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The way I save my photos is on external hard disks, they hold a lot of photos, but if you take as many photos as I do, then there comes a time when photos have to be deleted.  You can’t always keep them all.  It isn’t easy to do, but in my case, the photos I decided to delete were many of the cycling ones I have taken.  They are from events that I did a couple of years ago, no one is going to want them any more, so it was time to delete them to make room for new ones.

It is easy to just delete some of them, but others, my daughter was competing so I needed to save the ones of her and while I was going through them, I found some lovely surprises.     Ararat Waking UpThis is Ararat in May and was taken very early in the morning.  Every May Ararat Cycling Club has a Junior Tour and my daughter would compete and I would take photos.  These images were taken in 2011.  It is cold at that time of the year, so you can see the sun coming up and the early morning fog.

Frost on the GroundThe Cycling tour or racing is held out of town on some fairly quiet roads.  You can see that it was a foggy morning and the kids were riding in the fog.  I am fairly sure that is frost on the ground there as well.  I do remember it was freezing.

In the ShadowsThis is pretty much the same image, but zoomed out a lot more.  It was about 8 in the morning.

One of the things about mornings like this, we know that once the fog lifts it will be a beautiful winter day.  The sun will be bright and will shine for the rest of the day. It may still be cold, but if you can find a wall where the sun hits you will be warm in no time.

It was so lovely to find these photos.  Though finding them meant a lot more work. Having to go through the old events and find my daughter is time consuming.   I think I probably deleted close to 50,000 photos.  That was just for one year.  It may not have been that many, but it was a lot.  I used to take a lot of photos at the cycling.

Notes for Sale

I have been working on some notes for people to buy if they would like some information about using a DSLR camera.  I know a lot of people find them confusing, so I have been working on some notes, in three parts to help people understand how to use them and what the different things mean.  My daughter read through them today and she said they were easy to understand.  Always a good sign.  Now I just need to fix up the mistakes and make them look pretty.

With any luck they will be available to purchase from my website sometime tomorrow.  They will cost $12 each, or if you buy all three they will be $30.

(Notes now available on Website)


  1. beautiful photos Leanne. Wow, you deleted around 50.000 photos? thats huge! you could transfer them to an external disc as well. thank you for the sweet comments on my photos. have a great weekend.

    • Thank you John, the photos I deleted did mean anything to me, they were of other kids and people cycling, so no biggy. I have two external discs. one for the photos and one as back up.

  2. You are braver than I am, I can never bear to delete files so I always burn double copies to DVD just in case I need a file in the future.

    • I do that with my art photos, but they were of people cycling in racing, they don’t have any meaning to me, so it was easy, it would be harder with other images. Thanks

  3. The top photo looks like a painting I have from the Lake District in England.

    I’m going to start culling my photos!

    Is there any permanent thing one can do to save our photos? When you save photos to disc am I correct that they don’t remain in perfect condition for all time like negatives… I think discs only have a shelf life of about ten years?

    • That is a lovely thing to say Rosie, thank you.
      Probably one of the best ways is to get them printed, like we used to. Find a good lab. I have two external drives, one for the photos and the other as back up. I don’t want to delete all old photos, just the ones of the cycling that I have done. they don’t mean anything to me now. I have kept some of them.

  4. Leanne, these are absolutely gorgeous photos! I can understand why it is so hard to delete photos — I can only imagine your dilemma because you have such a fantastic collection!

    • Thank you Steph. The ones I am deleting are of people I don’t know racing their bikes, so they don’t really mean anything to me, so it is easy. My art photos, none of them are being deleted, in fact the cycling photos are being deleted to make room for my art ones, they are so much more important.

  5. mkriegh says

    Just curious why you delete rather then get a bigger hard drive? Memory seems cheap these days. Though I suppose we all have photos we can safely get rid of. Enjoy your blog. Thanks for sticking with it!

    • The photos have no meaning to me, they are of other people racing their bikes at events that weren’t that special. I don’t need to keep them, I will never look at them again, so it doesn’t matter. Memory is cheap, but why keep photos that have no meaning to me? I don’t really like cycling that much anymore, so it isn’t a big deal. I kept the ones of my daughter, but the rest, I don’t need.
      Thank you mkriegh

  6. Nice surprises indeed Leanne. I’m hoping for one or two when I finally find my box of films from 11 years in Romania.

  7. Wow – those are treasures, for sure! There’s something magic about the sun hitting the fog in winter!
    About your notes for sale – can you do credit cards, or will it have to be Paypal?

    • That is so true Marie, I was told that years ago, but it is very hard to get.
      Paypal lets you do credit card Marie, you say you don’t have an account, then it lets you do it. Getting a merchant account in Australia is really expensive, so I can’t do credit cards. I hope that answers your question. I will do a post on what the notes are actually about soon.
      Thanks babe

  8. What a wonderful surprise for you…these are beautiful! Having said that it must be difficult to part with photos…
    Congrats on putting some notes up for sale!

    • Thank you Heather, the photos I deleted don’t really have any meaning, they are of cycling and of people I don’t know, so it isn’t really a problem at all. I couldn’t do it to my art photos.

  9. These images are truly stunning, Leanne…and it’s wonderful (for me) to see Winter in the Australian countryside!

    Wondering how large is your hard drive and the external drive…seeing as you post in a lower res (96 ppi), your final images really take up hardly any space at all.

    I also send all my ‘transfers’ (after going through them and deleting any/every ‘poor’ shot) to my external drive (250 G), in addition to all finished works, which I keep in files such as ‘Blog-‘, ‘Blog-2’, etc. Everything is also stored on DVD…because, last year, when my entire system (750 G) ‘crashed’, I lost about 2 years worth of work–and all the originals! And, BTW, the Terabyte of storage I have doesn’t include various thumb drives, which contain copies of ‘extra important’ personal and other stuff.

    Rather than delete old things, I go through them occasionally to verify my own progress in photography and processing…I even have a file called “First Digis” from 2004!

    The old adage is very TRUE, though: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”.

    • These images are very much winter in our countryside.
      I post in low res, but I have high res for all my images, I think the my drives are 1 TB each. I know everyone seems concerned that I am deleting images, but they are only of cycling and are of people I don’t really care about it, so they don’t mean anything to me, if you know what I mean. I have thousands and thousands of them, really I do. I used to take, on average, around 1200 photos a day when at the cycling. It is easy to do. and I used to do that nearly every weekend, so I probably took around 100,000 photos a year, so I really don’t need them all. I am keeping some.
      I have two external drives, one for the photos and the other as back up.
      I would never delete my art images, as you said it is good to go through them from time to time and see how much I have improved, or not.
      It really isn’t a big deal, I have been careful about what I have deleted. Thank you 1000

      • So very glad to hear that…your “good stuff” is really, really GOOD! I’d imagine, though, you are keeping the best cycling shots??? You must’ve been like “hyper-photog” when doing cycling…1200 a day is borderline insanity…isn’t it??? Wow, you’ve got some energy!

  10. Beautiful photos. It’s certainly a lot of work to mine tens of thousands of old images to find the true keepers. Be sure to make a backup copy of the hard disks you use, as around the 4 year mark they’re apt to stop working. Additionally, just this month I read that the newer “solid state disks” are subject to data loss if left unused for years (the charge that maintains the memory cell tends to dissipate after a long period,) so if you choose to move to this newer storage medium, be sure to have a rigorous method to periodically migrate those old files to new storage devices. More work, but one never knows what gems they may harbor in the flotsam.

    • Thanks wwward, I do have back ups, one for the photos and one for back ups, learned a while ago how important it is. My do get used all the time, so that is good. Thanks for all the advice, my husband is a programmer so he keeps it up to date, which is good.

  11. Here we go again …. stunning photos … I would love to have a morning like that tomorrow – no more rain, please.

      • No … still raining .. and bitterly cold … hate it.
        But there will be more snow from Scotland .. at least that is what they are talking about.

        Happy New Year … down there .. from me up here.

  12. Can’t beat rediscovering gems in the archives. Very pretty captures of the early morning fog.

  13. Wonderful shots, Leanne. Glad you “rescued” them. I’ve just bought another hard drive – it’s just endless isn’t it? And spent most of a day last week deleting images off my laptop.

    • Thank you Richard, I am glad I found them. It is endless, storage of digital photos is probably one of the biggest problems. I might have to do the same soon.

  14. hei:) can u please tell me where did u find the photos on my photography blog? those with polution and the friend…because i deleted the blog and i still receive likes…

  15. artemisword says

    I for one could not bear to throw a single photo away, but a lot of my images are in negative and slides from times gone by. I often dig out my old slides and the thought of getting rid of old friends would hurt. So you must be brave in disposing of old images.

    I find your imagers superb, a breath of fresh air.

    • There are images you take because you are passionate about them, then there are images you take because you want to make money from them and they don’t really mean anything to you, it is the second lot that I was deleting. I have kept many of them, but I was taking around 100,000 photos a year, I don’t need to keep them all. Just makes sense to delete them to make room for the ones I am passionate about, my art images.
      Thank you artemisword, that is a lovely thing to say.

  16. I’m rubbish at deleting files, so glad its not just me*s* I’ve almost filled my first external drive and have another on standby so to speak. Have you considered zipping the files and archiving them that way?

    • It isn’t hard when you don’t feel anything towards the images, the cycling images are just bad memories really, and I don’t really care about them anymore, it is much better to delete some of them, or majority and make room for the stuff I really want, like my art images. So I will continue to delete and cull them, it is a good thing to do sometimes, haha. Thank you

  17. Awesome pics! But DON’T delete any! Just get another external :) Merry New Year 2013!

    Kam and J. at thr3

    • Thank you Kam and J., but it is too late, I have deleted heaps and will keep doing that. I only delete the cycling ones, the ones at events that I had forgotten about, the ones that mean nothing to me. I love my art ones, I wouldn’t delete any of those. Happy new year. :)

  18. petit4chocolatier says

    Beautiful photos. I have deleted pictures in the past and then was sorry afterwards. Please don’t delete your gorgeous photos. You never know when someone may ask you for them :)

    • Thank you Judy. Believe no one is going to ask for these, I am so happy they are gone. They remind of times I don’t want to remember. I dislike cycling now, well a lot about it, and I don’t need the reminders. I have thousands and thousands and thousands of cycling images, so even after deleting that many I still have plenty left.

  19. Leanne, your stuff is GREAT! Thanks for liking my post, I’m glad it led me here to see some of your wonderful work!

  20. I have around 100,000 images in Lightroom, a few more I never added and many on film I’m probably never going to scan. I was using a 4x1TB RAID5 array for data storage (giving about 3TB of storage space) but needed to do something since I had not much more than 10% of space left (and you always need 10% free or your drives may fail).

    I tried deleting files but gave up because it was time consuming and wasn’t going to make enough difference. So I’m part-way through upgrading to a 4x3TB RAID10 array (which will be much more secure and give about 6TB of storage space). I also have a Drobo for backup.

    To conserve space I will delete as many files as possible in camera and on import. My previous RAID filled up more quickly than I expected and I expect this will continue. I now have a D800 which can produce very large files indeed, especially when you work on them and save them as TIFFs.

    I will go through and make sure all my star ratings in Lightroom are consistent. Having replaced the old RAID I will have a lot of spare disks which I can access using a disk caddy. When I come to approach capacity again, I will select images in Lightroom with less than 3 stars, export them as a catalogue to one disk (as a backup) and move them to another disk. That should save probably 50% or more of disk space. All the previews will still stay in Lightroom and I can just plug the disk in if I need to work on one of the files.

    • Whenever I go out and take photos, the first thing I do when I get home is go through them and delete the ones that didn’t work or I don’t like. I have, I have no idea how many, but it would be thousands and thousands and thousands of photos. I got through events, get the ones of my daughter and then delete the rest, which for an event could be up to 1500 photos, do it is effective. I don’t need to keep images of people racing their bikes, I don’t want them and the people didn’t want them or they would have purchased them.
      I have two external discs, one for my photos and the other as a back up, back up is so important and after losing all my images when digital first started, and my hard disk died, I am paranoid about it now.
      I don’t use Lightroom, but I am managing all my files quite well, so that is good, must start a new folder tonight for 2013. Happy new year Murray and thank you.

  21. beautiful photos – I love the way you see the light and bring it out so well…I read with interest about your storage – I work in IT and am paranoid about losing work, I use Crashplan for off line storage. It costs about $5 per month for unlimited storage and a little app sits on your taskbar and trickles your data up to servers somewhere safe. If you suffer a catastrophe your data can be retrieved quickly and easily. I have seen so many people lose data as they have had their pc and external drives stolen – this way it doesn’t matter too much as all your data is retreivable – well worth the cost. Have a happy New Year!

  22. Doris says

    I can do that it is crazy to delete, but it is true you need room, I bet there were all amazing.

  23. Charlene L says

    These are really pretty, the fog gives the pictures a very nice atmosphere!

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