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My phone’s alarm went off at 3am, though I set the bedside clock, I didn’t turn it on, so the phone woke me up and the realisation that I forgot to turn the other one on kept me awake.  At four both daughters were woken up, they both wanted to come.  One because she loves road trips and the other because she wanted to drive.  She did get two more hours of night, or dark driving, so she is getting very close to having her hours up so she can go for her license.

Before SunriseWe went back to Lorne.  I had hoped to get there even earlier than last time, but I actually got there at the same time, though the sunrise happened about 15 minutes later, so I got some before sunrise images, and this is one.

The Tip of SunriseYou can almost see the top of the sun in this image.

Sun RisesThe ocean was a lot rougher than it had been last time and the tide, whilst it was a low tide, was a long way in.  I was really surprised when I got there that most of the rocks were under water.

Rough Waters at SunriseWaves were crashing all over the rocks, but I didn’t capture any in this photo.  All the photos today are HDR images, and I may try do some of the images as single images soon.  I did get a single image of this and you could see the waves.  So maybe if people want to see that I might put it up another time.

Calm Surrounded by TurmoilI was surprised to get this still pool of water, especially as the tide was coming in slowly.  I had to run for it a couple of times.

It was a gorgeous morning, not cold, not yet hot, but you could feel the warm in the sun and the potential for a lot heat.  On the drive home there were hundreds of cars heading down to the beach.  No doubt to try and cool off from all the heat we have been having.

Going back was interesting, it still isn’t easy getting up that early, though I like the results a lot more this time.  I got more of a sunrise this time, which was better, but the water was so much rougher.  I am exhausted now and think it might be time for a nap.

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