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Dfine-ing Your Images

Wednesdays, I think at this stage, are going to be about me trying things.  The things can be a new trick in Photoshop, or trying out some software, or learning something completely new.  I find this gives me motivation to actually experiment and doing this for you last year on the few occasions I did it, were very rewarding and I learned a lot.  Maybe you will too.

Recently I have experienced some problems taking images in low light.  My camera, the Nikon D300s is not very good when you get into the high ISO selections.  The higher you go the more noise you get and sometimes it can seem to almost ruin your images.  I can’t afford to get a camera that would help with that, so for me, the only option is to look for software that can help reduce it.  Let’s take a look at an image I have shown you before from the Melbourne Town Hall.

Council Chambers

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  1. I get a lot of noise in my orb photos because I brighten the image and lower the contrast to reveal the paler orbs. I wonder if this software would eliminate that noise without also eliminating the orbs.

  2. Haven’t tried this software but camera RAW in photoshop does a good job as well for mine as I get a lot of noise on my d90 in the higher ISO’s. problem is I don’t usually shoot in RAW

  3. Same with my camera – but it’s a compact so I don’t except it make any magic. Your photo here is very good.

  4. The noise is visible, but not intrusive. I don’t mind the noise at all as the fine details are still very nice.

  5. I’ll have to try the software-I’ve always used NoiseNinja but am open to others. Thanks!

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  7. For me Camera Raw and Photoshop almost always work. The minimum thing I do with all my photos is to do tone/saturation correction, sharpening and lens correction in Camera raw. For images taken with a high ISO Noise reduction in RAW works well 9 out 10 times. Ive tried a lot of tools but Photoshop rules and I always turn back to it.

    And thanks Leanne for keeping good stuff coming!

  8. I have the Nik suite so I have Dfine but I haven’t been using it as I’ve used Neat Image for a long time. I was processing an image and Neat Image didn’t work well so I tried Dfine and it did.

    Only minor problem is that I can’t use Dfine from Photoshop. I have a support request in, it may be incompatible with CS6 and Windows8. No real issue, if I want it in PS I just launch to Dfine from Lightroom and then export that TIFF and the NEF from LR to PS as layers.

    I don’t use noise reduction much these days, even in live music images at high ISOs. Those sort of images can stand a bit of noise anyway. Correctly exposing to the right where possible and (for landscapes) combining bracketed images for realistic HDR help to produce images that don’t require noise reduction as well.

    • It isn’t incompatible with PS CS6, that is what I use it with. I try and avoid having to my ISO up that high, but you can’t help it sometimes. Good pointers Murray.

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