Wait In Reception Please

Today I have another image for you from the Manchester Unity Building.  Since this week and some of next week are basically holidays, I am not going to go back to my usual posts until after next week.  The Bay Crits, cycling, is on next week and I am going to be going to that for 3 days, and I want to do some posts on those.  Most likely, I will go back to my usual posts next Friday or Saturday.

As I was saying I have prepared another image from the Manchester Unity Building.  This one is the small reception area that is located outside the Boardroom and near the head office.

Reception The first time I went, I fell in love with the etched glass panel of the building.  I also knew that it would be a challenge to get a really good image of it.  I wasn’t wrong about that.  The lights behind reflect so much.  I had a good idea that one of the best ways was going to be a HDR image.  I had found that if I did the image to expose the glass correctly then I lost the chair, and if I exposed for the chair, I lost the glass, you get the idea?

When I went to take the photos, I already knew this, so all the photos were taken Reception - Originalas bracketed shots.  I knew that would cover everything.

The image was processed with all 5 images, using Photomatix Pro to get my HDR.  Then it was opened into Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6.  I have added some detail, then a couple of blur layers.  I really turned the blur down a lot more than usual.  I wanted a softer look, but not too much.  I do love what the blur layers have done to the glass.  I think it has really brought it out.

One of the things I like is the basic neutral colours in most of the image, and then there is that splash of red in the image.  I took other photos of this and from different angles.

I am finding one of my problems is that my wide angle is not wide enough and it is something I am going to have to look into if I am going to continue this kind of photography.  It is a small space and a wider angle might have meant I would have been able to get more in.  In time.


I have started working on my screencasts.  I did another one this morning on using Photomatix Pro, and this time I saved it correctly so you can enlarge it and see what is happening.  My mouse wouldn’t work on it, so I will have to do it again, and I think I need to start writing a small script, but I am getting better, that has to be good.

Hopefully I will have some done soon.  The main problem I have is that the house needs to be quiet and with everyone home right now, that isn’t always possible.  It will be better when my girls go back to school, but that won’t be for another month.  Maybe early mornings before they wake up.  Thank goodness I like early mornings.


  1. Jack Brewis says

    Beautiful colour Leanne, and lovely editing on the blur. I like this very much. Look forward to seeing the outcome from your early morning session. Lovely work as always.

  2. Brilliant photo of a very difficult glass panel. I love your photos! What does this look like in black & white with the red record player?

    • I have no idea Barbara, I hadn’t really thought about it. I love that glass panel, it is so cool. Thank you

  3. exceptional photo, Leanne. I like the feel of the old days it portrays.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013.

  4. I love the insight into this iconic building – your photos give the rooms an atmosphere of abandonment – as if you have walked into a long uninhabited place but where everything has been silently kept dusted and polished.

    • I like that idea Chas Spain, it is a great building. I have really enjoyed working on images of it. Can’t wait to go back. Thank you.

  5. Wonderful work. I’d love to see this building in person. I like how you get your watermark into your photos, they blend in. :)

    • Thank you John. A lot of people want to see this building. They have a big open building day in Melbourne and this is one of the most requested. It is a great building. :)

  6. If I ever win the lottery will I have a panel like that in one of my massive bathrooms *smile – maybe not with exact that motive – but I’m sure I can find something that … is me.
    Stunning !!! So jalousie on you that got the chance to work a building like this, but I’m glad it’s you – because my camera and me could never make it justice as you do.

    • Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a panel like this. I am getting the jealousy thing from a quite a few people. I feel very fortunate and very lucky to be given this opportunity. Thank you Viveka.

  7. How do you get the 300s to do 5 HDR shot? Do you do it manually? Hey … I’ve tried Lightroom! Did you do the Manchester building under contract? All the photos you have presented are great. I hope you are having a relaxing Holiday! D

    • There is a button the side near the lens of the D300s, and I can state whether I want 3, 5, 7 or 9 bracketed shots. The camera works out the exposures. You should be able to do them on your new camera. I am having a very relaxing time, thank you, I hope you are too.

  8. An excellent piece of photowork. I like how the blur looks so natural in the finished HDR, and the way you blend in your watermark onto the glass panel.

    • Thank you David, I was hoping the watermark would look like it was etched as well. I was really happy with how the blur turned out in this one will have to do more like this.

  9. Fantastically surreal interior – love what you’ve done to it too. Also, I’m really impressed by your professional approach to the screencasts. Look forward to seeing the finished cast.

    • Thank you Richard, I was really happy with this one too. Lovely to hear from you, I hope you had a great Christmas.
      I am a little nervous the screencasts, but I know the more I do the better. My husband is great for telling me if they are crap. I did one yesterday to try it out and when you put it full screen it looked good. So fingers crossed.

  10. Beautiful capture of that etched glass! The technique and time put in tot he final image were definitely worth it!!!!

  11. It’s so fantastic you were able to bring out the etching in the glass, Leanne! Fabulous work! Somehow, through processing, you’ve also generated a feeling of ‘warmth and intimacy’ which definitely does not exist in the original (and probably not in real life, either?). It’s a truly wonderful place to photograph…you’re forcing me to ‘dress up’ and photograph some nifty places here in Chicago, in order to keep up with you (Hahaha!)! Guess I’d better get cracking and print up some more business cards, huh?

    • I was really happy with the etched glass and how it has come out. I love what you have said about the image. I was so happy with it, and hear you say that means a lot. I look forward to seeing what you photograph. I love doing this building,I would love to be given opportunities to do others. Yes, the business cards, haha.

      • There are so many wonderful buildings here, some from the late 1800s (the Great Fire of 1871 destroyed almost all of the east part of the city back then). I’m making a point to get in and do shots, because who knows what tomorrow could bring–perhaps a commission, or two?

      • That is what I am planning as well, I am going to try and get some shots done and see if it can get me some commissions as well. Good luck.

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