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A Different Way of ReWorking the Boardroom

Empty BoardroomRemember this image?  This has to be one of my favourite images from the Manchester Unity Building.  I am not going to play with this image, I don’t really think there is any need to.  So, how does this end up as one of my images on my rework Friday?

Well there is more than one way to rework an image.  On Tuesday I was allowed to go back to the Manchester Unity Building to do some tower shots and while I was there, I popped into the boardroom and found a beautiful crystal bowl on the table and couldn’t resist doing the image again.

Boardroom Crystal This image was taken from a different angle and has a different view.  I like that you can see St Paul’s Cathedral in the first left window.  The bowl on the table gives a great reflection.  I like the lamp on the old radio as well.

The first image is very simplistic, very straight forward.  There is a word for it, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it is, I am sure it will come to me.  In comparison the second image is lot busier.  I don’t think that detracts from it, and shows a lot more of the room, and I think gives you more sense of what the room is.

I have processed the image above, in much the same way I did the one from yesterday, only there is more layers in this one.  I do like the way I am doing the blur a lot more.  I think it is more subtle.

I also thought you might like to see another image.

Boardroom LoungingThis area is also in the Boardroom, on the opposite to the windows.  It is such an imposing area, yet, when you enter the board room it is the area you notice last.  The large table and all the old chairs around it do take your breath away, then you turn around to look at the room and you see this little lounging area.  The chairs look so comfortable.

The fireplace or the mantle, if that is what you call it, it quite interesting.  I spent a lot of time doing some stuff with blurring to bring out the ridges and to make them stand out more.  I love how it ended up.  Though I will admit it was doing my head in doing it.  I was getting giddy.

I still have more work to do with the Manchester Unity Building, but not a lot, it is all coming to an end.  I love that building so much.  It really was wonderful to be invited in to take photos of it.  I hope to get more invitations to other buildings


  1. Totally amazing. I’m in awe of your photography. Also, the way you talk about the images helps me to see more distinctions within them.

  2. Such an excellent use of light here. You have a very keen eye for detail. Thank you for sharing all this info regarding to the process you followed. It was a good read!

  3. Lovely return images, Leanne. I’m in Melbourne at the moment, and this morning took one of the guided tours around the Town Hall. It’s always good to have something to photograph that is a little out of the ordinary, or is not always on public display, isn’t it?

    No doubt you will have lots of fun tomorrow on White Night in Melbourne :)

  4. petit4chocolatier says

    Stunning and I want a seat in the last picture!! I love it! Serenity :)

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  6. The colors in all three pictures are deep, rich and somehow soothing, even if they are of a boardroom

  7. Wow! Your photography is awesome! I love how you played with the lighting – makes it so much more effective

  8. The shot with the bowl on the table actually lit up several of my senses (beyond visual). Now that’s what I call one helluva picture! You are so inspiring!

  9. Dear Leanne,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful images. Could I ask you what ISO you used to take them?

    Thanks in advance,

  10. I like the way you gave all the wood a beautiful shine. Did you go around the room polishing the wood before …. Great photos

  11. Love how the change in perspective between the two photos really changes the room. In the first one you can easily pick out the gorgeous woodgrains on the walls and table and in the second they look almost ghostly while the glass bowl appears illuminated. Lovely.

  12. Amazing pictures; I think that in relation to the first picture in this post, the word you might be looking for is ‘clean’.

  13. I love how with one quick glance at a photo I know it’s yours. You truly do have a signature look Leanne and it is so filled with life. Thanks for all the visits this week.

  14. I love the idea of a rework day. I may have to do that myself. And these are beautiful images.

  15. I love these shots, Leanne. There’s a rich, luxurious quality to them and your post processing is terrific here. Beautifully done.

  16. Again, I see a book here. You could even publish it through Shutterfly or many other ways. I bet the owners of this building, or the businesses would pay for a beautiful book like this . I can’t believe what a gorgeous room this is! I don’t think I have EVER been to a room this grand, and I have been to MANY places. Well the Sistine Chapel would rival it, but very little else – the way you display it, anyway. Amazing, just amazing, Leanne. You have so much talent, I just want you to fly, girlfriend. Soar, and be famous! BE whatever YOU want to be. You HAVE what it takes, girlfriend! :) Marsha :)

    • I think there are some plans for these images, but not a book, but I have thought about doing one on buildings in Melbourne. We have some gorgeous ones that no one seems to know about. Maybe a bit further down the track though.

  17. I like the symmetry of the room where the cross, on the center of the piece has a significant position. The soft colours make the room enjoyable.

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