Scouting Out Possibilities

This morning I got up early and went to Heide Museum Of Modern Art to take some photos of the Gallery and the gardens with all the sculptures.  Heide is situated in a big park that were once the gardens of the home owned by John and Sunday Reed.  Fascinating history.  When you drive into the carpark you come across this sculpture.

Rings of SaturnThis is called Rings of Saturn by Inge King.  She has done some amazing sculptures.  It sits upon a hill and you are meant to look up to it.  It is a pretty amazing sculpture and as you walk around the gardens there are fantastic sculptures everywhere.  I did take more photos but you will have to wait to see them.

I gave this the title of scouting because I am planning a proper trip there in a couple of weeks.  I just hand held the camera, and it was really just to see what type of photos I could get so when I go back I will know more of what I want to photograph.

There were a couple of things that I did find out, if you are going early to take photos of the outside of the building, then you will find all the blinds down.  That wasn’t great and was quite disappointing.  I will have to go when the gallery is open to get shots of the outside looking in.  Need to get there really early if you want to do the main area in front of the gallery otherwise you have to put with deliveries and staff arriving.

I am not thinking too well today, sorry.  I had a bit of encounter on the WordPress forums this morning.  I was trying to let the developers know that the reader wasn’t loading properly and then I got a response from someone that always responds to peoples problems there, only I find that this person can be so patronising.  It has really done my head in.  I think I need a cup of tea, “Briony, please make me a cup of tea”.


  1. Isn’t it shocking when you get an answer from “the monkey” when you are addressing “the organ-grinder”?

    I’ve had a few run-ins (or should that be runs-in?) with some English expat know-it-alls on Spanish forums – and I’ve let it bother me, too. It’s a shame when you are only trying to help out.

    Take a deep breath – tomorrow none of this will matter, Leanne :)

    • I know what you mean Marianne, it is horrible. I find this person so terrible and rude. She pretends to want to help, then when gets asked to actually do something refuses. Unbelievable.

  2. leo brady says

    I always do this now myself. ;-)
    I drive around one day and take some test shots and then go back another day with a plan. Great suggestion.

      • leo brady says

        Exactly – There are so many elements to consider and that you’ve pointed out in location scouting that aren’t obvious when one starts to photograph / film – scenes / things to shoot, lighting (time of day), best angles, when is it crowded or not. gear required…
        Its may sound like it takes the spontaneous art of it but it eventually becomes second nature and makes the art a bit more thoughtful. I like a plan.
        Beautiful photos Leanne!

  3. I am so looking forward to your photos. Heide is a photographer’s heaven. I have just finished reading a book a bout the gardens at Heide. I think it is called Sunday’s Garden. Have you read it?

    • No I haven’t, but I love all the history about the place and the story about the Reeds, I wish someone would write a story about them, John and Sunday.

    • I haven’t had any problems posting, so not sure what is happening there. Though, I only posted one today. I know a lot of people aren’t liking the reader, but I do, I love how it is.

  4. Briony is one of the “Happy Engineers” of WordPress. He can only help up to a certain point. We are still battling with the Apple Safari and WordPress connection. Seems that there is a certificate (SSL) problem with the WordPress server. That also explains why the Reader is not always opening wether you use Windows, Google Chrome, Linux, Safari or whatever….

    • Huh, Briony is my daugher, haha. I don’t need any help, I had an issue with the reader taking forever to load, but it is fine now. I haven’t really had any of the problems that others have talked about, well I haven’t noticed any. I know they are doing major changes to the reader, I know a lot don’t like it, but I do. It reminds me of how the reader was about a year ago, but you scroll it now.

      • ‘Our’ Briony seems to have given up….. Haven’t heard/read of him since more than a week; neither did I from the other ‘Happy Engineer’ Bryan. I do however agree with you that the reader has improved (except for opening every now and than). Keep on posting Leanne!!!

  5. Lol…yes this new format is a pain…well ..nice photograph of the sculpture….that sculpture is a thing of Beauty

    • Thanks Tincup, I actually like the new format, the slow loading bothers me. I think I am the only one though that likes it. I don’t like the cropping of the images and don’t understand the sense in that.

  6. I agree, the sculpture is amazing. I look forward to the results from the next trip you have planned.

  7. Nice start on the sculptures … eagerly anticipating more. Don’t let the WP gurus bother you … tomorrow is another day. D

  8. Outdoor sculpture displays are increasingly common in the UK. I’ve visited a few and they can yield some fabulous images. This is impressive and well captured. In my experience whoever sites these doesn’t always think of how they relate to the background from the photographic point of view. Finding a POV that is appropriate can be impossible in some instanced in my experience.

  9. Beautiful sculpture! I sit here drinking my morning cofee, reading your story of a typical photographers “day at the office”. Made me smile, enjoy my cofee…., and think what a wonderful pursuit photography is!! :-)

    • That’s lovely. I’m sitting here going though comments, feeling the love and drinking my wine before I go to bed. :)Thanks

      • And I’m here drinking my green tea, so I think we have all the beverages covered :) I’m sorry that your having issues with the new format. I hope WordPress fixes it soon.

      • I don’t really have any problems with it beyond being slow to load at times. I actually like it, but I know a lot of people are concerned about how the images are being cropped. That is never good. I don’t understand why that is happening.

      • Like images are being cropped on people’s blogs or is it just apparent in the new Reader view? I haven’t noticed the cropping yet

  10. mkriegh says

    Really enjoy the conversational style of your posts. Looking forward to photos from the real shoot.

  11. FAB shot .. I’m big fan or outdoor art … that people can interact with – that is why I like Chicago so much – art in every corner of the city. We have main park by the castle has the Art Hall and outside there is some interesting art too. Good for little Landskrona. Have played around with it, but I wasn’t that luck .. have to do it again.

  12. Can’t wait to see the others, or the results of your ‘real’ trip. I love sculpture gardens!
    Briony, make Mama her tea…she deserves it! :)

    • Thanks Marie, It should be interesting. It is an interesting place, but I suspect it has more to do with the previous owners than the buildings.
      Briony did make me one, she is good like that. Then she asked for money to go out.

  13. This artwork is amazing. Lovely photograph and you are right about the reader, it appears to have changed overnight and it is not loading properly! It has been driving me mad since yesterday and I am not overly keen on the new layout either! x

    • I like the new reader, I don’t have a problem with it. I think the taking ages to load sometimes is a problem, though it seems to happen at certain times and not others. It is strange.
      I think the new reader is a mix of what people wanted months ago. They changed the reader months and months ago, do you remember, and everyone complained, they wanted to the old format back, which was like the freshly pressed page, I think they have given us that back, but it scrolls now, instead of having to change from page to page to page.

  14. That is truly a fine piece of sculpture, Leanne, and you did an excellent job processing it! Would love to see more, so I’ll try and be patient….

    Haven’t experience any kind of huge problems with WP in particular, just little ‘hiccups’ every now and then…I’m running Vista Premium (never had probs with that, either–though many hate it!), and have not had to contact any ‘gurus’ (thankfully, if they’re THAT cheeky!).

    Wine B4 bed sounds luscious, but can’t have alcohol any longer…and it’s 5 AM here, so it’s coffee, coffee, and more COFFEE for me!

    Hope you’ve been having a great day!

      • Yes, there are quite a few, when Australia was first being settled many people lost their lives off the south coast of Australia. So there are a number of Lighthouses. I am hoping to spend time photographing a lot of them.

      • Oh, that’s excellent news, Leanne! You can do a grand series (eventually), because I’ll bet each one is different from the other!

        What a great thing, huh?

      • Yes and not, but all in quite unique places. I had thought of doing a series that I might be able to put together in a calender or something.

      • I, too, have thought of doing calendars…if I’d ever get my act together on doing it! I understand they can be lucrative, if you can find a buyer. There are a number of months ahead to get one done…hope I don’t procrastinate, again!

      • Okay…I know we both need to make time to take time, etc…but there’s an initial outlay of cash necessary for a printer. I know there are so many ‘calendar templates’ available…I’ll check some out and let you know.

        I run an Epson printer, which is excellent quality and very fine ink, but the ink has become very expensive…if I buy all six colors, it’s just shy of $100, and it really doesn’t go that far, even though the label says “High Capacity”…Harumph to that!

      • I was thinking of using something like blurb. They publish for you, but I need to look into it more, I am not exactly how they work, but I love the idea of us both doing it.

    • I rarely drink wine, but I had some left over from Christmas, so I drinking that. I usually forget,
      I have problems every now and then with WP, but I haven’t learned, that while it is okay to voice your opinion, they aren’t going to listen. They will only listen if majority of their users complained, and that never happens.
      I am up now, 6.20am almost time for my first coffee.
      It was a nice day after that.

    • I think because the gallery is well recognised it has the money to commission pieces from some of Australia’s best artists, so there are quite a few around the gardens. It is great to see them.

    • They have some wonderful sculptures there, my girls used to love going there when they were kids to visiting some of them.

  15. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the support here. But on a brighter note, lovely picture and I can’t wait to see more!

    • I think the thing that makes it worse is that it was just another WP’er like us. Though I think she thinks she knows it all and can help people, but she can be so horrible. I hate putting up questions and then having her respond to them. I go straight to support now.

  16. I look forward to seeing your photos of the sculpture garden. When I am not taking photos for fun, I am welding steel sculptures. I am always looking for ideas for when I photograph my pieces. I think the beauty of three dimensional art is one of the hardest things to portray with photography.

    • I would have loved to have learned how to weld. How wonderful. I think you are right, it is very hard to portray it.

  17. wonderful sculpture…I like to think when someone is rude it is about them not me! enjoy your tea…

    • I think this person has decided she is the WP guru and knows it all, and isn’t she wonderful for doing that, and we should all bow down to her. As if. Some people are no good at customer support, and she doesn’t realise it. She can be helpful. but it often comes with a patronising tone.

  18. Tricia's Blogs says

    Interesting sculpture! You have so many amazing things and places to photograph in your area. I do have one question though — approximately what distance do you normally travel for a day of photographing, on average. I rarely go more than 1/2 hour away. Exception to that would be if I am traveling or vacationing anyway, then of course I use that as photo opportunity also. I am not a pro like you are, so it matters not if I take pictures often, even though I like to for fun. Thanks and Take Care.

    • I think that is the advantage of living in a city. Though Heide is only a 10 minute drive away, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of going there before. I will travel up to 2 hours away to take photos, like down to the coast, and I do go away for weekends just to take photos. I love those weekends. I don’t think you need to be a pro, it is wonderful to just go places and see new things. My girls often come with me. The older one drives so she can get her hours up and the younger one loves road trips, so it is really nice. I am hoping to get away this weekend to do that. I love photographing the ocean, and the only way to do it is to get in the car and go.

  19. A very interesting title for the sculpture.

    (WP has been tinkering quite a bit with the Reader, and that has been slowing down its loading process, the past few weeks, on an on-and-off basis. They could give a quick heads-up to let us we’ll have slow-downs or interruptions with the feature.)

    • I remember saying the same thing to them once, they don’t like to give people a heads up because then people would start complaining earlier. I think they like to change stuff, surprise us and then there is nothing to do.

  20. You’ve captured some beautiful light (the sculpture’s great too) in that shot. Can’t wait to see the next batch. Like what you’ve done with your blog too – it has a nice, fresh, light, but serious feel to it.

    • Thanks Richard, I think taking the photos early in the morning was good.
      I paid for the upgrade, not convince yet it was worth it, but I need to play around more with it.

      • Ah, yes, the upgrade – I fluffed that one when it came to it and just bought more storage for a year. I’m sort of regretting it now. Hey ho.

      • All I have managed to do is change the fonts for headers, which is a shame. I don’t like the colour options so far. I need to play around a lot more I think, or get into the CSS. Do you run out of storage? I have wondered.

      • Yes, an image or more a day really burns up the 3gb you get for free :) in no time (plus I do my big round-up posts). Whenever you play around with software, good things happen, Leanne!

      • I have never had the problem, it is strange, I’ve been posting for over 2 years now, though only started posting every day about 14 months ago. How do you know when you have used it all up?

      • I think it’s the big posts – 40 or more images that I sometimes do. In the media uploader bit it tells you how much you’ve used so far.

      • I must check that out. I try to never do more than 5 images and they are always low res. Thanks for the Richard.

  21. Love your art. I never did much with photography except when I was in the US Navy back in the ’50s. I have a grand daughter 13 who has just fallen in love with photography and I’m encouraging her all I can. So glad you liked “A Maiden Weeps” on Paper, Mud and Me. I will be following you. Blessings and Aloha.

    • Photography is wonderful, I suppose you can tell I love it. That is so wonderful that you encourage your granddaughter.

  22. What a stunning sculpture! I love it – I can read it is pretty large – but how large?!

    • It is very large Truels, much higher than me, so probably around 7 feet high. I was there again to day so I took some more photos of it.

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