne. I can only aspire to take photos as gorgeous as yours one day.

  25. Beautiful pics! I’ve never been to a “real” ocean (years ago I went to Pensacola beach but was told by my retired Navy husband that the Gulf was not “really” the full-fledged ocean, but he was being a poophead.) I am just in awe of the ocean, and pictures like yours make me want to go and see it for myself someday.

  26. kev kitching says

    Thats just the look and feel I’ve been striving for.

  27. These images are amazing…an almost unearthly feel to them, as though they were taken on a distant planet…very inspirational!

  28. daveldman says

    Love the HDR work. I’ve only scratched the surface of that world, so far.

  29. Was it the HDR that caused the blurred misty effect, or was it a slow shutter speed, or was there literally mist on the rocks?

  30. Beautiful shots. Makes me want to get up early tomorrow and try for sunrise shots here on the Alabama gulf coast.

  31. These are so gorgeous and otherworldly – they fit right in with your deserted urban studies. Great stuff.

  32. They have a strong feeling of a primeval world rising out of the ocean. I had bookmarked this months ago thinking I’d like to make a painting similar to these photos, but I never did. Maybe… :)

    • I have never heard of them being described like that, really interesting. Yes, maybe, we all have things like that, ideas and plans, some get done, some don’t. Thank you. :)

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