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Sitting Tall

Busy day busy week.  Had hoped to get more than one image done for you today, but stuff happened, and well, I only have one.

Chamber ChairsI chose this image because I liked how it highlighted the wood work in the chairs.  It is the best image I have to show you how wonderful those chairs are.  They are so ornate and I can imagine feeling so important sitting in them.

The middle one, the Lord Mayor’s chair is the one I spoke about last week, it is the oldest piece of furniture in the Melbourne Town Hall.  The carving is so intricate and so extraordinary.  It is worth going on the tour just to see the chair.

Next week I will show some more images from the room.  I will do the ones I had hoped to do today.


  1. nice shot, you really caught those textures beautifully, the detail makes the image feel very rich. just one image, but a nice warm one.

  2. I love that line, “I can imagine feeling important sitting in one of them.” I can see this popping up in one of my stories someday, if you don’t mind.

    Since I’ve started baby steps on fiddling with my photos, I have even more appreciation for what you do. This is such an amazing photograph. The way the light comes across all the different elements of the room.

  3. Love the shot…and yes you do get a feeling of both ‘importance’ and history if you sit in one. I had that privilege when I chaired an organisation for a number of years. Many of our meeting where held at the County Councils main chambers an old and hallowed room. The big surprise was just how comfy these ‘sit up and beg’ chairs are a thankful reward/relief for long meetings.

  4. Nice! For some reason the “notches” on the edge of the table caught my eye…Isn’t it strange how the eye / mind works?

  5. Gorgeous very rich looking chairs, I wouldn’t mind one of them myself (especially the 2nd one) to sit at home in very important elegance :-)

  6. Eugene Holstein says

    I like all your photos. The last several photos look like you are using the hdr effect. Is that right?

    • Nearly every image on my blog is a HDR, very rarely it isn’t. I use HDR as a starting point and go from there.

  7. Important, oh yes! Beautiful textures, their richness contributes greatly to the importance.

  8. What can I say that I haven’t already said your images are so strong! I love the depth and details!!

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