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Influencing Me – Edward Hopper

Before I did my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the VCA I had never heard of Edward Hopper, an American painter, and quite a famous one.

Entry WayTo read how Edward Hopper has influenced me and my photography then please continue reading here.


  1. Strange how one can have a role model in some things one does. My photography role model is Ansel Adams who probably was the greatest monochrome photographer of the previous century.

  2. The Rambling Man (aka The Night Hawk Photographer) says

    I love Edward Hopper’s work, having just come upon him recently myself. The themes of intense loneliness in the city echo my (hopefully reversing) situation at the moment. Going to read the main article now :)

  3. Great post – I too am a fan of Hopper.
    As with a couple of others in your new blog – the e-mail thing to like/comment puts me off I’m afraid, hence commenting here. Sorry :(

  4. You’ve taken the words out of my mouth. Quite coincidentally, my most recent post is reblog that is accompanied by Hopper’s Morning Sun. Oh, to be able to paint like Hopper, though not to have his character!

  5. Janet Duperré says

    Talking of Hopper…check out the photographs of Denis Hopper. Whilst he’s famous for being in films rather than behind the camera, his pictures are quite interesting and show his unconventional view of the world.

  6. Nice prose Leanne. I’ve been meaning to respond to the ‘Bare Bones’ post in which you reflected on the first week of the new blog. I must be honest and say that I very much understand your reasons for moving to self-hosting. On the hand I very much admire what WordPress manages to do. Like all things in life there are downsides, I am only sorry that your frustrations resulted in your move. I liked the idea that you were part of the WordPress community … you know … one of the WordPress photobloggers that I had really enjoyed getting to know. You were simply a click away. On another issue I am very sorry that you are having doubts about the business side of things. Let me say upfront that I know nothing about the business of photography, but with all due respect, perhaps you are trying to do too many new things all at the same time! Perhaps it would be better if you concentrated on one thing … and when that began to generate a bit of income you could then move onto something else? Just a thought. Do not take the comment to be negative – it is not mean to be so. I have great respect for what you are trying to do and very much want you to succeed. Read this as simply the opinion of someone on the outside looking in! Hang tough. I have confidence. D

  7. I love Hopper. There is a sense of loneliness and isolation, as you mention. Even when we’re looking in at people in a cafe, there’s a sense that we’re apart from them and merely observers from a distance and not connected to the people in any way. The melancholy feel of his work appeals to me.

    I have a framed print of his painting of Lighthouse Hill, Cape Elizabeth, Maine hanging over my fireplace.

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