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Today, I thought I might start something new. Normally I would do a tutorial on this day, but I have decided to change some things, so today I am going to do a post on one of my favourite artists, why I like them and how they have influenced my art practice.

To start this new series of posts off, I thought I would introduce you to Rick Amor.  Rick is a Melbourne artist and I have loved his work for several years.  I even read a book about him, not something I have done a lot of.  I do read a lot, but I find a lot of books about artists very heavy and hard to read.

He does quite a few self portraits, and this is one of them.  His paintings have a very realistic feel about them, but they also have a very textural element.  I am not very good at descriptive stuff, so please forgive me if I don’t go on and on.

The reason I like his work is that realistic element, but it is a reality that you won’t find in Melbourne, or anywhere really.

Image Courtesy of Niagara Galleries

Image Courtesy of Niagara Galleries

In the book, I read about how he will take photos of places and when he gets into his studio he will do a painting that is a combination of several of those images.  You look at the work and you know that he has combined several things together.  I really like how he makes that work.  It is something I wanted to do in paintings and drawings, but I didn’t have the patience.

Image Courtesy of Niagara Galleries

Image Courtesy of Niagara Galleries

Here is the idea of the ocean taking over, or the world disappearing.  I am not going to pretend that I know what he was trying to say.  However, these images really do appeal to me, the quietness of them, the way everything so much bigger than we humans.  He nearly always puts people in his paintings.  I try not to.  I love how the images appear to be abandoned, which, if you know me, you will know that that is something I really like.

Image Courtesy of Niagara Galleries

Image Courtesy of Niagara Galleries

This, I believe,  and I could be wrong, is the bridge that the trains travel on between Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station.  There used to be a bridge over the road down the Spencer Street end of Flinders street, and he has painted it here, but I can tell you that the scene does not look anything like this or ever did.  He has changed reality to suit what he wanted.

Rick Amor is represented by Niagara Gallery here in Melbourne and seems to have a major show every second year, with a smaller show every other year.  I try and get to as many of his shows as I can.  If you go the website of Niagara Gallery you can see a lot of his paintings from over the last 10 years, well worth a look.

As I said, I think of him as an artist that has been a great influence in my own journey as an artist.  He is one of many, but he is a major one.  So I thought I would have a go at doing an image today that is similar to what he does.  Sitting On the Beach

This is an image I took at Montsalvat, I have placed it on the beach and put a sunrise behind it.  I don’t think it is necessarily great, but I love the idea of it, and this is a direction I want to go in more this year.  I want to plan my images more and do better images like this.

Because of Rick I realised that it was possible to create my own realities, I just needed to learn how.  I think I am beginning to get those skills now.

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