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Bending Over Backwards

Bent Over
To read how this image was made and the mistakes please click here.


  1. Are you transitioning from this site to the other blog? Just wondering if I should drop this subscription and subscribing to the other one.

  2. I’m always fascinated by how the eye finishes a shape even if it’s not totally visible. For instance, I “see” the whole vase even though it bleeds off into the black background.

  3. Hi. I just ‘unfollowed’ this blog and ‘followed’ your new one. Hope I don’t lose you in the process. I must say though that I don’t like the hassle to do a comment over there – it’s much simpler here. So I just did a ‘like’ over there.

  4. Mistakes or not, this is such a stunningly beautiful image. It is calm and peaceful but also very delicately detailed and complex. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  5. I don`t know what exactly you had in mind and why you are not pleased with your picture but I like it !!!! it`s a beautiful one!!!

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