Giving Things a Go

Today’s post is going to be quick.  I am late with it and I need to do some other stuff. I decided today to give something a go.  It hasn’t really worked well, I rush too much, but it is a beginning and something that could be a lot of fun in the future.

The Coffee CupsI saw an image in the reader the other day of two hands with a map of the world on them.  It got me thinking and I wondered if I would be able to do something similar.  so I gave it a go with two white coffee mugs and put an image of wrapping paper over the top.  It hasn’t turned out too bad, but I need to experiment a lot more.  I must write down some notes on what I have done and what to do differently.

Tea SetThis one I did with all white crockery again.  I probably should have lightened it again. I am pretty sure I know what I would do differently next time.  It is another interesting process to explore and one that could open up new possibilities   I look forward to experimenting more with it.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, there are so many comments.  I am having a really hard time keeping on top of them and I am not sure what to do.  At the moment I have 597 comments to respond to.  I am thinking of making the decision to not respond to everyone anymore, and only do those that ask me questions or want more information.  The ones that just make a short statement should always assume that I really do thank them for their comments.   I am hoping no one will mind if I do that from now on.

Waterproof Cameras

A woman asked me recently for some advice on a waterproof camera, one her husband couldn’t destroy while fishing or when put through the washing machine.  I wrote an email to Michael’s Camera and Video and asked them what they would recommend.  They recommended two cameras, the Olympus TG-1, and the Panasonic FT20 which can go to a depth of 5 metres.  The first one retails here for around $400 and the second around $230.  I hope this helps.


  1. I really do not know how you manage to keep up with the socializing side of blogging. No need to respond!

  2. In reference to the image, you said, your saw a picture with two hands with a map of the world on them. With the coffee cups if they where white when you shot them and then added the wallpaper on top then ( which i think you did) then there is one extra step I would add before blending the wallpaper in. I would use Image transform and then warp to bend the wallpaper realistically around the mugs.

    If i have got the wrong end of the stick, sorry.

    • No you haven’t Ben, that is part of the things I would do differently, there are a few other things as well.

  3. What a great idea. I really like the results. There’s no need to respond, Leanne – I don’t know how you keep up with it normally, let alone after 597. I’m struggling to work out a strategy for blogging that doesn’t take up so much time.

  4. Are you using selection tools, or brushing the edges by hand with layer masking? I’m new to compositing and selecting objects seems to be the hardest step.

  5. Yes I could see some fun possibilities with this idea too Leanne ;-) nice .
    And if not commenting except to specific q’s or advice frees up time to get on with your photography and the experimental side of it all and then that is a must .
    Everyone will benefit so to speak, you yourself , and from your explanations and wonderful results we can then feel “why yes, I’ll have a go at that too!”
    So I vote for No Need To Respond Day 1 ;-)

  6. Lovely shots – like the crockery – very pretty. I would need a water proof camera, it has been raining nearly none stop for since boxing day. Hate it .. thanks for brining some beuty into my day.

  7. yeah after all those comments, its completely underfstandable that you dont respond lol. Responding to 500 plus message would literally take me the whole day. Btw, I cant believe how awesome these cups came out. When I first saw the image I thought to mysel, “oh those are some cool looking cups” then I read the post and realized, this is photoshoped? My jaw dropped, lol. well done. (no need to respond :)

  8. The experiment went well! The cups look great Leanne. Your arsenal of photo applications are great. :)

  9. Your thought of only responding to specific questions is the only realistic way to handle these blogs. People could spend all day responding to every comment and never have time for what they are blogging about in the first place! The blog then becomes a tremendous burden lurking in your mind and takes away from your creative thinking. Spend your time on your photography, after all, that’s your passion!

  10. Ahh … the price of fame. You’re run up against the edge of that infamous double-edged sword. You want lots of traffic so the buzz might spill over to the business (money making) side of things and yet the traffic brings with it other obligations. I’ve known other ‘well known’ bloggers who have done exactly what it looks like you might do as well – and more power to you. Some have simply removed the comment button from their posts – perhaps that would make your life easier? If you continued to allow likes then you could keep track of traffic and level of appeal without the obligation of having to respond to so many people clamoring for your attentions. You have been quite gracious about commenting on my posts Leanne and even responding to my comments to yours. If those begin to lessen over time I will absolutely understand. The less of your attention I receive the more time you will have to pay to your ambitious attempt to make Leanne Cole Photography your vocation as well as your passion. You have my full and unqualified support. If you do continue to follow Pairodox Farm perhaps you could consider hitting that like button from time to time! [Sorry, couldn’t sign off with one little show of selfishness.] Dave

  11. lovely shots…they look so pretty…you know I’ve wondered about you responding myself…that is always a difficult decision when the comments become overwhelming, it can take so much time out of a day…do what you can.

  12. I think the cups are fabulous. And no, etiquette does not require that you respond to every post. Especially when your blog is this popular. Happy belated birthday.

  13. Now, that looks like some fun, Leanne…but it DOES take time! Love the effect…and the fact that once again, you’re delving into the unknown and making/taking the time to experiment! KUDOS!!!

  14. FWIW, we have that $400 Olympus and love it. Have taken it diving in fresh and saltwater, and have had it out kayaking multiple times as well as skiing. It’s a good recommendation.

  15. What a cool idea! I love the pattern you chose, too. I’m absolutely incompetent when it comes to anything beyond basic editing, so things like this tend to blow my mind. And the commitment you put into your blog is astounding – I think it would take me half the day to LOOK at that many comments, let alone respond!

  16. Tricia's Blogs says

    What an interesting idea, never realized you could do that. I think it worked out great, I thought you were photographing flowered cups until I read the content! (No need to respond).

  17. Bram Baars says

    I love the coffe cups! They’re awesome :)
    Very cool photoshopping!

  18. Hi Leanne, what a fantastic experiment! I quite like the results and am here to cheer you on. Thanks for your taking the time to like my blog post earlier today. I appreciate your time!

  19. Nice!
    About a week or so ago, I was experimenting with a teapot and cups too (got them as a Christmas present) !
    I found out that, if I put them on the granite countertop, turned off all the lights, and took flash photos in the dark.—I could capture the image and the perfect reflection below. Because I could not see what I was doing, I had to take a lot of pictures before I got it right. Back in the olden days, when my camera had film, it would have been expensive to take so many experimental photos. Now, with a digiital camera, I can just hit “delete” and try again. I love it.

  20. saymber says

    AACK I missed your birthday somehow – I’ve not been on here everyday so that’s probably why! A belated Happy birthday wish to you Leanne!

  21. I really love this. It’s such a sweet idea, like a little gift of a cup of tea :)
    It looks really well done too, the light and curvature of the patterns. I’d love to know how you did it.
    However you managed it, very well done :)

    • Thanks odphotography, it was an interesting idea and one I think I might do more work on at some stage. I still have some things to fine tune. :)

  22. Oh man Leanne! That’s a really neat idea! When I first glanced at them I just thought it was a really pretty set lol and when I started reading I started taking a closer look and it still looks like a printed set! HAHA! That’s really creative and I love it :) No hard feelings about not commenting everyone, I’m sure you get a LOT of comments lol! That would be really hard to go through each one. I know with me when it comes to everyones blogs, if I’m behind at all it takes me days to catch up! So if I don’t hear back from you, I’ll know you appreciate it :)

    • I hear you. I feel like I am drowning at the moment. I do try and respond to as many comments as I can, but I think the folder now has over 700 comments I need to respond to. Some one save me please :)
      Glad you liked the photos. I thought it was really, and I can lots of possibilites, but I probably need to experiment more. It was fun, though I rushed it somewhat.

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