Infrared on Different Trees

With summer being here, I remembered the trees I did last month when I attempted to make them look like they were done with infrared film, and wondered what that effect would be like if I did on some trees that have lots of leaves.

Stay on the PathThis is another photo from my scouting trip to Heide.  I thought I would try it in a couple of different ways.  Here is the image, done as a 3 image HDR processed in Photomatix Pro then it is processed in camera raw in Photoshop CS6.

Stay on the Path in Black and WhiteThis is the same image, but has been converted to black and white.

Stay on the Path in InfraredI tried this one using the Channel Mixer and converting it to Infrared.  I am fairly certain that infrared film might have done similar.  Though, I don’t know, I have never used infrared film.  I tried to do the inverted layers, but they didn’t work with this image, which is interesting, compared with what I did to Jim’s images.  Just goes to show you can’t always follow a formula and sometimes you have to be prepared to change what you are doing.

Strolling Around in InfraredHere is the photo from Sunday, I thought I would try it as infrared as well.  It was popular in colour, I wonder what you think of it like this.

Quick post today, your reactions and comments to yesterdays post has been really good.  Copyright is something we should all be concerned about.  I might have to do some more posts on it at some stage.

On another note, for anyone who was looking for the screencast of the tutorial I did a couple of days ago, well I did do it, but for some reason when I put it on my blog the quality was so bad that it isn’t worth looking.  I don’t know what WP has done, but the technicians are supposed to be looking into it and finding out what is going on.


  1. Infrared image is nice Leanne, you really understand the software you use. :)

  2. I used to photograph on infrared colour film. Most intriguing, because different filters gave very different effects and combinations of filters also varied wildly, in ways you wouldn’t effect.

    Once when I was photographing aboriginal dancing, I ran out of conventional film and switched to infrared. When that returned from processing in Adelaide, it also had Sabbatier Effect. They’d probably left the inspection port of their machine open. I’d tried to achieve that several times before and found it hard to get right. They’d done much better than my deliberate attempts.

  3. Infrared can be quite lovely and these photos look good that way, but some photos are more suited to that treatment than these I think. Perhaps ones with less deep shadow in the fg.

  4. Allyson Mellone says

    The last image, photo from Sunday, in infrared is, to me, a personal place…quiet…reflection.

  5. leo brady says

    I like the infrared photo as much as the original.
    Very nice effect.

  6. You inspired me to give infrared a try. But first I’m going to picture a car cemetery today. Maybe that subject could be something for infrared. We’ll see!!!
    Warm greetings from a wonderful village in South Africa

  7. Leanna I just had a look into the infrared possibilities of photoshop and was a bit dissapointed. Still have to work through a lot of Photoshop but will have to find software that can do more with infrared. Any idea?

  8. Really like that photo. It sort of exudes a warmth of sunlight from within. A feeling rather than a seeing. It always amazes me when twiddling a few knobs will produce stunning results with one image and complete mud with another! Thanks for reading and liking my latst words!

  9. all are great…even the one you feel didn’t work! the last photo is amazing…makes it look more dramatic compared to the full colour …each has their place I think.

  10. I enjoy the infrared photos very much. It adds a little drama do an otherwise decent photograph. I’ll have to play around with this option on some of my future shots to see what can be accomplished. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Carolyn Burns Bass says

    Thank you for stopping by my new photography site. Your blog is beautiful and so full of great insights. I’ll return often for inspiration.

  12. I am surprised, that Sunday’s great color-photo looks just as great in b&w! A lesson saying that we should try this more often :-)

  13. Nice work with the treatments.

    I’ve experimented with the IR effect on some my photos, but never have been satisfied with it through post-processing. (But, I may be overthinking the effect.)

  14. The infrared is more dramatic, powerful like a light sword and why did I think of Star Wars? I like it.

  15. The Infrared certainly gives the image a very different ‘spatial quality’, Leanne…kind of a flatness, that I’m not so sure I could get to like (what with the subject matter here). The reg B/W draws the eye in, further up the road, whereas as the Infrared causes to eye to ‘stop in its tracks’, as it were. I’d really have to see many more samples with a variety of subject matter before I would make any real judgment, though.

    The images, themselves, are so wonderfully ‘pastoral’, both in color and B/W…but ‘playing’ and experimenting are good things,because we’ll never learn without trying something new, right?

  16. Still in favor for the colors …. and the last maybe … it is fuller and more generous. It’s a different photo – but the path in black and white .. don’t do anything for me.

  17. There is a story that comes to mind when I look at the beautiful tree in the last image. The light shows the tree as a caring entity delighting in and in parfect harmony with it’s surroundings. In colour this message would still be there but masked.

  18. Lovely photography. Each photo of the same scene relays a different mood. The black and white gives the tress and the path (road?) a mysterious tone. I wonder how that picure would look in sepia?

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