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Retracing My Steps at Heide

Saturday morning I went back to Heide Museum of Modern Art with two clients.  It started out looking like a promising day, but then the clouds rolled in and the sun was hidden.  It isn’t very often that I am disappointed when this happens, but as we trying to do some landscape type of photography, it meant that the light was too flat.

Reflecting off the Rings of SaturnAs I said the sun did shine a little at first.  I love the way the morning sun is reflecting off the Rings of Saturn by Inge King.  I tried to do more images looking up at the sculpture this time.  Where they have it positioned you are meant to look up at it.  Unfortunately to get the sculpture and the sun I had to dodge trees as well.

Heide CourtyardThis is the courtyard and main entrance to Heide.  The black building is a new part that was built a few years ago.  It added a whole new gallery onto the building.  Since then they have also redone the cafe area, thought I haven’t been to it yet, hoping I might get a chance this week.  There is an exhibition on at the moment that I want to see, Art by Twilight, the art of Louise Bourgeois.  I have seen a couple of her pieces, but it would be lovely to see a whole show on her.

Side Gate to the Kitchen GardenIn another post I did about Heide someone mentioned that they loved the kitchen garden and had the book on Sunday Reed’s garden.  Sunday Reed is famous for many things, but she is especially famous for her gardens.  Her kitchen garden is still there and is still looked after and maintained.  I don’t know what happens with what is grown in the gardens, though I suspect the cafe gets much of the produce.

I really didn’t take much after this, I found the light just too flat and horrible.  It happens like this.  My clients took some images, but in the end we decided that we wanted breakfast more.

Tamrac’s Aero Speed Pack 75 Dual Access Photo Backpack

I haven’t said much about the bag since getting it for Christmas, but I thought it was time to tell you how much I love this bag.  I have used it on a number of occasions now and I have not been disappointed.  My husband carried it around for me at the Bay Crits.  It wasn’t big enough for all of my stuff, but I carried one camera and the other lived in the Tamrac bag until it was needed.

I use it when I go somewhere like the city.  I want my camera with me, but the reason for the trip may not be photographic.  The camera is easy to get in and out of the bag.  It isn’t a pain to use the bag and it sits very comfortably on my bag.

I can’t recommend it enough.  I am so happy that I found Tamrac, and I want to thank  C.R. Kennedy and Tamrac.

Online Classes

I have put up some more online classes for people wanting to learn Photo Editing.  I am trying to organise times that will be fine for people overseas.

I know a lot of you said that you were interested in learning photo editing from me, so if there are other times you would prefer, then let me know and I will see what I can organise.

The Beginners Basics are still available.  I’ve been getting some good feedback, so that is great to hear.  I am going to be writing some more parts for them as well, more on taking photos in particular circumstances.

I am also wondering if people would be interested in a one off class on HDR images?  Let me know.


  1. I enjoyed all the photos, but especially the first, as well! I’m also realizing I need to visit this website more often to learn and share more about photography. Thanks :)

  2. After reading this I don’t feel so bad that my photos seemed so blah today. Heide must be such a wonderful place.

  3. I need to visit this website more often to learn more about photography but I do not have time. Thank you.

  4. Hi Leanne love your blog. How do I sign up for photo editing for beginners? I’d like to take the photography for my online home interiors brand. I’m overseas in Edinburgh. nnena

  5. Leanne, that piece of art – stunning .. nearly so good as my water lily *laughter – you have missed that one!!!!
    Think it’s a great incentive to start basic classes .. for us happy amateurs.
    I hope you will get your head around it. *smile

  6. great photos…I love the Ring of Saturn it is beautiful! Would love to take a class some day…eventually. :)

  7. Little Brown Tomato (LBT) says

    Beautiful photos Leanne. And Congrats on being an Instructor! :)

  8. The museum looks beautiful a real mix of the modern and organic. They do that very well here in Switzerland too. I wish I lived close enough to visit :(

  9. The Rings of Saturn is nicely done – perspective is everything isn’t it?. Too bad the light didn’t cooperate. You’re keeping us all in suspense over these Heide images! I recently purchased a couple of Lowe Pro bags that I like quite a lot. They are just small – for just the camera – and handle well in the field. I like to travel light and don’t have a lot of equipment in any case – perhaps some day. D

  10. My Mushy Brain says

    The first one is perfect! I think the lighting and the cloud formation added to this picture. It just would not have looked right with a beautiful blue sky.

  11. petit4chocolatier says

    Leanne, beautiful photos. I absolutely love garden pictures with gateways. You are wonderful to be giving online classes!

  12. orlando gustilo says

    Thanks for sharing your photos. Pictures are like seeing the world through someone else’s eyes except we have different skills in showing what we’ve seen!

  13. Fabulous shot of the King sculpture, Leanne…I really love the angle and the nice, heavy contrast. Too bad about the Sun doing it’s altogether boring ‘disappearing act’ just when you need it! Still, these few you’ve posted have a fine quality of light about them…and that should make you somewhat happy? (As least it didn’t cost $35 AU, right?)

  14. congrats on expanding your online classes. sounds as if things are taking off nicely for you!

  15. Hi Leanne! I really liked the photos in this post. I am curious though, is this just natural lighting, or are you using speedlites or something for fill?

  16. Thanks for following! :) Great images and I love reading about gardens. I also looked up Louise Bourgeois.

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