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Detailing Parliament House

To check out the post and all the photos that I took on the tour, please click here.

The Floor


  1. The Rambling Man (aka The Night Hawk Photographer) says

    Those are some awesome shots.

    I loved the bit about the Queen only being allowed to walk on the red carpet and not the green carpet! Here in the UK, she is banned from entering the House of Commons, which is the “green” chamber, because she is not a commoner, whilst she is free, I believe, to enter the House of Lords (red chamber). Which is probably the origin of why she may only tread the red carpets of the Upper House and not the green carpets of the Lower House.

    Interesting little piece of knowledge you passed on there, hope I shed some light on the background. Keep sharing the photos!


    • Our parliament system is based on the UK model, so the reasons would be the same. I know he said something about that.

  2. saymber says

    Amazing! You did a great job showing us the intricate details and opulence of it all Leanne.

  3. Nice photo, and an interesting quote about counsel. In Old English, the word for councel was “rede”, so King Aethelred the Unready was actually ready, just poorly counseled.

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