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More from the Scouting at Heide

Several of you asked for more images from Heide and I thought I would do more images from the garden.  Perhaps look at some stuff that worked, or didn’t, then maybe when I go back for the real trip I will have a better idea of how to photograph some of these things.

Strolling AroundThe gardens at Heide are just as famous as the Gallery.  They are well worth walking around and checking out.  The paths are so lovely.  Beautiful trees.  In the morning it is perfect.  I must go back one evening to check out the evening light on the gardens.

Cows GrazingThese cows are in a large area.  The artist who made them is Jeff Thomson and the cows have been there for a long time.  When my girls were little a visit to Heide wasn’t complete until we went to see the Corrugated Iron cows.  They aren’t looking as good these days as they did when we first started visiting.

When I go back I would choose a different angle to photograph the cows.  Perhaps from the other end.  It is too hard to work out what the one closest to us actually is.

Rick's Running ManI tried to get a good image of Rick Amor’s Running Man sculpture, but I really wasn’t happy with any of the ones I got.  It is a hard sculpture to photograph.  I suspect to get a good one of this, I am going to have to try a few different things.

The gardens are so lovely and peaceful, I think they would be perfect for some portraits, so I am going to see if one of daughters and her friends will come and let me take photos of them.


  1. I love the sculptures, all of them. So unique! I thought the cows were real until I read on. :)

  2. leo brady says

    The first looks like a nice peaceful path.
    The cows are cool. It’s excellent to see other people’s imagination at work.
    It might be nice to see more of their texture. It looks like a BIG grazing field that needs a sharp wide lens.;-) or some of those cows will have to go.
    From this angle that power tower is a bit of distraction as well. Could be a job for the power of software manipulation…
    The runner is interesting. It looks like it will be a bit of a challenge to get it all in the photo no matter what angle you’re shooting at. How about shooting from above?
    Just a thought.
    Thanks for the look.

    • I was trying something Leo, with the powerlines, but it didn’t really work. Where I live is very country like, but we are so close the city and it is such a weird concept. People who come here for the first time always say how amazed they are.
      I can’t get above the running man unfortunately. I think I need to work on that more.

      • leo brady says

        Hey Leanne
        I figured as much.
        More often than not the things that I imagine and try don’t work but trying the ideas out is half the fun, isn’t it? And how much more do we learn doing that? wow – loads…

        Maybe the cows will work if you limit the number involved. I was thinking the contrast of texture of the metal cows versus the real grass might be interesting but I see the country versus city aspect you were going for as well. It’s a big space though; like Texas ;-)

        The statue is tough too. If you are satisfied with ground shots, I’m sure there is more than one interesting angle. I was thinking that someone at the park might allow you to use a ladder or they may even have a piece of equipment you could borrow to shoot from above.

        Anyway, just some hopefully helpful feedback.
        I must say I admire you’re stamina and motivation on this path.
        take care

  3. That was interesting – seeing what works and what doesn’t, and that somebody like you also has difficulties choosing the best composition!

    The first time I went to Heide, back in 1982 or ’83, i had no idea where it was, just that it existed and I wanted to see it. I was amazed that I had to ask around all over the place till I found someone who could point me in the right direction. It’s wonderful – and reassuring – that this perfect little gallery (well not so little now, with the ‘new’ gallery wing) that’s so redolent of our history, has become well-known and well-supported.

    • It certainly is still there and going from strength to strength really. It was recently enlarged again a few years back.

  4. The lovely, long shadows and morning light in the first image are truly stunning, Leanne…such a nice freshness! The ‘iron cows’ are a hoot, as is so much Modern Art these days…but they look perfect in that setting, and I can see how the children (all) could grow very attached to visiting them each time.

    The Running Man is one of those pieces that belong indoors, in a gallery. I don’t know if you’d ever get a ‘good’ shot of it without some poles and seamless paper that could be moved around for various angles. It’s a fine piece, but with the glossiness come reflections (which cannot be controlled outdoors); in addition, it looks to be almost life-size, which poses it’s own set of problems…it’s looks as if you’d really have to contort your body in order to get a good angle!

    Nonetheless, I’m still trying to figure out what the ‘reader’ is from your last post…others have mentioned it in comments on others’ posts, and I’m not familiar with what it is…a little research should help, yes? Hope your weekend was a bit cooler…and did you get any rain yet?

    • I will email you a link to it 1000. Thanks I suspect you are right about the running man, I might try some more and see what happens.

  5. Great shots!
    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

  6. Maybe I can visit next time I’m visiting down there, Victoria is only about 9hours away from where I tend to stay.

  7. adrienclay36 says

    I love the sculptures. Beautiful shots!
    I’m not sure if you’re a Photoshop user, but if you ever need to create a better perspective on anything that requires a full-frame shot, you can take any amount of pictures of the sculpture, and then use those shots to stitch together the full frame. It’s quite handy when you need shots like that! It can create beautiful fields of view as well!

    • I have never done it, but I know you can do it, I should experiment and learn how to do it. Though I don’t know that it would help with the sculpture, it is quite an odd shape and when you try photos from other angles it tends to look like a blob. Perhaps I will try a short video of it next time so people can see what it really looks like.

  8. The cows are great – and I agree a different angle would show off the nearest one better. As for the Running Man – hmmmm, don’t think I like him as a sculpture and, from what I can see, pretty difficult to photograph as you could ‘lose’ his top half altogether!

  9. Just love this with public art that everybody can interact with – there should be more around in parks and city plazas.
    Even little Landskrona is good in that respect. The cows has been a thing in Europa too – think Isle of Man was first with colorful cows that famous artists had painted. But you have a total different breed. Great shot of them and the top one with the big green trees.

  10. Oooh – now I REALLY can’t wait for you to go back!
    The cows are great…maybe one of the girls would stand out in the field with them, peasant-girl-style…

    • Haha, I don’t know about the peasant girl thing. I did go back this morning, but it was horrible light, so I didn’t take many photos. It is only 10 minutes away, so I will be back.

  11. As a sculptor I appreciate just how difficult it is to photograph sculptures. My personal theory is that sculptures are most effective when glimpsed as a momentary illusion and when one tries to capture the complete entity the illusion is lost and one is left feeling disatisfied with the result. Sculptures are not 3Dimensional paintings!

    • That is true, I am finding that if I try and do more than just capture them that can work. It is an interesting experiment.

      • I’ll be very interested to see your future sculpture explorations. I like photographing bits of my sculptures under different weather conditions so that this becomes an artwork in itself. We are so lucky to be able to play in all these diferent mediums.

  12. You must promise to work on the cows next time you’re there … I think they’ve got potential. That very first shot needed something directly in the shaft of sunlight. Very much looking forward to what you come up with. D

    • I went back this morning Dave, but the lighting was horrible, but I will keep trying, it is very close to where I live.

  13. the beginning garden shot looks like perfect place to sit and read a book…I checked your link to Heide Museum…it is a place I would love to visit! I’m looking forward to more photos as I saw the outside Sculpture Park & Plaza, I can appreciate all styles of art…some intriguing looking sculptures, I’m sure you will offer a unique look…

  14. That’s a nice garden path. With a lot of shady trees – a must on any hot day. As for “Running Man”, he seems to look very diffcult to photograph up close.

    Have a good week of photography ahead!

  15. Sculptures and other pieces of art are hard to photograph, aren’t they? I usually just leave them alone, but you seemed to do a pretty good job here!

    The cow in the background almost looks like its skin has started coming off.

    • Thank you, they can be hard, but that is part of the challenge.
      I think the cow you are talking about is starting to rust away.

  16. This is a wonderful place – a pity it’s so far away from Denmark! The cows and the Running Man are great – I really hope you’ll show more from this place. Also more from the park: That first photo above is amazing!

    • Denmark has its own wonderful sculpture gallery doesn’t it, Louisiana, is that what it is called? I saw it once, beautiful, though it was raining the day we went.

      • Louisiana – yes – is a great museum. AROS here in my hometown, Århus, is even better. But BEST is the great outdoor international exhibition every sec. year here in Århus: Sculpture By The Sea. This is made only two places in the world – Sydney and Århus! It’s going on this year again here. I have posted several posts about both AROS and Sculpture By The Sea 2011.

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